Mariah Carey Divorce Explained: Nick Cannon Cheating and Paying For 23-Year Old Mistress Jasmine Sanders and Dancer Brittany Dailey

Mariah Carey Divorce Explained: Nick Cannon Cheating and Paying For 23-Year Old Mistress Jasmine Sanders and Dancer Brittany Dailey

It wasn’t going to be long before the details of the split between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon came tumbling out and already people have stopped keeping Nick’s secrets. While he has admitted to their being trouble in paradise, Nick has reportedly felt as though his marriage to Mariah ended a long time ago and so carrying on like a single guy apparently has made sense to him.

According to the Sept. 8th print edition of Star Magazine, Nick Cannon has recently been spotted out and about with a 23-year old model named Jasmine Sanders. Not only are the two very hands-on, but Nick has also been paying her bills!

As if that’s not bad enough, Jasmine isn’t exactly the only mistress that Nick has been paying for. Brittany Dailey is a dancer that is also reportedly enjoying a special relationship with Mariah Carey’s husband! Sources say that just knowing that Nick is parading around with various other women is enough to make her want to speed up all divorce proceedings. She has been spending time with their babies while he dates women old enough to be Mariah’s children! No wonder she is so furious and feels so disrespected by him!

Are you surprised to learn the details of Nick and Mariah’s impending divorce? Did you think that he was cheating and that a string of affairs ultimately had a hand in the demise of their marriage? If Nick felt like it was over for years do you think that Mariah felt the same way? Which one of them was hoping to keep it together for the kids sake? What about Jasmine Sanders and Brittany Dailey — will either of them amount to more than a fling for Nick? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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11 responses to “Mariah Carey Divorce Explained: Nick Cannon Cheating and Paying For 23-Year Old Mistress Jasmine Sanders and Dancer Brittany Dailey”

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  2. tahoegeminii says:

    and what about MeMe’s all nite studio collabs with every hungry young rapper she can trap-I would say 5 years of that and only one really awful album to show?? something else was going on-maybe that is why Nick felt his marriage was over a while ago

  3. MzTodd says:

    I could care less about either of them unless they want to start paying my bills. then I will worry about which one is getting the raw deal depending who will be my benificier.

  4. Diana Prince says:

    The writer of this story is so in love with MeMe. Nick dating women young enough to be his kids? LOL! MeMe is 11 years older than Nick. And all news sources are saying there is no third party. Why would Nick ruin his chance of getting at least half of MeMe’s fortunes when he can date women after the divorce is over? Girl Please…

  5. drdebo cherry says:

    Christian and respectable rarely go together- how about a man with values and morals?

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  7. geri says:

    Were still here for you mariah ur #1 fan in philippines

  8. geri says:

    Go mimi on your contact then press delete…. mc desrveds to be happy..go mc its ok to let him go his not worthy to b urs that kind of man…duhhhh.. I know..we know as ur fans that you can make it and pass tru this kind of situation..#1fan philippines

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  10. shamiraplowden says:

    I think that mariah was to good of a lady that nick cannon couldnt handle her but i love you mariah I’m your #1 fan

  11. justinb.phoenix says:

    From the very begining It was very unwise of both of them to marry. Everyone knew it wouldn’t work out it was only a matter of time. Two make matters worse the children is involved. Good people make good choices. And obviously it wasn’t good enough.