Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Divorce Delay: Hope a Baby Will Save Marriage

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Divorce Delay: Hope a Baby Will Save Marriage

Nicole Kidman has been having a really bad year. She signed on to star in Grace of Monaco but even before the film had finished filming the Oscar buzz originally surrounding it was replaced with dismal reviews. It went from being a poignant story to simply visually stunning with no real depth. So much so that Harvey Weinstein has taken to block its US release.

Nicole’s career fiasco has lead to stress in her marriage to Keith Urban. While she has hit rock bottom Keith is spending half of his week in the states to shoot American Idol while she stays behind in Australia with their young daughters. Girlfriend has been depressed, overwhelmed and totally insecure. The fighting across the miles between Nicole and Keith has been pretty epic and she has feared that the stress combined with his career being on the upswing will cause Keith to slip back into his old addictive behaviors – all of which spell divorce.

According to the May 26th print edition of National Enquirer, since work simply sucks Nicole suddenly thinks that a new baby would fix everything that is currently wrong in her life. Plus Keith has always wanted a son so she has hatched a plan to have a surrogate carry another child for them. If it happens to be a boy then Nicole thinks that the whole experience will bring them together and that they’ll be stronger than ever. Doesn’t Nicole know that bringing a new baby into a struggling marriage is never advised? Do you think that she should risk it or simply focus on her daughters and finding a great role in a new project? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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7 responses to “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Divorce Delay: Hope a Baby Will Save Marriage”

  1. Trish says:

    Ridiculus article, lol

  2. Preenzes says:

    i’d be embarrassed to be working for this crappy site… if u have kids they’d be embarrassed to have a parent/s who write lies such as these for a living…

  3. llj88 says:

    Sophie, there are other thing you can use beside Botox these days, so you know frist hand she keeps lieing to everyone about never useing botox again, well I don’t know her and can’t speak for her or even make or post a commit about what she uses on her face,because unlike you I dont know, it is something, obviously by looking at her, she has use something, but their is so many thing you can use now that can be used beside botox,plus, she is a ageing star, it is ok for a man in Hollywood to age but not a woman, if Nicole, show up with gray hair or wrinkles from ageing commits and press would be all over her, and wouldnt be good, so she has a no win here, but george clooney can show up with gray hair, wrinkles and its ok, men have it easier in hollywood, in so many ways

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  6. Michelle Wa says:

    Nicole needs to definitely be honest to her fans about the Botox thing! If there’s something other than Botox, please let us all know!
    As far as having another baby?!?!? That’s insane! That does not bring anyone closer together! What if they try & it’s another girl? Oh Boy!!!! LOL!
    Nicole is way too insecure to leave Keith! As stated years ago by her “no ones coming knocking on my door” So, poor Keith!!! She’s trying to “trap” into having another baby! Nicole will do anything to get what She wants. My opinion here, but I do believe I’m on the right track here… All I have to say is Poor Keith!!!

  7. Jenn says:

    “Opinions”? I don’t see any opinion in what you posted. All I see are the ravings of a very mean-spirited, nasty person.