Queen Elizabeth Disgusted At Prince Andrew For Dating ‘Croatian Sensation’ Monika Jakisic, George Clooney’s Ex

Queen Elizabeth Disgusted At Prince Andrew For Dating 'Croatian Sensation' Monika Jakisic, George Clooney's Ex

Prince Andrew‘s taste in women isn’t the greatest, and neither is George Clooney‘s. So I guess it was just a matter of time before they overlapped? Prince Andrew is apparently dating Monika Jakisic, better known as the ‘Croatian Sensation’ [ugh] or Geore Clooney’s ex-girlfriend. Anyone who gives themselves a nickname like ‘Croatian Sensation’…. well, need I go further?

Anyway, I don’t even think I would ever call this girl George’s ex-girlfriend. He never took her out on public dates, although they did have a fling thing almost six years ago, and then reconnected a couple of months ago for a little bit. But even George was too embarrassed to publicly go out with her, which I think says a lot considering his own list of ex-girlfriends.

But of course, Prince Andrew has no such compunctions. He loves dating the Croatian Sensation. And for Monika, what better catch than to land the Duke of York? Much better for her to date a royal than a movie star who doesn’t want to be seen with her.

Apparently, Andrew and Monika were spotted at Cecconi’s in London to celebrate Andrew’s 54th birthday a couple weeks ago, and a source tells US Weekly, “They sat next to each other at an intimate table by the front of the restaurant and were cuddling up to each other. Andrew was making Monika laugh and kissing her hand. Monika gave him a birthday card and the server brought out a white birthday cake for dessert. It was obvious they are a couple, they looked like two lovebirds!” I’m sure they did – Monika was probably thinking about how many outlets would pick up this report, and how much higher her profile would get thanks to this ‘relationship’. 

Well, they might be ‘two lovebirds’, but Queen Elizabeth is not happy. She’s worked so hard to create such a pristine image for the royal family, and she even got Prince Harry to dump Chelsy Davy for the much more royally suitable Cressida Bonas, but the only loose end is Andrew. Actually, it’s always been Andrew. Really, apart from his brief marriage to Fergie, Andrew’s always seemed to date strippers, porn stars, and their ilk. Of course the Queen wouldn’t be happy with that, although I don’t think she has any effect on Andrew whatsoever.

Queen Elizabeth Disgusted At Prince Andrew For Dating 'Croatian Sensation' Monika Jakisic, George Clooney's Ex

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  • Denese

    The Queen would never turn on Andrew. Everyone knows he is her favorite. When he was in trouble a few years back for having a close friendship with a known pedophile, the Queen stepped in and made him a Knight of the Garter to protect him from legal action.

  • Kelley

    Maybe he needs to be properly introduced to a Native American Indian Princess. I hear there is one in the villages of Mountain Brook Alabama looking for a real Prince Charming.