Michael Muhney Hints On Twitter: Moving to General Hospital and Adam Newman Better Dead on The Young and the Restless?

Michael Muhney Hints On Twitter: Moving to General Hospital and Adam Newman Better Dead on The Young and the Restless?

It has been a long six months for Michael Muhney’s most loyal fans. The actor was fired from the CBS soap The Young and the Restless last December amid a scandal that had soap fans rallying and protesting for months. After his final scenes aired many believed that even if Y&R had offered him his job back it was in Muhney’s best interests to keep walking with the real question being where he would turn up next.

At first we thought that maybe he was letting all of the dust settle and then Muhney was going to head on over to General Hospital to portray the plum role of Jason Morgan. It almost made too much sense for him to do that, basically swapping one great character for another and now as time goes on it seems that Muhney himself may have other ideas – we can’t be certain

If you have followed his Twitter feed then you’ve seen lots of nuggets about breaking down and finding hope in the last month. While the actor knows better than to say very much outright he sure is great at the cryptic, poignant clues. Muhney tweeted that he doesn’t believe in reincarnation – a comment that appeared to come out of nowhere and I have to wonder if he is talking about his career. Is it intended to be a clue that he has no intention of breathing life into another character (like Jason) as a recast? Or is he referencing his soap life in general and cluing us in to the fact that he is done with the genre, at least for now? Or more likely, is it a subtle slam at Jill Farren Phelps bringing Adam Newman back to life on Y&R?

Do you think his firing last winter left such a bad taste that he doesn’t want to be connected to soaps at all now? Or do you think Muhney will still jump at a great role on GH if it’s offered to him? Is he purposely taking time off or do you think that he has been quietly auditioning and nothing has panned out yet – or perhaps he is already hired but keeping this under wraps? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Update: Michael just tweeted a famous quote: “You”ve got 3 choices: Give up. Give in. Or give it all you got.”  What could he mean? Never forget that MM’s contract and separation agreement with CBS stipulates what he can and can’t disclose. Consider that Michael must communicate to a great extent using innuendo and hints!

  • Lisa s.

    I miss Michael so much as an Actor. His fans support him no matter of the private dismissal. I hope he lands a role in prime time. I will tune in whatever he lands. I google him to see if he obtained work yet. keeping the faith!

    • Mary1054

      I absolutely agree! Miss Michael’s work so much, I have started to watch GH in hopes he shows up. I will watch his work anywhere he goes. Michael Muhney is a brilliant actor!

  • janie

    I miss him as well… Y&R is on it’s last legs, he’s smart to stay away. I too would watch anything he’s on.

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  • Denise

    Do I believe he was asked back… yes. Do I believe that JFP did it cause she wants to save her job …HECK YES I do. Would I watch Y&R IF he went back OF COURSE I would, Do I really BELIEVE MM would go back !!! H#@L no. The Y&R I know is long gone. It has been chewed up and whats left is puke. Can it be saved ??? Yes ,but it would take writers going back to have the actors to be who they have always been, not make them into people we do not know.AND above all else get rid of JFP.She has to be gone NOW! no one wants her involved in any way to Y&R, or any other soap.If he goes to GH it will not take long for it to be number 1/Plain and simple!!!!!!!

  • Herekittiez

    Stop twisting crap. He didn’t say he didn’t believe in reincarnation, he was quoting MAYA. Also, please stop giving out false info that he’s going to GH for sure, when nothing is set in stone!

  • PassionQueen77

    If Michael Muhney joins General Hospital as Jason Morgan that will be fine with me. I don’t think Michael Muhney wants to come back to the young and the restless. Jill and the writer crew is doing casting calls for Adam Newman character. Jill Farren Phelps needs to call off the search. I agree with him that Adam Newman should stay being dead if he cannot be recast.

  • ljh

    Miss him terribly-hope he surfaces somewhere soon:) too much talent being wasted!

  • Jannette Bolden

    Michael come back to Y&R and bring some life back into the show…

  • Linda

    Wherever Michael decides to go I’m sure all of his loyal fans will follow. Y&R is slowly sinking without him. Would love to see him back as Adam but if not we will follow him!

    • Lucinda Arrington

      I love Adam Newman he was a great actor. .I’m going to GH…

  • ndavlin

    I don’t think he would come back on Y&R under the same regime that threw him under the bus and then tried to ruin his career. I will be glad when he resurfaces wherever he goes. He was such a favorite of mine that it is what I will watch. But I do think he really appreciates his fans and will show up as Adam if he has a choice.

  • Wayne

    I think it would be best for MM not to return on the Y&R. Imagine … if he did, that would save JFP’s ass and job cause the ratings would go sky high. I think we all would want JFP to get the boot and she can get a taste of her own medicine. Hopefully MM does join General Hospital and us viewers can enjoy watching him again on another soap opera where he belongs.

  • Lucinda Arrington

    I liked Adam Newman please bring him back haven’t seems the new Adam yet should hope he’s fine and tall!!!!


    Jill farren phelps will be known as the undertaker she already buried two other shows working on her third.

  • jazz

    You people need help he has a serious problem and I wonder if these young ladies were your daughters how would you feel then or you just don’t care about real life just fantasy no matter were he goes he will do it again until he seeks out Help

  • Ms.H

    I’ve been trying to read between the lines it shouldn’t make any difference whether MM come back or not they should still get rid of JFP just look at the damage she has already done MM,BM,MS and Elizabeth/well plays Chole all of them are gone and she has brought in so many new people with these unfinished plots.get rid of her regardless only the selective ones that are still there putting up with that bullsh,,,,,,t because it’s a pay check LOVE Yand R so please make some changings for the better or it won’t be the best soap any more because B/B is coming up quick fast and in a hurry.

  • RedRiver38

    True, but obviously, not successfully. Just ask David Tom. He replaced Billy Miller….but not for long. Did he Yolanda?

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  • Dale

    I think it is to do with his separation agreement. For whatever monetary payment he received on leaving the show he probably signed that he agreed not to disclose the details of what actually happened. Hope we see him soon…somewhere!

  • Guest

    Don’t know her but yes she needs to go the character s have changed so much in the last 2 months 3 Billy’s come on just like characters are leaving so will fans. Ice Farren.