Once Upon a Time Recap – One Villain Vanquished, Another Rises: Season 4 Episode 10 “Shattered Sight”

Once Upon a Time Recap - One Villain Vanquished, Another Rises: Season 4 Episode 10 "Shattered Sight"

Tonight on ABC their fantastical series Once Upon A Time returns with an all new Sunday December 7, season 4 episode 10, called, “Shattered Sight,” and we have your weekly recap below.  On tonight’s episode townsfolk are at war with each other thanks to the Snow Queen’s spell, and Emma and Elsa race to defeat her. Meanwhile, Gold makes plans to flee Storybrooke with Belle and Henry; and Will Scarlet wants to settle his debt with Hook.

On the last episode, as the Spell of Shattered Sight approached Storybrooke, Mary Margaret and David rallied the residents to prepare for the curse while Belle and the fairies work together on an antidote. Gold, with Hook as his reluctant servant, set about an exit strategy of his own. Regina and Robin Hood ready themselves for the worst while, with the help of a locator spell, Emma and Elsa searched desperately for Anna. In Arendelle, Anna and Kristoff awakened to find that their kingdom was once again in danger. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “Storybrooke is in a state of chaos with all the residents under the Snow Queen’s Spell of Shattered Sight at each other’s throats. Emma and Elsa race against the clock to free themselves of the ribbons and take down the Snow Queen and her curse. David can only watch when Regina clashes with Mary Margaret in an epic battle. Meanwhile, Gold gathers Belle and Henry as he prepares to leave town forever, and Will Scarlet looks to square his tab with Hook. Kristoff’s thick-headedness leads Anna to a heartwarming discovery.”

Tonight’s season 4 episode 10 looks like it is going to be as magical as ever so make sure that you tune in to our live coverage of Once Upon A Time at 8:00 PM EST!

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It’s Boston, 1982. Ingrid/Sarah walks on the street in her snow queen regalia and sees the sign for a psychic’s shop. She heads inside and the woman tells her that her name is Madame Faustina. Ingrid asks her to show her a girl not yet born. She obviously doesn’t know about frauds. The woman asks for payment and Ingrid removes her necklace and hands it over. The woman takes it and consults her crystal ball. She says she sees a girl child who is special. She says her name is Susan.

Ingrid stomps out and calls her a lawyer. The psychic says to get out of there before she gets a beating. Ingrid tries to blast her with ice but gets nowhere since there’s no magic in Boston. Now, she walks the streets as the shards of the curse float down into the streets and the people of Storybrooke are turning on each other. Kristof and Anna fuss at each other and Mary and David are being downright mean to each other. He tells her he thinks her baby is actually Dr Whale’s.

Anna comes over to Emma and Elsa and they discuss how awful this is. Emma rocks her brother and tells them she has to figure out how to give everyone back their happy endings. Anna tells them she has an idea of how to break the spell. In the legend it’s based on, they killed the king which means they may have to kill Ingrid. Emma hands her brother to Anna and she and Elsa go off to face her. Regina tries to get out of her crypt – she’s raging too.

She says this is the savior’s doing and gets an evil look on her face. She says she should have incinerated her long ago. She decides she doesn’t like her pant suit and magics herself up an evil queen outfit. Hook comes to see Gold and says everyone has gone mad. Hook asks why he was spared and Gold says because he had his heart. Gold is packing and says he needs him to grab Henry and meet he and Belle at the town line.

Gold says tomorrow night, he’s breaking free of the dagger and getting outside of the ice wall. Hook asks why he doesn’t just magic Henry to him. Gold says him to quit sassing and slither out there and find Henry. Gold says Belle and Henry will wake up tomorrow in New York with no memory of this, he’ll tell them Ingrid destroyed the town and he saved all he could. Ingrid gets two purple objects she had hidden in carrot sherbet which no one ate.

Emma and Elsa show up to confront Ingrid but they can’t work any magic on her because of the cursed yellow ribbons they wear. Elsa says they can’t hurt her and Ingrid says soon they won’t want to hurt her because they will love her. She smiles at them and says – for real. She’s barking mad… and so sad and lonely obviously. Back in 1999, Emma fights another foster kid for her camera and her foster mom Ingrid takes if from him and gives it back.

She tells Emma she’s going to be just fine and comforts her. The guy comes back after Ingrid leaves and says she has to give him the camera tomorrow or he’ll make her life a living hell. Emma tries to run away that night but finds Ingrid waiting on her. She tells her she was showing the classic signs of fleeing. Ingrid promises to take good care of her while she’s under her roof but Emma says she’s not interested. Ingrid tells her she can go if she wants to.

