Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson: Twilight Star Can Get ‘Any Role She Wants’ – Except As RPatz’s Girlfriend!

Kristen Stewart Dating Robert Pattinson: Twilight Star Can Get 'Any Role She Wants' - Except As RPatz's Girlfriend!

Kristen Stewart can’t have Robert Pattinson – Twilight RPatz simply won’t date KStew. Kristen has given yet another rambling, incoherent, delusional mess of an interview, this time to the German edition of Interview Magazine. Kristen and Juliette Binoche cover the magazine in an effort to promote Clouds of Sils Maria, in advance of its Toronto International Film Festival opening. However, the interview [via Celebitchy, translated by a few Twi-hards] comes across as incredibly try-hard, and really, really cocky as well as hypo-manic on Kristen’s part.

Kristen goes on a rant about how she does every job for ‘herself’, as opposed to doing one for herself and one for the audiences. Yeah, we already know you don’t give a crap about your fans Kristen, you don’t need to state it in such explicit terms.

She said, “Everything I do, I do for myself. Blockbuster, art-house or Chanel commercial – it doesn’t matter. It’s incredible: I can do anything I f–king want. Yes, I’m in this unconscionably privileged position. I never have to beg for a role, I can get any role with a snap of my fingers…” 

Ok, there might have been some inconsistencies with what she said and what was translated, but seriously? The girl needs someone to sit her down and explain what humility is, because what she sure as hell doesn’t know. That was one of the most conceited interviews I’ve ever seen a Hollywood star give, even including major A-listers and Oscar winners. There are thousands of struggling actors who are trying their best to pay their bills, most of them more talented than Kristen, and she’s bragging about how she can do anything she wants – all thanks to Twilight, which she notoriously hates discussing in interviews. Also, has she already forgotten that her cheating scandal did slow down her career for a few years?

Plus, Kristen actually is delusional if she thinks she can get any role she wants with a ‘snap of her fingers’. There is no way she’s at the top of every producer list for major, sought-after roles that Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, and Cate Blanchett get the first look at. Kristen thinks she could have gotten Gravity from Sandra Bullock? Or American Hustle from Amy Adams? Puh-lease. She can probably get roles that these actresses pass on, but there’s no way she’s the first choice for the best female roles in Hollywood. First of all, she’s not even an Oscar nominee – by that distinction alone, several actresses in her age range beat her, including but not limited to Anna Kendrick, Rooney Mara, JLaw, and Saoirse Ronan.

Plus, the one role that Kristen will never, ever get – for love or money – is being Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend again. She screwed up her shot at that permanently, and nothing she says or does will ever fix that. She can go ahead and do as many Chanel commercials she wants – for the ‘art’, I’m sure – but she will never get back with Rob, and she will not become a top-tier award-winning actress. At least, not in the near future. Maybe if she works on her lip biting acting skills, but that’ll take at least a few years.

  • Ruth

    An this articles are the result of lazy writers who don´t even serach the source material but prefer to take a fan traduction of a russian issue, instead of doing their own translation

  • Brenda

    Stewart: Although I must admit that from the outside looking in might
    give the impression, I could now, after I stumbled with this incredibly
    successful blockbuster series in so lucky, actually allow everything. And you
    know what? Just as it is! That’s the great thing: I can do whatever the f*/ck I
    want! That’s why I’m in this outrageously privileged position.

    Binoche: Oh yes, you’re

    Stewart: I never beg for a role, each project
    can be realized with a flick and I don´t have to fight, which is actually common for an
    actor. Before my intrinsic eye I see this huge map full of roads and trails
    spread out lie, and I just need to decide where I want to go. For me, just
    really open any door. But at least I know how outrageously lucky I was. And
    just to complete the: I like to play in blockbusters. I am sure if all see what
    I’m doing when it touches people can easily consume and makes especially great
    fun. Your son thought it was certainly great to have you played in Godzilla.

    GERMAN VERSION it´s the same in the Russian
    version. I leave it here

    Stewart: Auch wenn ich zugeben muss, dass von
    außen betrachtet der Eindruck entstehen könnte, ich könnte mir jetzt, nachdem
    ich mit dieser unfassbar erfolgreichen Blockbuster-Reihe in so viel Glück
    hineingestolpert bin, tatsächlich alles erlauben. Und weißt du was? Genau so
    ist es! Das ist ja das Tolle: I can do whatever the fuck I want! Deshalb bin
    ich ja in dieser unverschämt privilegierten Position.

    Binoche: Oh ja, das bist du

    Stewart: Ich bettle nie um eine Rolle, kann
    jedes Projekt mit einem Schnipsen realisieren und mich nicht durchkämpfen, was
    für Schauspieler eigentlich üblich ist. Vor meinem innereren Auge sehe ich
    diese riesige Karte voller Straßen und Wege ausgebreitet daliegen, und ich muss
    nur entscheiden wo ich langmöchte. Für mich steht gerade wirklich jede Tür
    offen. Aber wenigstens weiß ich, wie unverschämt viel Glück ich hatte. Und ,
    nur um das abzuschließen: Ich spiele gerne in Blockbustern. Ich stehe darauf,
    wenn alle sehen, was ich mache, wenn es Leute berührt, sich einfach konsumieren
    lässt und vor allem großen Spaß macht. Dein Sohn fand es sicher auch super,
    dass du in Godzilla mitgespielt hast.

  • Brenda

    And just for this part “each project can be
    realized with a flick” she had said it before that if it wasn´t for twilight must of the indie movies she was in wouldn´t make it to the teathers that´s why she was privileged.

  • Ashley

    I don’t think she said that she can get any role with a snap of her fingers, consider that this interview was translated twice. You hate her because she “cheated” on pattinson, why you take it so personal? move on. And, I don’t think she wants to star in another movie with him either.

  • Are you serious Bobby?

    She’s gotten rave reviews from Clouds of Sils Maria and Camp X-ray. TBH it’s just really clear you haven’t watched her in anything beyond Twilight which says more about you than her.

    But also you don’t really think she was comparing herself to Amy Adams or Cate or Sandra who are old enough to be her mother. And JLaw may indeed rank above her but JLaw also doesn’t play 22yr olds. She plays 30 yr old mothers in films so is Stewart really competing against her?

    Haters gonna hate but you sound really uninformed and out of touch bc read Vaiety, THR, etc and you’d see how uninformed you truly are.

  • Julie soule

    This website is pro Rob ! Always is !

  • Sarika Arora

    God u r such a crappy writer…. No wonder the media industry is doomed with writers like u…. Will never ever visit this shitty site again….!

  • f

    That was a shitty hateful rant lol….hey I’m not real fond of her but its obvious you a low class dumbass…..

  • Julie soule

    So she’s a little cocky now, give her a break. SHE’S BEEN DUMPED ON FOR 2YEARS !!!

  • Julie soule

    You are more like a pit bull than a kat

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