Kim Kardashian Bars Khloe’s Thug Hook-Ups French Montana and The Game From Her Wedding

Kim Kardashian Bars Khloe's Thug Hook-Ups French Montana and The Game From Her Wedding

I think most of us kind of felt at least a little bad for Khloe Kardashian last year. Her marriage to Lamar Odom was falling apart thanks to his drug addiction and constant cheating and Khloe garnered a whole lot of sympathy from fans, at least for awhile. Then she started dating The Game who is an admitted gang member with a violent history and swapped him out for equally bad French Montana. He is currently juggling a wife, a steady rapper girlfriend and Khloe appears to be his side chick.

According to the April 28th print edition of In Touch magazine it has become pretty clear that Khloe’s choice in men leaves a whole lot to be desired and her sister Kim Kardashian wants none of her bad decisions to escort her to the big wedding next month. Kim has made it perfectly clear to Khloe that all of these guys are bad news and that none of them are welcome at her wedding. Why does Kim even need to say this? Because apparently Khloe has been bringing french with her to official Kardashian dinners! Despite all of the warnings she still thinks he is the kind of guy to bring home to meet the family.

What do you think that Khloe has to go through to make her realie that she really needs to choose her men more wisely? Do you think she is one of those women that wants a man that is a project that needs fixing? Do you blame Kim for banning her guys from the wedding? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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