Ingrid tells her that Kevin is deathly afraid of spiders, large ones, small ones, even the rubber ones she keeps in her right desk drawer behind her box of staples. She tells Emma it’s a shame she can’t stay. Emma says she can hang around one more day. Ingrid smiles. Elsa and Emma come looking for Belle who is not to be found. They take Gold’s dagger and Emma tries to cut off her ribbon. Hook dodges trouble in the streets to go find Henry.

Mary and David bicker and Anna tells them she expected more from them. David says Mary hit him in the face the first time they met. Mary says he hung her up in a net. Anna says they need to overcome the curse. Then David and Kristof start picking at each other. Mary calls Anna – Swiss Miss – and says she’s picks flowers, talks to birds and kills. She says she killed the evil queen’s mom, said she was sorry, but she really wasn’t.

Emma can’t cut the ribbon. Elsa reminds her that Ingrid said the love flowing through the ribbons is unequaled. Emma says maybe they need someone’s equally passionate hatred to get rid of it. She wants to go to Regina but Elsa thinks Regina will kill Emma. Emma says for Storybrooke to survive, Regina needs to hate her like she never has before. Regina sits smiling as they approach the crypt to free the evil queen – Regina is looking very malicious.

Ingrid pulls some magic out of the two purple lumps she has and thinks back. I think those are Emma’s memories. We see back when Emma was in her care and they’re playing a claw machine for a treat Emma wants. Ingrid fries the electronics with some magic and Emma gets the exact little stuffed dog and ring she wanted. They smile and laugh together. Ingrid tells her it’s a lesson to push herself to see what she can accomplish.

Ingrid tells her she will amaze the world with her extraordinary gifts and tells her she’s glad she got to know her. She hugs her and Ingrid is crying. Emma asks if she’s being sent away again and Ingrid says she’s trying to adopt her so she can keep her for good and they can be a family. Ingrid says she knows she may not see her as a mother, but she’ll be the best big sister she could hope for. Emma hugs her, cries and tells her she loves her. Ingrid cries and says she loves her too.

Emma throws a rock at the crypt and sees the containment spell. She tries to magic it away but nothing happens. Elsa encourages her and she works her magic mojo and cracks it. She and Elsa come in and Regina is in her crazy gown. Emma tells Regina she knew about Marian and brought her there on purpose to break her heart and let her see Hook with her so she could see how happy they are.

Regina blasts her dark magic at them and they hold hands and let it hit the yellow ribbons on their wrists. These are blasted away and then Regina is knocked back momentarily from the magical rebound. Emma yells to Elsa to run. They do and speed out of the crypt. Hook finds Henry locked in the Mayor’s office and tells him to come with him. Henry calls him a dirty pirate and says he didn’t like him before and likes him less now he’s with his mother.

Hook says he bathes frequently. Henry tells him to leave. Hook uses the potion Gold gave him to break the spell and he heads in. Henry has spread marbles all around and Hook goes down Home Alone style. Henry runs out and Hook goes to chase him but Will is there and he has to knock him out first. He runs after Henry telling him he needs to bring him somewhere safe. Elsa and Emma come to the snow cave and stare at the mirror. Ingrid watches from nearby.

Back in time with Ingrid and Emma, Emma says she wishes she had a Harry Potter wand sometimes. Ingrid asks if she remembers how the lights on the claw game flickered and Emma says it was weird. Ingrid asks her what if it was more. She grabs Emma’s hands, pulls her out into the road in front of an oncoming car and tells her to stop it. Emma screams and runs and barely avoids the car. She asks Ingrid if she’s crazy and why she tried to kill her.

Ingrid says she’s going to have great powers but Emma says she should have known the only person that would want to adopt her was a nut job. She runs off and Ingrid runs after her calling her name. Regina shows up to the jail and says it’s her lucky day – she was going to kill Emma, but now can kill the two responsible for her. Regina tells Mary that she’s going to take her baby. Anna tells Regina she’s under the snow queen’s spell and doesn’t really hate her.

David tells Regina to take Mary because she’s the one who tattled to Cora about her boyfriend. Mary is mad at him deflecting onto her. Regina says Kristof and Anna can go back to where they came from and poofs them away with purple smoke. She magics open Mary’s cell and Mary tells her to go ahead and use her magic on her. Regina says magic is too good for her. She conjures a sword in Mary’s hand and one in her own and tells Mary she wants to see her bleed. Uh-oh.

