Kim Kardashian Divorce From Kanye West: Regrets Marriage Already Wants To Get Divorced – Rumors

Kim Kardashian Divorce From Kanye West: Regrets Marriage Already Wants To Get Divorced - Rumors

Kim Kardashian is reportedly second-guessing her decision to marry Kanye West already, to which we say – duh! Actually, I thought it would be the other way around, but Kanye seems to have on permanently colored love goggles. Kim, on the other hand, clearly married Kanye for the money and fame, and so I can see how his controlling nature and idiosyncrasies are starting to get to her.

A source tells Life & Style Magazine, “Kanye has been so controlling about the wedding and honeymoon, giving her very little input and flying off the handle about things. She thought he’d calm down, but he got worse. It’s made her question her decision to marry him.”

Apparently, Kanye’s already setting down the rules about how Kim should conduct herself in regards to public appearances, but wasn’t he always doing that? In fact, Kanye’s controlling and obsessive behavior shouldn’t even be new information to Kim. He’s been setting rules about her reality show appearances ever since he started dating her, and I don’t think he would suddenly start displaying brand new personality traits after marrying her. Kim knew all that before marrying him, so I doubt she’ll change her mind now.

If anything, Kim’s probably trying to figure out how she can drag this marriage out for as long as possible. She is barely holding on to her relevance as it is, and if she gets divorced from Kanye, she’ll slip into obscurity faster than you can say her name.

What do you guys think? Are Kim and Kanye destined to break up, and do you believe that Kim would ever be the first person to call off this marriage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The happy family?

Kim Kardashian Divorce From Kanye West: Regrets Marriage Already Wants To Get Divorced - Rumors

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21 responses to “Kim Kardashian Divorce From Kanye West: Regrets Marriage Already Wants To Get Divorced – Rumors”

  1. janie says:

    I’m so shocked?! I never thought I would say this, but I feel sorry for Kanye. This bunch will do all they can to discredit and destroy him. Every move they make is calculated with a clear goal in mind. She’s managed to alienate the few friends he has. She has no intention of staying with him, and never did. I pray there are no more children born into this unholy union.

  2. Vida says:

    that poor baby. why does kim look like she belongs in madame tussauds?

    • sueschaeffer-Diaz says:

      That’s really mean AND tell the truth there’s not one chic that wouldn’t LOVE to be Kim

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  4. Treasure says:

    Kayne always looks unhappy. I noticed that the baby has the same unhappy look too.

    • namers says:

      Poor baby with early signs of depression and anger.

    • Fozziedabear says:

      The baby looks like that because she’s realizing her both of her parents are stupid and either way it goes she will end up living with one of those fools.

  5. namers says:

    He will kill her first.

  6. Cleopatra Mokokoane says:

    kanye made a song about golddiggers to marry one……

  7. Maxx says:

    Actually, he came from a privileged family. His mother was a professor. So he’s not a hood rat, just another entitled feeling rich kid that try’s to act tough

    • Fozziedabear says:

      Yes, he mother was highly educated. People think his problems started after she died but Kanye’s a fool from waaaay back. I’m glad Kim’s getting her due. She wanted a black man now she has a real one. He will drag her a-s.

  8. Guest says:

    I hope these two stay married and miserable together. They both deserve each other. When Kanye got involved with Kim he knew exactly what he was getting, maybe he did not know how low she would go by getting pregnant but he knew her history. Kim deserve what ever Kanye dishes out to her after all she to got pregnant by him on purpose trick the this dumb genius 100% and got him to marry her with those alligator tears act. So, yes I hope they do not get a divorce and suffer the hell out of each. Just sorry North has to part of this circus.

  9. NYmom1 says:

    What did she expect ? she married a hood rat, even though he is rich , he has no class , just like the Kardashian clan , they all deserve each other

  10. Imani says:

    She a gold digga not digger digga . I personally think she marrying these guys because she believes she getting that money and as soon as the nigga say no she filing for a divorce and blames the men for it. Nobody it’s stupid her actions are obvious. This whole weight situation is to get attention smh when will these females learn.

  11. Fozziedabear says:

    Neither loved each other when they dated or married. It was an opportunity for them. They both deserve each other. He’s treated women in his past like trash and Kim’s done the same. KH and RB are so much better off without that fool. The sad part is North has two self centered parents and neither are good for her. But I’d definitely pick Kanye over the pimp kardashians. What goes around comes around.

  12. Fozziedabear says:

    Poor misguided Georgie. Kanye has more connections that Kim and yes, she married him to get more. Kanye is the one made it possible for her to get on the cover of Vogue. I stop buying Vogue after she was on the cover. She’s even admitted to that Kanye made her Vogue cover possible. They’re both trash and classless.

  13. Tristan Breet says:

    thats one [expletive] ugly baby

  14. MuonLyte says:

    Wow…I can see why Kanye and Kim agreed as parents to protect their daughter from the media that fires these same hateful words directed at them frequently. “How can I hate someone I never knew? Just because you know/heard my name doesn’t mean you know me.” Remember humanity is a family too. Look at the beast of your own that you feed….and the love you starve ….that’s planting a seed. MuonLyte

  15. Alfred Major says:

    i think both of them are so stupied he a asshole a he nuts she whore and a goldigger fool both racist no talent make sign papers save her own ass make him look like jackass