Kate Middleton Tortured By The Queen: She Won’t Stop Nagging About Kate’s Overspending, Parenting Skills, And Clothes!

Kate Middleton Tortured By The Queen: She Won't Stop Nagging About Kate's Overspending, Parenting Skills, And Clothes!

Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are very different people, partly because they come from vastly different generations. The Queen has always been very pleasant to Kate [in public], and there’s no question that she absolutely adores her grandson, Prince George. But according to the new cover issue from Life & Style Magazine, the Queen is currently in vicious attack mode on Kate, torturing her about her overspending, her parenting skills, and her wardrobe malfunctions.

Uh… ok. Let’s go through that whole list again, shall we? Her parenting skills – of course the Queen is going to nag on Kate about how to take of her grandson… don’t most parents and in-laws do this? Sure, they’re more likely to do it in a passive aggressive way, but I doubt the Queen cares about being subtle.

Next was the overspending, which is honestly justified. Kate just ripped out a £38,000 kitchen in Anmer Hall at her Sandringham estate to make way for a completely pointless and unnecessary new kitchen. Not only that, but she and Prince William just spent over £500,000 on landscaping – and Anmer Hall isn’t even their primary residence! Plus, it’s not as though Kate and Will even have jobs to justify their extravagant spending, not to mention their endless vacations. Vacation from what, I’ll never know, since they don’t even work to begin with.

Lastly, we come to Bare Bum Gate, Kate Middleton’s latest exhibitionist scandal. I don’t doubt that the Queen was extremely disappointed to hear about this situation, especially since it’s already happened before. Can you blame her for telling Kate to lower her hemlines and get her act together? I don’t call that ‘torture’, I call it common sense. If the Queen doesn’t tell Kate, then nobody will, which means she’ll continue flaunting her bum without wearing any underwear, fully knowing that the photographers are going to get another shot of her in the future.