Kendall and Kylie Jenner Hate Selena Gomez and Talk Smack About Her At MMVAs in Toronto!

Kendall and Kylie Jenner Hate Selena Gomez and Talk Smack About Her At MMVAs in Toronto!

Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner really, really hate Selena Gomez. If that wasn’t already clear to you, then this recent update should make it abundantly obvious. According to [via witnesses at her 2014 Smut Soiree], Kylie and Kendall were at the MMVAs in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, and they couldn’t stop talking smack about Selena.

Apparently, they were discussing Selena winning an award, telling other people, “That bitch will be all fake and we all know that she doesn’t give a shit about anyone, that she would probably accept it and then laugh at the people who voted for her.”

Well, don’t hold back, guys. Kendall and Kylie clearly have a lot of vitriolic feelings towards Selena, especially if they’re going to take a break from their non-stop bragging and ego-stroking to diss her with such enthusiasm. I’m guessing that her unfollowing them on Instagram has something to do with their hatred, not to mention their relationship with Justin Bieber. Kylie was so close to dating Justin before he got back with Selena, so she probably blames Selena for a golden missed opportunity.

Honestly, Kylie and Kendall are probably just jealous. I’m not saying that Selena’s perfect, but it’s like picking between an annoying hypocritical celebrity or two famewhores from reality television’s most obnoxious family. Selena, at least, has a career built on her talents, and she worked hard to establish herself in the industry – before throwing it all away on an immature man-child, of course. Kendall and Kylie, on the other hand, have done nothing apart from ‘write’ a book, show up places, get their pictures taken, and then go home to more cameras. How does that give them a free pass to criticize Selena?

Regardless, it’s interesting to note how many people don’t like Selena nowadays. It’s pretty obvious that her relationship with Justin and recent downward spiral has people clamoring to distance themselves from her, but Kylie and Kendall’s words indicate a more personal vendetta.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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20 responses to “Kendall and Kylie Jenner Hate Selena Gomez and Talk Smack About Her At MMVAs in Toronto!”

  1. Ladygurl1001 says:

    Kendal and Kylie and do nothing but be on tv and look like brats half of time. I mean do u even hear them say thank u mom on te show alot? Selena worked her way to her career where Kendall and Kylie haven’t. And Selena’s career and still fine and being justin isn’t making her career spiral down. I use to like Kendal and Kylie but now not so much.

  2. May says:

    you never call someone you dont know a famewhore….Selena might have been a real bitch to them

  3. julia says:

    This article is extremely biased. Kendall and Kylie both model, Kendall very much working constantly on her modeling career. They both have a succesdul clothing line too. Keep in mind that they were born into this fake rich family. Selena Gomez can not sing and can hardly act and she leans on at-the-time-famous boyfriends to promote her career. This isn’t the first time someone has said something along the lines of what they said about Selena either. Bobby Fischer you should really do your research before you create a silly story with incredible sources.

    • cutigan says:

      u r so lame kendall doesnt do anythin people help her she just act pretty and talk and they r hungry 4 fame while selena she do charity work hard for hhher fame and she is risking everying for justin who is a man whore

    • Alex says:

      Hell yes. Preach sista

    • blogger930 says:

      Kendall is dating celebrity boys so she can get more famous

  4. James says:

    Lol Jenner fan girls sure are stupid. ;)

  5. James says:

    Throwing her career away? That’s why she has three up coming movies and a new single popping up right? You guys are new to whole fact finding thing aren’t you?

  6. JoeChief says:

    You mean other than movies, albums, world tours, big endorsement deals all that stuff?

    Are you mental or something?

  7. LisaZ says:

    Selena works very hard for everything she gets! No, I’m not saying selena is perfect… but I saying selena is setting a better example and is being a way better role model! They are just jealous that she is capable of getting an award and they’re not! I also recall they are totally jealous of selena dating justin and justin not dating one of them… Clearly they had it good for too long and don’t appreciate anything!

  8. awesomegalnotabitch says:

    peoplee who like the kardashians or jenners are stupid and the guy who wrote this is even lamer and stupid

  9. haters gonna hate says:

    like you can act any better,your just a coward hiding behind a computer screen talking smack about other people.Selena actually has some talent compared to u. I think she did exceptionally well on wizards of waverly place, she might not be able to sing that well but at least she can act..STOP hating,go get a LIFE!

  10. alex says:

    Haha Selena Gomez’s only talent is snorting cocaine and using Justin Bieber to stay relevant in the media. + She blatantly confessed to lip syncing on dwts.

  11. Mia003 says:

    Selena has worked VERY hard at faking her singing. She is also such a great actress I don’t know how she hasn’t won any awards

  12. Amdksk says:

    Like you could sing or act better than her, she worked hard and she made it, ur just a hater

  13. Jane says:

    You’re all idiots if you believe this gossip.

  14. Lauren says:

    Their not the only ones that don’t like Selena I don’t particularly care for her myself after the way she treated Justin’s fans I can’t like her at all I deleted Facebook because of that and my other Twitter account I made a new one but I’m so close to deleting that one too I can’t support Jelena anymore pretty soon I’ll end up getting rid of my phone if I hear one more thing about how their back together that’s right no more internet if I hear anything more about them being together

  15. blogger930 says:

    Selena worked her tail to reach her goal and all Kendal and Kylie did was basically nothing

  16. blogger930 says:

    You spelled Selena wrong it’s Kendall

  17. blogger930 says:

    That was really rude what the said about Selena, I mean she worked her tail off to reach her goal and all the kardashins did was basically nothing, I know yawl think that I’m wrong because Selena can’t sing or … That’s all wrong?if she can’t sing than why did she get a reward and Kylie and Kendall didn’t answer that before you say any crap about Selena