Erin Andrews Returning To ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Is Maksim Chmerkovskiy?

Erin Andrews Returning To 'Dancing With The Stars' - Is Maksim Chmerkovskiy?

It took Maksim Chmerkovskiy fourteen seasons to win the Mirror Ball trophy on Dancing with the Stars,  but now that he’s finally won the big prize, will he be back for the next season?

The showrunner Rob Wade seemed uncertain about Maksim’s return, telling the press at the TCA Summer conference, “I’m absolutely hoping Maks comes back to the show. I don’t know whether it’s going to be as a dancer. I think there’s a number of different things we can talk to him about and the way he’d be involved with the show. Maks will always be part of Dancing With the Stars in some way.”

Basically, they’re saying that it’s unlikely that he comes back as a performer or a pro, but he might return as a choreographer or judge. Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Maksim attempt to launch a movie career now, especially after becoming such a fan favorite. He’s also become a staple in the tabloid world thanks to his relationships with Kate Upton and Jennifer Lopez, and a LOT of people know who he is – even people who don’t watch Dancing with the Stars.

However, even if Maksim goes off to make some shitty Hollywood sequel, Dancing with the Stars will see the return of co-hosts Erin Andrews and Tom Bergeron. Despite rumors of Erin’s diva behavior getting her fired from the show, Wade confirmed that both of them would be returning to their jobs. However, with Erin’s additional gig as Fox’s NFL sideline reporter, it’s likely that her role on DWTS will be brought down to a minimum.

How do you guys feel about the return of Erin, and the possible departure of Maksim? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

4 responses to “Erin Andrews Returning To ‘Dancing With The Stars’ – Is Maksim Chmerkovskiy?”

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  2. Wendy says:

    Can’t stand Erin OR Maks. If they are back I won’t be watching. Erin is obnoxious and her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. I used to like Maks, but that fake romance with Meryl Davis completely turned me off.

  3. ????Mï? ? says:

    OMG…Maks begins filming a movie in September and he and Jennifer Lopez were never a couple. What do you get out of making stuff up? Both Maks & Jennifer answered whether they were a couple or not.

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