GLOBE: Prince Charles Tells Prince William “You’re Too Stupid To Be King!” – Camilla Parker-Bowles to Blame (PHOTO)

GLOBE: Prince Charles Tells Prince William "You're Too Stupid To Be King!" - Camilla Parker-Bowles to Blame (PHOTO)

It has been barely a hot minute since we talked about all of the in-fighting that exists among the royals. Instead we have spent a few weeks praising Kate Middleton’s award winning performance in Australia and have focused on the probable fact that she is indeed expecting a second child with Prince William. That doesn’t mean that the problems within the family have disappeared. In fact it seems to be just the opposite. According to the June 2nd print edition of GLOBE Magazine Prince Charles has actually lashed out at his son and exclaimed Prince William to be too stupid to be the next King!

Perhaps the pressure from Camilla Parker-Bowles is getting to Charles. We have often discussed how much pressure she has put on her husband to do whatever it takes to make sure his birthright is honored, leaving William is the proverbial dust. Plus let’s face it, even though Charles has never seemed to care too much himself about becoming King he certainly can’t love constantly being one-upped by his son. It’s hardly a secret that everyone from the royal watchers to his own family prefers William and Kate rising to the throne ahead of himself and Cami. GLOBES’ sources indicate that the fighting behind the scenes is at its ugliest yet.

Also in the June 2nd print edition of GLOBE Magazine you can read the latest on Hillary Clinton’s likely bid for 2016. Was Karl Rove onto something last week when he insisted that she still has blackouts and memory loss?

Country music fans will be sad to learn that Kenny Rogers is battling a serious kind of cancer!

Last week we also learned that Jackie Kennedy spent decades writing confessional letters to her priest and those private moments have now been released to the public. The June 2nd print edition of GLOBE Magazine gives its readers a close look at Jackie’s private thoughts.

You’re going to want to grab yourself a copy of GLOBE this week for sure! Only GLOBE has the resources to get inside the Palace walls and come back out with the shocking truth about the latest Royal intrigue. Just as important is GLOBE’s integrity, assuring that they report back to loyal readers the hard truth, no matter how it might upset the traditional view people have of the Royal Family. Right now the battle for the Throne is heating up as Queen Elizabeth’s 90th year approaches. I trust GLOBE to expose the behind-the-scenes struggle between Kate Middleton and Prince William on the one hand, and Prince Charles and wicked Camilla Parker-Bowles on the other.  I’m heading out to pick up my copy of the June 2nd print edition of GLOBE today!

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5 responses to “GLOBE: Prince Charles Tells Prince William “You’re Too Stupid To Be King!” – Camilla Parker-Bowles to Blame (PHOTO)”

  1. micmac says:

    Interesting article. I might even take Celebrity Laundry a bit more seriously. Isn’t it a bit rich for Prince Charles who made that rather untactful remark, comparing Vladimir Putin’s activities in Ukraine to Hitler, to criticize Prince William’s intelligence?

  2. micmac says:

    How so? They both behaved impeccably during their NZ & Oz tours. They walked into a political crisis in NSW and tactfully kept out of it, as they ought. The Winmalee bushfires were a priority since Crown Princess Mary took time out to go see about them last October. The playgroup in NZ was absolutely gorgeous, as was the Taronga Park event. And their going to the Dawn service was above & beyond the call of duty.

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  4. micmac says:

    Sorry, the car seat was right according to UK practice. Cambridges didn’t do any of the whingeing- they were representing the Queen & wouldn’t dare. I think probably in NZ they played by the rules there, it being NZ rules that needed to be observed, being their country. The complainers were everyone else, because in UK, compared to down here, they are lax about such things. If there is one thing the UK public dislikes it is us mere “colonials” who share the same head of state, telling you how to behave. Including the offensive use of the Queen’s English UK people sometimes insist we do not speak.

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