Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Dating: Romance Back On – Katy Perry Raging With Jealousy!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Dating: Romance Back On - Katy Perry Raging With Jealousy!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may have gotten back together, but I doubt many people are reacting to that news as positively as Twihards. Advocates of Rob’s career dislike the reunion, thinking that Kristen will bring him a bad rep and negative publicity. On the other hand, Twihards are just happy to see that the Robsten romance is back on, no matter the cost.

Of course, if Robsten truly is back together, what does that mean for Katy Perry? At one point, she was good friends with both Rob and Kristen, but somehow, I don’t see the same situation repeating itself here. She and Rob have clearly hooked up several times after his breakup with Kristen, and I don’t see Kristen as the easygoing and forgiving type that will just forget that.

Plus, Katy’s proven in the past that she gets jealous very easily, and I see that as the prevailing emotion in this little three-way relationship. Rob and Kristen getting back together is wonderful for their fans but is no doubt going to create a little jealousy in Katy. The fact that Rob didn’t want to date her, but was willing to go back to his ex-girlfriend? That kind of thing hurts.

Granted, Katy and Rob did maintain their friends with benefits relationship for a very long time, and perhaps Katy did want to take it further. But from all the rumors, sources, and reports, it sounds like Katy was playing the field just as much as Rob was. So, even if she’s jealous that Rob chose Kristen over her, she should know that she was never really in the running for Rob’s next girlfriend by her own actions. Plus, she has her numerous boy toys to fall back upon, so she doesn’t really ‘lose’ in the end.

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  • shortstuff

    Why keep on insisting that they are back together? It would be a
    travesty if that were true. Rob certainly doesn’t need that albatross
    around his neck. I think that the tabloids can’t find gossip about Rob
    so they create their own. Stop dissing Katy , Rob and Katy are just
    friends. I don’t understand why try to make something out of
    nothing. This is supposed to be Robs web site why put ks in it?

    • Hilary

      u just cant bear the thought of Kristen with Rob – like i said hates need to shut the @@@@ up!


    @cdl – You keep writing lies that you can not back up!

  • Hannah

    I think Rob just needs to be single for a while. I don’t think he needs to go back to Kristen if all they are going to do is break up again and Rob and Katy should just be friends if they just want to play the field with other people.

    • elaine

      Its been almost 2 years

  • shortstuff

    Right on!!!!

  • shortstuff

    Too bad that you hate Rob so much that you would
    want him to be with ks. Katy is just a friend. Take
    those blinders off.

    • Hilary

      No – too bad you hate Pratz so much that you wouldnt want him to be happy with the woman he loves – which just happens to be brilliant, beautiful, talented, young Kristen. And by the way this is Kristen’s web site!

  • guess

    Look, Rob made it clear that he was SINGLE. This is not true. Rob wants to move on.

  • linda prun

    I think kristen and Robert are ment to be ????

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  • jorge

    If they chose to be together it is no bones business but theirs. They are very private about their relationship no matter what it is. Kristen has never said anything one way or the other. All the rest is rumors. As for Katy? Rob would never stay with her as she is a user. She only cares about using Rob to get ahead and get free press.

  • guest

    Biggest BS I read in a while.

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