Kristen Stewart Dating Nicholas Hoult: Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence Jealous – Twilight Star Shows Off Boyfriend at TIFF 2014

Kristen Stewart Dating Nicholas Hoult: Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence Jealous - Twilight Star Shows Off Boyfriend at TIFF 2014

Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult may not be ‘officially’ dating, but as far as Robert Pattinson and their fans are concerned, they’re already together. Time to think up some new couple names, huh? How’s Koult? Krinolas? Ok, fine, fine, I give up.

Anyway, a new boyfriend for Kristen has been a long time coming, basically since she broke things off with Robert Pattinson – or should we say, since he broke things off with her. The fact that they’re still in touch kept everyone on their toes waiting for a possible reunion, but at this point, we all have to accept that Robsten is over and done with.

Rob moved on a long time ago, and sources close to him say that while he’s forgiven Kristen for cheating on him and humiliating him, there’s no way he’s going back to her. For one, he just doesn’t want to deal with the public ragging that would follow if he did start dating her again, and for another, he actually has gotten over her.

Kristen, on the other hand, has taken a longer time to get over Rob – and understandably. To be honest, I’ve noticed that a lot of her relationships overlap with each other – for example, she was dating Michael Angarano before dating Rob, and then before we knew it, she was with Rob. Many sources close to the situation have said that there was a definite overlap between the two of them, but when she cheated on Rob, it’s not like she could start dating Rupert Sanders immediately after.

So this time, it took her a lot longer to get over Rob – and finally, Nicholas Hoult came into the picture. With Kristen’s penchant for dating co-stars, it was only a matter of time before the dating rumors kicked into gear. And now, sources say that Kristen and Nick are both going to be present at TIFF this year, and Kristen’s going to use that opportunity to show off her new ‘boyfriend’ – even if he’s not technically her boyfriend yet. Hey, if she’s trying to make Rob jealous and prove a point, then there’s really no better way to do it.

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16 responses to “Kristen Stewart Dating Nicholas Hoult: Robert Pattinson, Jennifer Lawrence Jealous – Twilight Star Shows Off Boyfriend at TIFF 2014”

  1. Ruth says:

    What part of the official list of the people who will attend the TIFF has already been released and Stewart will not make an appearance, do you guys don’t understand?

    Seriously even if is a canadian film festival the calendars and list of guest were released in english.

  2. TRUTH says:

    Won’t believe it! If so, this Hoult want slut after all! Good for lesbiancheat kristen. Most of all excellent news to Robert and his fans!

    • Visitor says:

      Learn how to speak English first and THEN you can hate on innocent people who has done nothing wrong. Oh, wait, no, you can’t do that even then. But growing up still looks like a good idea.

      • TRUTH says:

        Tell that to yourself, as if you can write a proper English, lol, then maybe you will learn how to idolized a decent person. Oh, wait, NO you can’t do that, you’re like her. Reading and understanding good, decent human behavior will teach you why so many people have zero respect to your slut-lesbian-home wrecker idol Kristen Stewart. Remember your idol in action (50 pictures) – caught like a dog making out in a public place with an old man.

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  4. Kelly says:

    I hope Kristen and Robert get back together. I know I am in the minority, but always a hopeless romantic. (Stop the hating.)

  5. Nitesh says:

    This site always posts some fake news about Rob and Kristen. They had ended their relationship about 2 years ago. Robert is living his own life and doesn’t need to be jealous of Kristen or anyone because he’s handsome, a very good actor and he doesn’t even want to be with Kristen anymore. That’s why he has forgiven her. Now, I hate this site so much and will never visit again. ????

  6. Outsider says:

    Don’t you have some ironing to do or something….

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  8. Seth Aicklen says:

    The article itself proves that the title is grossly misleading, if not a straight-up lie. It’s all “make-news”.

  9. Lucy gorden says:

    ugh seriously I am 13 and I think robsten could have stayed together however I think that the whole thing is ludicrous! And plus I would freaking hate the press making sure I have no privacy at all! it makes me sick that people always bug these poor celebs!it’s is flippin chaos!

  10. Visitor says:

    You’re embarrasing yourselves with lies like this…

  11. Caro says:

    Aren’t you sick of bashing Kristen Stewart? The girl is talented and gutsy and all you do is bash her because of your lust for Rob which is ridiculous! If Kristen is with Nicholas it’s probably because she likes Nicholas and not to make Rob jealous! Plus, did it ever occur to you that there was a reason Kristen was interested in Rupert? Things probably weren’t going well with Rob and my guess is he wasn’t satisfying her…let’s face it. Rob is cute but he’s not the first guy you think of when you want hot, steamy, masculine sex!

  12. TRUTH says:

    Oh just like slutkristen and her lesbian lover Alicia – Kriscian

  13. Sadestic Bilal says:

    xctly they should pair up again.becoz they look so sexy and cute with each other..Rob u should forgive stewart.kristen wants and we luv to see the Rob back in her life..luv u guyz..