Prince Harry Replaces William: Picked by Queen Elizabeth for King Due To Kate Middleton Scandals (PHOTOS)

Prince Harry Replaces William: Picked by Queen Elizabeth for King Due To Kate Middleton Scandals (PHOTOS)

Does anyone else get the feeling that Prince Harry is Queen Elizabeth‘s favorite grandchild? If Prince William ever got up to the shenanigans that Harry did, he would probably have been kicked out of the royal family. Part of that also has to do with Harry not being the direct heir to the throne, so he obviously has much more leniency in his lifestyle and behavior. But also, Harry’s just fun. He always come off as the type of guy that will make everyone laugh, whereas Will always seems more uptight and rigid. I mean, you can’t blame the guy, but it also makes sense that the Queen would cut Harry more slack than anyone else.

Going by that line of reasoning, you have to wonder if the Queen hasn’t thought about passing over William completely and giving the throne to Harry instead. I mean, it’s very improbable that she would go against tradition in such a drastic manner – not to mention there’s legal regulations that govern that sort of thing in monarchy. But neither Charles nor Will have proven that they’re able to stay in the spotlight without any controversy, the way that Elizabeth has all these years.

Of course, the Queen also didn’t grow up during the Internet era, so everything she did or said or wore were not uploaded mere seconds later for the whole world to psychoanalyze. Unfortunately for Prince William, he and his wife, Kate Middleton, are facing that issue right now. Kate has been mixed in a hotbed of controversy since she returned from the New Zealand tour, what with the naked bum pictures and all. The Queen might be entertaining the idea that Harry and his future bride-to-be might make better patrons of the monarchy than Will and Kate. But then she probably ran through Harry’s list of ex-girlfriends and flings, and then promptly changed her mind. Say what you will about Kate Middleton, but she is well suited to being a Duchess, barring her occasional exhibitionism. Can we say the same about the women that Harry’s dated?

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  1. Lydia says:

    Harry has the “common touch” and seems very grounded unlike William and Kate who come across as very spoiled and out of touch ,as their recent tax payer funded renovation bill has shown.Kate will never be Diana ,nor will she ever be respected and loved as the Queen or Queen mother.

  2. Guest says:

    Did you know that Harry has an almost identical birth horoscope to The Virgin Queen (Elizabeth I).She was also known as good Queen Bess.Diana nicknamed Harry “the good king”-I wonder whether Diana knew something that we do not know.The Lord knows England needs another good Queen Bess or shall we say Good King Harry. Lets hope that unlike The Tudor Queen ,he will be blessed with a happy marriage.

  3. RoyalWatcher says:

    George V said of his son Edward: “After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself within 12 months.”…I wonder whether The Queen has similar thoughts on Charles and William? Charles is highly unpopular and that at a time when the monarchy seems to have to justify its existence .William seems to want a private life,he also seems to lack the leadership qualities that are expected from a king…Kate taking over the reigns while William enjoys his privacy??It will never last. Kate is not really a commoner since her parents are “new rich” ,neither is she an aristocrat nor “old money”. She is neither fish nor fowl .Philip came from an impoverished Royal family.You can say about the man what you like but England has done well with him.While he is of Royal blood he put down his titles to fight in World War II.I believe that Philip experienced more about the life us commoners lead than Kate ever cared to know .So yes ,all eyes are on Harry. Good luck ,Lad. Bring us a beautiful princess(one that is beautiful on the inside and out.)

  4. bite me says:

    I find it funny that [removed] actually believe everything they read.

  5. bite me says:

    Finally some with common sense

  6. bite me says:

    Thank you finally a smart person with common sense

  7. fourscoreandseven says:

    You aren’t even British!
    You don’t get a “vote.”
    Your opinion is irrelevant to the future of poor little Harry..

  8. fourscoreandseven says:

    Nor would she want to! The children have ALL given her pause, but, in the end, she is dedicated to keeping the monarchy as relevant as possible. And, Charles has always been the one; then William, and then George. There is NO mystery. In fact, their BIGGEST claim is their constancy. “Never fear, the Queen is here” (to become, “never fear, the King is here”).

  9. fourscoreandseven says:

    If the future King and his consort is too much for you to bear, then just stop reading about them. Your participation is strictly voluntary.

    As an example, I have no interest in professional wrestling, the search for cold fusion, vegetarianism, or archery. Therefore, I do not read articles about professional wrestling, the search for cold fusion, vegetarianism, or archery. Voila! Problem solved. Follow my lead; easy-peasy.

    Incidentally, Charles has been in love with only ONE woman his entire life! That is admirable! Yes, he tried to get on with Diana, but, (1) she tried to ABORT William, then, when little William was ONE year old, (2) she started an affair with another man, which resulted in the birth of Harry.

    NOT many marriages survive that kind of deception; or, would YOU ignore a baby that looked like your wife’s lover (like Bill Clinton did)? Better yet, would your MOTHER ignore the fact that her “grandchild” didn’t look anything like you, but was the spittin’ image of her DIL’s lover?

    In this case, the Royals are obligated to do their best to cover up Diana’s inappropriate, vulgar, and obscene behavior. Her marriage certainly ended on September 15, 1984. SHE began the process of ending her marriage 9 months prior to that date.

    They did not live as husband and wife after the birth of Harry; how could they? He went back to Camilla and Diana began her series of Muslim lovers, army officers, rich guys, American guys, Iranian guys, doctors, and possibly an Indian chief along the way. But, no “beggar-men.”

  10. fourscoreandseven says:

    Oh, for Pete’s sake, it is a job for life, she has NO SAY as to what happens after she is dead. Do you think the POPE gets to say who is POPE next? Or Supreme Court Justice’s? THEY DO NOT! Study and Learn! She could NOT get any “approval” from Parliament for ANYTHING; least of all, who succeeds her. The very notion is RIDICULOUS!!! Fantastic! Nonsense! Baloney! A joke! Impossible! And, stupid!