Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Divorce: Separation Sparked By Mariah’s Diva Antics, Controlling Behavior, And Possible Affairs?

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Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon, her husband, have parted ways — and I’m not sure if anyone is surprised by this. Mariah Carey’s separation from Nick Cannon undoubtedly has something to do with her controlling ways and behaviors; it’s quite clear that she’s always considered herself in charge of that relationship. Perhaps the unbalance of power put too much strain on their “coupling,” forcing a rift between them that, ultimately, grew too large.

See, the thing is this, Mariah Carey could potentially be in for a PR disaster – or at least the subject of countless unpopular media headlines. The fact that she’s making husband Nick Cannon“shut up” and keep quiet about the circumstances surrounding their split makes everyone suspicious of her – especially her reasons for being so hush hush on the whole thing. Sure, she could just be trying to protect their privacy, or she could be hiding the real reasons for the divorce. Could the truth destroy her career? Is that why she forced Nick to sign a confidentiality agreement? 

Even though Nick’s star status definitely skyrocketed once he united with Mariah, the actor, who got his start on Nickelodeon, definitely seems to be holding his own celebrity status with his latest TV show America’s Got Talent. In most of the past pictures featuring them as a couple, he most often appeared in the pictures to be putting on an act for the camera — under Mariah’s rule: Act happy, or else.

With this in mind, it is important to realize Mariah Carey wanted to always be in control and that may have meant giving her love and heart to other suitors. And this may be true, but do you really think Nick Cannon was man enough for Mariah Carey during the six-year marriage?

First, realize that Nick Cannon isn’t what most would consider a “rock” or a “hunk” of a man when all the pieces are put together, so perhaps this diva was on the prowl for some more man candy on the side.

Even in light of this heating up divorce, do you think Mariah Carey is already out looking for a real hunk of a man, leaving Nick burned in the pages of her history books?

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