Prince Harry’s Found His Princess in Kate Middleton Lookalike Camilla Thurlow – Cressida Bonas is History!

Prince Harry's Found His Princess in Kate Middleton Lookalike Camilla Thurlow - Cressida Bonas is History!

Prince Harry seems to have dated the exact type of woman for most of his adult life – she’s blonde, a beauty queen and makes a living off of her looks. This description fit recent ex-girlfriend Cressida Bonas to the letter nut after nearly two years together Harry got bored with her and decided to move on. About three months after their split Prince Harry was first spotted with a Kate Middleton lookalike named Camilla Thurlow and royal watchers are whispering that she could be princess material. Sure she is gorgeous and has a beauty queen crown but Camilla also has a brain.

Rather than profiting from her looks, Camilla Thurlow works for a charity organization called The Halo Trust which is dedicated to land mine removal. It also just so happens to be one of the charities that Princess Diana was devoted to before her untimely death. Harry was obviously first sucked in by Camilla’s beauty but the substance of her work plus the indirect connection to his mother, Princess Diana sure helps too.

According to the Sept. 1st print edition of Star Magazine Camilla has a different kind of hold on Harry as well. He is used to former girlfriends like Cressida Bonas fawning all over him and catering to him. Camilla has taken a page from Kate Middleton’s play book and won’t do that. Sources say that she turns Harry down when she has plans with friends and he actually really loves that she is a strong, independent woman that isn’t just focused on their blooming romance.

Has Harry finally grown up and figured out that he needs more than just a pretty face to wake up to in the morning? It sounds like he has found himself a real woman to date now, do you think that she could be princess material? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Prince Harry's Found His Princess in Kate Middleton Lookalike Camilla Thurlow - Cressida Bonas is History!

  • Izzy

    Lets hope for Harry’s sake that she’s NOTHING like Kate.

  • Lara

    AMEN! From everything I have heard Harry was the last one to warm up to Waity. I hardly think Waity look-a-likeis on his agenda.

  • BellaB

    Dear me… this looks sooo like a set up. I mean Harry is a one ugly dude no pretty girl would find attractive, but he was born into the family with titles, which are in demand, so he knows he can have any woman who has a craving for it, ugly or pretty, and supply her with one (the title) to get what he wants. Bugger the cheating, partying, binge drinking, getting naked with random prostitutes… A title is a title at the end of the day, right?
    This one… looks like she has been “presented” to him on a silver platter. Mummy’s favourite charity, etc. Everyone knows he was close to his mother so let’s milk it, right? The “hard to get” is a strategy which only a moron would fall for (just look at William!) and I think Harry is smarter than that. In other words, another gold digger. He knows that he will be 98yo and a 25yo will still try to kiss his ass while ogling him with “loving” (read: greedy) eyes.
    Gees! To know that your only appeal is in your social position and
    you will never be loved for anything else but this social position must be awful! Once he gets old, and even uglier, it will hit him like a ton of bricks at long last, however he might feel about himself now. No lover, no friend, no one to just snuggle and feel comfortable and safe with… Just a gold digger at his side and a herd of paparazzi outside his windows…

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  • cammilla thurlow

    I did not break up the royal couple because I thought I could be a princess. I broke them up because I was jealous that he is inlove with cressida just because I think cressida is a threat to me. And I was jealous that prince harry respects that threat for me with her. I just wanted to realize why shes so beautiful as a person. And why I respect aristocrats.