Maine, 2001, Ingrid reads over the scroll that tells her how to find her third sister. She stands there waiting when suddenly the town of Storybrooke comes into creation around her as Regina’s curse made the town. Emma and Elsa face off against Ingrid and she asks what have they done to their ribbons. Emma says she will never love her and will not be her sister. Ingrid holds out the purple objects and tells the girls the crystals contain all their good memories they shared with her.

Emma says magic can’t make someone love you and Ingrid says if someone loved you in the past, it can make you love them again. She tells the women they both loved her once. She says that’s why they’re not doing anything to her now. She says they all know the only way to stop her is to kill her, yet they’re hesitating. She says they don’t have it in them. Back in 2011, Emma comes into the ice cream shop and recognizes Ingrid and asks what the hell she’s doing there.

Emma asks if she’s out of her mind and asks if she’s following her. Emma is angry and then asks why Ingrid doesn’t look older. She says the apprentice told her she’d be there on her 28th birthday. Emma says she’s still crazy and Ingrid says everything Henry has been telling her is true. Ingrid holds out the crystal and sucks the memories of her from Emma’s head. She steadies her and tells Emma she almost fell. She asks if she still wants her ice cream and Emma says yes.

She offers her some free Rocky Road and Ingrid says the secret to her ice cream is a lot of patience, a lot of love. She watches sadly as Emma leaves with her ice cream. Mary and Regina battle with swords while David talks annoyingly at them. Regina stops and looks down at the baby. She says he’s a good sleeper and Mary tells her not to wake her baby and lunges her sword at her. Regina throws Mary across the room with magic.

Mary says she said no magic and Regina said she told her she could keep a secret. Mary screams at her that she was only 10 and runs at her with her sword. Kristof and Anna are on the beach near the trunk and Kristof rants that he’s tired of her, her sister and this town and he’s going back to Arendelle. Anna bashes him in the head with a bottle to shut him up and a scroll falls out of the bottle. She is thrilled once she reads it and says she has to take it to Elsa.

She tells Kristof to stay there and then says he will because he’s knocked out. She runs off excitedly. Anna shows up and tells Elsa and them to stop. She tells Elsa it was a note from their mother than came over in the portal. The note says they were wrong to want Elsa to hide her powers. The note goes on to talk about Ingrid and Helga. The note says she let Ingrid hide when she should have celebrated her. Ingrid says she’s lying but Anna says in the crystal are the memories of them she took from the people.

She also tells her where to find the urn to release her sister and says to tell Ingrid she’d give anything to have her back. Anna finishes the letter and Ingrid attacks her. Ingrid screams at her and says she’s nothing like her. Anna says she can love Ingrid and says she’s family and family never gives up on each other. Ingrid says she’s lying but grabs the letter from her. She reads it for herself then touches the crystal. All the memories of them flood back. Ingrid is driven to her knees.

Ingrid smiles and says – Olga. Then she looks horrified and asks what she’s done. She says she has to reverse the spell. They tell her they can’t but Ingrid says she has to destroy herself. She says she’s a monster not because of her powers but because of what she let herself become. They tell her she’ll die and she says she knows but it’s okay. She tells Emma, Anna and Elsa they found their families. She releases all their memories from the crystals.

She tells them the three of them are so special and says never to forgive it. They tell her there has to be another way and that she deserves a happy ending. Ingrid says this is her happy ending – to have her sisters’ love. She’s breaking herself apart into shards and says now she gets to join them. She goes up in shards and we see Ingrid, Olga and Helga running as girls hand in hand. Magical snow falls on Emma, Elsa and Anna and Emma says she sacrificed herself for all of them.

Elsa and Anna hug and Elsa picks up the note. Elsa says they have to bring back the memory of them to the people of Arendelle and Anna says they will. The spell breaks up as snow begins to fall across the town. The people attacking each other all stop and the hugging begins. Regina and Emma stop their death match and Regina asks – what am I wearing.

Regina starts laughing and so do Mary and David. They are all gut busting. Regina, Mary and David run up to Emma. Then Henry runs to Regina and hugs her. Emma hugs her parents and then Henry. Neal begins to wake and David tells Mary to forget what happened under the curse. They kiss. Belle sleeps as Hook bursts into the shop. He tells him Henry got away and Gold asks how he failed at kidnapping a child.

Hook says his heart wasn’t in it. Gold says the snow queen’s plan failed but his won’t. He tells Hook it’s his last day on earth. Hook asks him as a dying wish to leave Emma and the rest of Storybrooke intact. Gold says as long as Emma doesn’t get in his way, she’ll survive. He says once he steps over the line with his magic, they have nothing to fear from him – but says he can’t make that promise for the rest of the world. He leaves the shop with a smug attitude.