Peaches Geldof Heroin Overdose Death Cover-Up By Husband Thomas Cohen – Police Investigate

Peaches Geldof Heroin Overdose Death Cover-Up By Husband Thomas Cohen - Police Investigate

Peaches Geldof’s cause of death has been released and officials say a heroin use played a role in her death – she overdosed on heroin. Sadly, more details have emerged which described Peaches’ death in more detail, even shedding light on how she was found. Apparently peaches hadn’t learned from the death of her mother, who succumbed to the grips of the same drug and died of a heroin overdose years ago. Peaches had a very difficult time after her parents’ split and again after her mother’s death, so that may shed some light on why she had decided to get help by secretly visiting a rehab center near her home in the weeks prior to her death. She did not want her children to experience the same fate she did of a life without her mother.

At the time of her death, Peaches’ husband Thomas Cohen vowed to raise their two children with “their mother in their hearts every day.” Now, as more details have emerged, we know that Thomas is the one who found her lifeless body, apparently after she had already died. Peaches was found on a guest room bed slumped over with one leg hanging off the side. The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Thomas was staying with his family for a few nights prior to Peaches’ death. He had their eldest son Astala with him. On Sunday evening, April 6, Thomas had reportedly grown concerned after attempting to call Peaches with no success. Raising speculation that he was very aware of her drug use, he immediately hightailed it home with his mom and Astala to check on Peaches. Upon finding her in the bedroom, he yelled out to his mother and immediately looked for their other son Phaedra, who at only 11 months old was there with his mother alone.

What happened next is likely what has called Cohen’s involvement into question. When authorities arrived at the scene, there was no drug paraphernalia whatsoever, leading many to believe Thomas hid what he found prior to making the call to authorities. So did he possibly do this to save her reputation? To shield their children from finding out how their young mother died? Or was it possibly to save himself from being accused of knowingly allowing his wife to use drugs, or even worse, supplying them to and using them with her?

Likely any cover up that Thomas had attempted will soon be uncovered as police have now reportedly opened a criminal investigation to determine who gave Peaches the heroin she used at the time of her death. While Thomas has not been named a suspect having any involvement in her death, he may be questioned about her drug use. It was reported that Peaches’ body showed evidence of recent heroin use, so it seems her death was not a result of a first relapse the day she died. Likely she was using for at least several months prior, which validates her visiting a rehab center in the months prior to her death.

Tell us what you think CDLers…Did Thomas help Peaches feed her addiction, was he the force behind her going to rehab, or was he using right along with her? Tell us what you think below!

  • carrie

    According to the reports,her husband is suspected of nothing by the police and according to some sources,Peaches hide her drug troubles to her husband “a straight family man who wouldn’t understand”