Katie Holmes and Lena Dunham To Collaborate – Katie’s Career Needs Help

Katie Holmes and Lena Dunham To Collaborate - Katie's Career Needs Help

Despite the [often accurate] criticisms aimed at Lena Dunham‘s Girls, there’s no denying that she’s made a name for herself on television. And so when she’s spotted having dinner with Katie Holmes, people are obviously going to jump to the conclusion that Katie and Lena are working on a collaboration.

Now, every lunch and dinner meeting between two celebrities doesn’t necessarily mean they’re working together – but with Katie’s flagging career, I have a feeling she wasn’t just meeting with Lena to gush over her show. No, it’s pretty clear that they’re trying to work together, but the real question is – on what?

Would Katie ever agree to guest star on Girls, or would she think a TV guest spot is beneath her? I mean, the show is on HBO and if she gets in good with the network, she could probably land a mini-series or TV show on her merit. Nowadays, all the good writing is on television anyway, and it’s not like Katie’s really a big movie star anymore. In fact, I’d say that her last good film role was probably Batman Begins, before Tom Cruise came in and changed everything.

If Katie was a better actress, I would have said there could have been a chance for her to fight her way back in the A-list rank of movie actresses. But there’s just too much competition for too few roles, and Katie never seemed like she had the acting chops to land on the top tier of actresses anyway. Television is much more suited to her range, and with this meeting with Lena, I’m guessing they’re discussing possible TV collaborations and/or a possible Girls role.

What else is Katie going to do? Her fashion career didn’t really go anywhere, and there are about a billion actresses in front of her for any major movie role – and come to think of it, even TV roles. She doesn’t have many options, and this way, at least she gets in good with a writer/actress who’s coming up with many of her own opportunities.

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    Humm. She needs a stylist. That dress? Yikes!