Kim Kardashian Confirms Beyonce, Jay-Z Divorce With Andy Cohen Interview Statement – Bey and Kim Truly Hate Each Other!

Kim Kardashian Confirms Beyonce, Jay-Z Divorce With Andy Cohen Interview Statement - Bey and Kim Truly Hate Each Other!

Beyonce and Kim Kardashian hate each other. Well, if we’re being honest, it’s more likely that Beyonce hates Kim, and Kim is just mad that Beyonce won’t be friends with her. Plus, Kim keeps bringing up Beyonce’s name in every other interview, so imagine how annoyed you must be if you’re Beyonce. You’re trying to deal with your divorce situation, and all of a sudden this D-list reality star keeps name-dropping you as though she knows you.

And for those still refusing to believe that the divorce is happening, Kim more or less confirmed it while giving an interview on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. She claims that it was an ambiguous statement, but it seemed pretty definitive to me. Now Beyonce has several reasons to hate Kim, although I think Kim made those comments out of spite. She’s trying to get back at Beyonce for missing her wedding and acting like she’s not important, even though Beyonce is trying to concentrate on more pressing things than Kim Kardashian.

In the end, they may be embroiled in a feud [in the traditional sense of the word], but Beyonce cares far less about this than Kim, I guarantee you. Kim desperately wanted to be Beyonce’s friend for so long, and it never happened. Beyonce, on the other hand, just kept giving Kim the cold shoulder, and it got to a point where Kim could no longer deny that Beyonce hated her. Missing her wedding? Check. Side-eyeing her at public events? Check. Ignoring her in front of the media? Check. Kim might be a reality star, but her ego wouldn’t have been able to handle all those insults – and thus began her vendetta against Beyonce, starting with her confirmation of Beyonce’s divorce.

  • Jules

    I don’t believe anything about this article cuz Kim is not confrontational with anyone. These tabloids are trying their best to make this an issue and it’s hilarious cus while they ate doing that these people are making plenty of money and could care less

    • Jon B


    • Kam

      And you are worried about their money because?

  • Melissa

    I did watch the show with Andy Cohen but kim never confirmed that rumor about b and j divorce .

  • Ky Penn

    What a retarded article. really? You said Kim about thirty times in a simple statement. My English teacher would have died.

  • myasam

    How would Kim ho-shian know anything about Beyonce’s personal life? That trick knows exactly what the public knows…nothing lol I’m sorry I doubt if Beyonce confides in prostitutes and porn stars

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  • L

    1. Kayne and Jay are “friends”. I don’t think he’s willing to lose a friendship over K.Kim spilling untruths or confirming any rumors.
    He’s crazy enough. I don’t think she would be able to sleep at night if she dropped information like that. On the other hand… Her mother will. Kris is all about that money and any way she can get it.

  • nadia

    Sorry I don’t believe it as slorish as Kim Kardashian is she is not stupid and she knows if she says a peep about Beyonce her career in doing nothing will be over. Beyonce has ended careers of people who have talent(R.I.P Keri Hilson’s career) so I am sure Kim is gonna watch what she says.

  • Erica

    Stupid article

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  • Sandra 1

    I watched the show and she never confirmed the rumors. Wow. You need some help.smh.