Maksim Chmerkovskiy Hired on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ as Judge or Host?

Maksim Chmerkovskiy Hired on 'Dancing With The Stars' as Judge or Host?

Maksim Chmerkovskiy had been dropping a lot of hints about quitting Dancing with the Stars recently or being a judge or a host, especially after finally winning the Mirror Ball trophy last season. Now that he’s achieved his goal, why stick around? That seems to be his way of thinking, and he recently confirmed that in an interview on The View.

He told the hosts of the View, “I’m done dancing. I feel like it’s time.” He also told Gossip Cop in a recent interview, “I think I made it clear that up until last season, the show and I had a bad [relationship]… We were separated, a trial separation [during the time he left the show]. And then last season, I think maybe it’s because I took time off and it was lengthy time off, longer than before, or because I’ve matured, maybe we’ve all matured, but last season was unbelievable.”

He’s basically saying that he hated the show, took a break and won, and now doesn’t mind the show again. I’m guessing the producers have gone out of their way to make him happy, considering he’s one of the biggest name draws on the show. Maksim Chmermovskiy as a judge or a host on DWTS is a sure draw. Anyone who watches Dancing with the Stars knows who Maksim Chmerkovskiy is, and he’s got a huge fan base, as evidenced by his landslide win last season. So getting rid of him wouldn’t be a good idea, and I’m sure the network realizes that. So they made sure that he was happy, and then he won, which means that he left the show in a very good place. As such, he’s probably open to returning as a judge, even though I’m thinking that he’s going to try a movie career next. The guy’s not going to go back to hanging with C-list stars on a regular basis, not when he’s dated Kate Upton and Jennifer Lopez. He’ll be taking advantage of his new connections, so don’t be surprised to see him start his own reality show or end up in a movie with J.Lo.