Star Magazine: Phaedra Parks Would Never Make a Sex Tape With Apollo Nida – She is Too Smart and Classy

Star Magazine: Phaedra Parks Would Never Make a Sex Tape With Apollo Nida - She is Too Smart and Classy

At first The Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Phaedra Parks calmly insisted that she had every intention of supporting her husband, Apollo Nida, as he faced a slew of fraud charges connected to his identity theft scheme that made him rich for a hot minute. However, it is starting to look like Phaedra will be high-tailing it out of the marriage just as quickly as her Manolo’s can carry her.

Apollo has plead guilty to conspiracy to commit wire, mail, and bank fraud and is currently awaiting his July 8th sentencing with bated breath. He is also scheming to make as much money as possible before his ass is thrown in the clink.

According to the June 9th print edition of Star Magazine, Apollo is super impressed by the huge pay day that Mimi Faust and Nikko Smith have raked in for their sex tape that is being peddled by Vivid. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars supposedly made the tape as part of their private collection, but it was stollen from Nikko’s luggage while returning from vacation.

The video has sold like crazy making both Mimi and Nikko very rich, and Apollo has suggested the same idea to Phaedra. Needless to say, the woman who considers herself a classy southern belle wants nothing to do with a dirty video of her being sold to the highest bidder. Instead of helping her con man husband make some fast cash, she has decided that this is the perfect time to get out of the marriage. My guess is that once Apollo is sentenced Phaedra will also file for divorce in an attempt to distance herself from Apollo.

Can you imagine Phaedra willingly making a sex tape for distribution? How much longer do you think that this marriage is going to last? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • mosesknowses

    Phaedra ***nude***?!? Ain’t nobody wanna see that. Besides they don’t have sex no no.

  • Ruby

    I don’t know, but Phaedra has flaunted the fact that she has a huzzzband and Kenya can’t get one so whose shoes would you rather be in right now? Seems Phaedra didn’t do such a good job in selecting one but she used that fact to validate herself as a woman all season and to devalue Kenya because she didn’t have one. If I were Phaedra right now, I wouldn’t be giving too many interviews. I hope she realizes that Apollo has basically blamed her for his folly because she made more money than him and he was demasculated by that fact. I would have helped him and Kenya get together if I had been her. lol. But Kenya didn’t want him in the first place. I can still see him at the reunion telling Kenya he was her storyline and he made her. He thinks he is all that so he might just be “all that” to someone in prison.

  • Sarahxxx

    I love this woman, London needs u girl! Dont listen to the jealous haters! I absolutely love watching u and your gorgeous family, u r one of the only 2 genuine housewives on Atlanta xxxx keep up the good work girl, lurve yoooooou x x x ur baby boy is gorgeous xxx