Robert Pattinson And Caitlin Cronenberg Hooked Up in Toronto – Kristen Stewart Is SO Pissed Off

Robert Pattinson And Caitlin Cronenberg Hooked Up in Toronto - Kristen Stewart Is SO Pissed Off

Robsten friends, I don’t know how to say this, but I know you’ve all been holding out hope for a Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart reunion. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. It’s not going to happen because Rob would never date Kristen again, and he’s gone and gotten himself a reunion with ex-fling, Caitlin Cronenberg.

Rob was spotted on the set of his new film in Toronto with Caitlin Cronenberg, who he was rumored to have hooked up with while filming Maps to the Stars last summer. In fact, he was spotted making out with a brunette who looked very similar to Caitlin, and who sources at the time had confirmed was actually Caitlin.

Then of course, Rob finished filming, left Toronto, hooked up with Riley Keough, and then had a brief reunion with Kristen Stewart. #RobstenUnbroken started trending worldwide, but just as soon as it started, it ended. Rob moved on, and it was pretty clear at that point that Rob and Kristen aren’t going to happen again.

So what’s the state of Rob’s love life been since then? Well, pretty much nothing – until now. While he’s managed to keep his love life relatively low-key, it’s hard to keep a sex buddy quiet when they’re visiting you on the set of your new film and you’ve worked with their director father in the past. Considering that Rob and Caitlin already have a history, would it be so hard to believe that they would reunite to have sex? For all we know, they could have been friends with benefits this entire time, or maybe Rob just called her in Toronto because he was lonely and wanted a quickie. Sure, he’s Robert Pattinson and he could have sex with anybody in the world, but it would probably be easier to have a fling with someone he knows and trusts instead of some random extra on the set.

What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

  • cathy

    You people are downright DISGUSTING !!!!! Caitlin is the official photographer on Rob’s new film: Life . Nothing more, nothing less. NO HOOK-UPS TOOK PLACE ! She is a married woman – leave her alone ! In fact, leave Rob alone ! This whole article sounds like Kristen’s PR people are trying to make Rob look bad when NOTHING is going on! They are both working , that’s it ! SHAME on this website !

  • cathy

    WHY are you telling such LIES? Caitlin is the official photographer on Rob’s new film in Toronto : Life. That is it ~ no more, no less! She is a married woman , why not leave her alone! And, why not stop all these lies about Rob? This is DISGUSTING, LOW-LIFE TRASH reporting! Did Kristen’s PR people put you up to this ???!?

  • Seannie5

    Yeah, too bad she’s married LOL! #FAIL

  • Zoe

    Since she is married doesn’t that make him a home wrecker?

  • Kristin Hardy

    You are aware Cronenberg is married right? And that if he is screwing her then he’s a home wrecker too?

  • Things you should know

    Well I’m pretty sure you should check the facts first. Like that Cait is the on-set photographer for the movie he is filming. So she isn’t “visiting him on set”.
    Secondly, and most importantly, Cait got married to Geoff Grove in October of last year. So…

  • guest

    So ridiculous. You do know that Caitlin is a newlywed and just got married in Sept. She has a job as a still photographer on this movie. It’s her job to be on set. Yes, I think they are friends, but doubt they are hooking up. Not an attractive girl. js.

  • Lana

    She’s married. And she’s a photographer who is working on the film. And he was in no way seen making out with her last summer. All this reaching.

  • Zoe

    So you didn’t even take the time to google Caitlin Cronenberg and find out she got married in Sept 2013. And that if he is “hooking up” with her he’s a home wrecker just like the big bad Kristen Stewart.

    But ace press you guys are giving Homewrecker Rob Pattinson or is it different when the homewrecker is a man?

    • jcars

      I’d say it’s “different” when the story is completely fabricated, everyone knows he and Caitlin are just friends and she’s working on the film set, and there aren’t 50 pics of him going down on her in a car.

  • Jun

    Funny how you use an article about Pattinson hooking up with Cronenberg to dump on Kristen. But you forgot the other hookup – the one while he was still living with Kristen 3 years ago – while he was filming Cosmopolis. The boy’s ego was never the same after that movie. Still waiting for someone to explain to me what the Cronenbergs whispered in his ear that turned him into such a self-serving, fatuous egomaniac. Either way, he cheated on her first but she’s still taking the heat. *shrugs* Such is the way of celebrity “journalism,” you decide the victims and the villains and twist the facts to the story you want to tell.

    • cathy

      Well, you certainly are a krisbian, aren’t you ?! He never cheated on her ! You people keep forgetting he is the VICTIM here and there are 50 pics of Kristen and Rupert to prove it !

  • RobstenCuteness

    This is the biggest bunch of fabricated lies I have ever read in my life. Come on. For one….Rob was NEVER seen making out with anyone. TWO – Rob and Caitlin never were a fling in the first place. THREE…Caitlin is MARRIED. LOL She got married this past summer. KEEP ON LYING idiots

  • CoffeeTeaOrMe

    Sorry to confuse things with the facts… but, Pattinson continues to keep his stuff private, as he and Caitlin Cronenberg have always been just friends.
    She has been involved with a different guy for years and unfortunately for gossip- she is now married to him.

  • LOL

    What a bunch of lies. Caitlin is married. Talk about a smear campaign!!!!!!

  • Dawn

    Come on just once it would be nice to actually read something
    that is true. Every time Rob even looks at a woman he is hooking
    up with her. Get your stories straight , they are friends that’s all.

  • Quin

    You know this is bullshit right. I mean… laughable bullshit. lol. Forget shes married and dated the guy all from 2012, forget this weak story ran before and was bs from all angles, forget shes paid photographer on set. Forget her father would kill her then and now and Rob-DC doesn’t need anyone that bad… but she has integrity. He has more integrity and this story is lame. You’re really slandering her for no reason.

  • Eyecandyangel

    You people who wrote this article are going to hell for writing lies! Rob and I are togther and we would prefer to be left alone by delusional people like you! I wish, but really now, run along and go write about unicorns…

  • whatever

    i bet they will get married stewart is a girl who get what she wants mark these words


    You will not see Robert with any one but Kristen , He know the story about the cheatong and it was a hoax