Nick Cannon, Amber Rose After Divorces Are Dating and Hooking-Up: Couple Getting Close

Nick Cannon, Amber Rose After Divorces Are Dating and Hooking-Up: Couple Getting Close

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose can deny they are dating and hooking up until the cows come home, but nobody’s going to believe them – especially not when they’re spending all their free time together, supposedly on their ‘business’ endeavors. Right.

Amber Rose’s divorce from Wiz Khalifa was announced literally days ago, but Nick Cannon has been mired in divorce proceedings with Mariah Carey for the past six months. But that being said, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that both Amber Rose and Nick Cannon cheated on their respective partners. The timing of the divorces confirm everything we need to know, including that Amber Rose and Nick Cannon hooked up with each other. Why else would Wiz dump Amber just weeks after her ‘business’ relationship with Nick Cannon began? It’s obvious that Wiz knew that Amber Rose and Nick Cannon ‘working together’ was just an excuse for them to hook up, and for Nick to take advantage of yet another working relationship.

Nick Cannon, Amber Rose Dating, Hooking Up: Couple Getting Close After Their Respective Divorces

Anyway, Nick Cannon promised Amber Rose the sun and the moon and all the riches of her career, and Amber fell for it, hook, line and sinker. She left Wiz, and now Amber Rose and Nick Cannon are spending all their free time together. According to reports, the rumored couple was even spotted at Knott’s Berry Farm in California on Friday night. So much for them not dating, huh? Going public at an amusement park has become the go-to photo op for famewhorey couples, and Nick Cannon and Amber Rose fall smack dab into the middle of that category. I almost never feel sorry for Mariah Carey, but I feel like she’s having an aneurysm right now. After all, she and Nick Cannon did have that idiotic re-commitment ceremony at Disneyland, and here she is a few years later, and Nick is taking his new fling to another amusement park.

Do you guys think that the Nick Cannon/Amber Rose relationship will be confirmed soon? Or will they continue taking pains not to be photographed in public, even while leaking information about their relationship to keep public interest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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