Nicole Kidman Divorce of Keith Urban: Looks For New Love In Cannes as Marriage Fails? (PHOTOS)

Nicole Kidman Divorce of Keith Urban: Looks For New Love In Cannes as Marriage Fails? (PHOTOS)

Nicole Kidman has touched down in France for the Cannes premiere of Grace of Monaco, but trust me when I say the movie would have been better off without her presence there. Yes, Nicole Kidman is a huge movie star and she’s even bigger in Europe than she is in the States, but does it count when you can hardly recognize her face anymore?

There are several pictures of her signing autographs for fans, but her face looks so frozen that it’s almost as if we’re looking at a wax statue of her face. She can hardly smile, and it looks like she’s in pain every time she tries to move her face into something resembling an expression. Seriously, Grace of Monaco is a guaranteed flop at this point, so what’s the need for all the botox?

See, this is what happens when celebrities get insecure, and even A-list Oscar winners are not immune to it. For the past few years, Nicole’s plastic surgery has slowly been going out of control, and whether it’s because of her career or her failing marriage, we don’t know.

On the outside, it seems like Nicole and Keith Urban have the perfect relationship However, even without the rumors of a troubled marriage and infidelity, the plastic surgery has to be freaking Keith out. I mean, he married Nicole Kidman, not the crypt keeper version of Nicole Kidman.

But you know who doesn’t mind plasticized faces? People who frequent Cannes for their next paramours, mainly billionaire sheikhs and businessmen. They don’t care what your face looks like, so long as you’re even remotely famous – and Nicole definitely fits that bill. Considering that Keith is not with Nicole in Cannes [since he has shooting for American Idol], is it possible that Nicole’s using Cannes as a platform to land a new husband – and possibly a new role in the process? She knows Keith isn’t going to stick around forever, especially if she keeps messing with her face, so what’s the harm in jump starting the rebound process?

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Look at Nicole’s hands and then look at her face – now back to the hands… WTF! Do you think she’s had TOO MUCH PLASTIC SURGERY???

Photo Credit: FameFlynet 

  • ian

    This site is some bullshit.

  • Racquel Garnette

    Wow i never knew they were breaking up. I like Nicole Kidman and she is a good actress. I wish her the best. Keith Urban is a not so good guy to be trustworthy. The story follows…..

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  • Guest

    Another bullshit story. People are soooo jealous of Nicole and her beauty. When does she have time for surgery ?? She just made the statement “I am married to a prince, a country prince.”

  • Racquel Garnette

    That is nice. They welcome a baby last year. I like Nicole Kidman in her movies. He wasn’t being supportive of her career that is sad. Keith Urban is a musician and he had to be on the road a lot of times.

  • Patty Cakes

    You people writing these types of articles must lead very sad lives. If Nicole gets a divorce, it is up to her. I don’t know and won’t know until she actually divorces, IF she ever does again. I hope that her family is happy and lasts. I think she is beautiful, she smiles beautifully. I prefer her hair more red and more “modern” looking but she is probably wearing it that way for the movie so that’s life. She has a right to do whatever she wants, wear her hair the way she wants, get botox if she wants. At least she doesn’t look like Lisa Rinna or Priscilla Presley’s poor surgeries. Btw, as one ages, their faces look different. Wait till it happens to you and let’s see if you can handle it so gracefully?

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  • Zeljko G

    Nicole’s face is frozen because of botox injections. She suffers from controlling wife syndrome. Obviously trying to give him altermatums. I’ve been there done that. I’m a musician too and it miffs me how they can’t handle the adoring public and feel threatened. I guess I wouldn’t want to go to Cannes with her either given the bad press on her movie. I guess she has to go as it’s contractual. I think things will blow over, they’ve got to think about the kids and putting their needs first.

    • Kim

      You sound like a 12 year old. “If I was her husband, I wouldn’t want to go to Cannes with her either given the bad press on her movie”. What a great, supportive husband you would be!

  • NovemberMind

    I think Nicole is still lovely at the age of 47. It appears that she enters marriages with the intention of staying in them. Hope she and Keith are ok because they share kids and divorce can prove difficult in cases of marriages which result in children. Unsavoury and unconfirmed rumours should not be spread for the sake of grabbing eyeballs. Respect NK’s privacy as I am sure you guys wouldn’t want reporters pounding on your door when you are on the verge of ending your marriage.