Prince Harry Topless Party Pics – Secret Garden Party – Scandal On The Way? (PHOTOS)

Prince Harry Topless Party Pics - Secret Garden Party - Scandal On The Way? (PHOTOS)

Oh, Prince Harry. You dumb royal, you. You’d think that Harry learned from his Vegas mistake, right? Never take off his clothes in public and go topless if he can help it, never get drunk in public. But once a party prince, always a party prince. Harry proved that by partying topless at Britain’s posh music festival, the Secret Garden Party in Cambridgeshire.

The picture showing him topless at the festival has been making its rounds online, starting off on Instagram but then making its way to various media outlets. I think this is a lasting message for Harry – no matter where he is or who he’s with, there are always, ALWAYS going to be cameras, especially at public events. I mean, he really ought to have learned that after Vegas, but I guess being young and stupid takes a long time to get over, especially with alcohol involved.

This does make all those Palace reports hilarious in retrospect, doesn’t it? There were SO many leaked stories from the palace claiming that Harry was turning over a new leaf, and becoming all respectable and serious. He was doing more charity, he was turning down parties, and he was involved in steady relationships. But when the guy gets going, he REALLY gets going. He managed to tamp down his partying impulses for so long, they were bound to explode in an explosive fashion sooner or later. I’m pretty sure both the Queen and the palace press office has already given him a talking-to, but I don’t think that’ll help. I think Harry has been banned from following his natural instincts for far too long, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see another Vegas-type fiasco in the nearby future.

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