Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Dating and Going Public With Relationship After Vampire Diaries Ends?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder Dating and Going Public With Relationship After Vampire Diaries Ends?

Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder may be back together, but they’re not interested in letting the world know that. The two got a taste of what it was like being a Hollywood couple in the spotlight while they were dating, and sources close to them say that they’re not interested in facing round 2.

Of course, that didn’t prevent them from getting back together, did it? Although the duo refuses to comment on their relationship, we’ve been hearing that they’ve been back together for a while now. Apparently, they rekindled their romance on the set of the Vampire Diaries, which isn’t hard to believe when you consider how many romantic scenes they probably had. However, with Ian’s recent exit from the Vampire Diaries [although he’ll undoubtedly make guest appearances in Season 6], it’ll be interesting to see how their relationship progress.

The Vampire Diaries was, after all, where Ian and Nina met and fell in love with each other. It’s also where they broke up, which led to many months of awkward on-set tension. But alas, Ian has to leave the show [more or less] just when they get back together. Honestly, they probably planned it that way, and they’re not stupid enough to think that they can hide their relationship forever.

Ian knows that the rumors of Nina dating Dominic Howard are just that, rumors and he is more in love with Nina than ever. In fact, some sources even claim that Ian and Nina are both planning on revealing their romance after the end of Season 6, which is the limit of most of the cast’s contracts. So far, we’re assuming that the show ends after Season 6 if the actors don’t manage to renew their contracts, but even if it doesn’t, there’s simply no way that Ian and Nina will be able to hide their relationship that long. Then again, they did manage to keep it a secret for almost an entire year when they first began dating.

  • Gina

    It’s easy these days with social media, camera phones, sightings, to keep a track on a certain celebs whereabouts on a daily basis and Ian has not been anywhere near Nina since the end of filming.
    But this headline is a nice touch. It will keep the crying shipper babies going for at least another year. Well done you guys, you know how to work it. I’m impressed!

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  • Pakhi

    I think you guys are really confused. In one post u right that it’s over between them and in other u say they are secretly dating.just follow them on twitter n insta and u can easily make out that they have gone there separate ways.