Kourtney Kardahsian and Scott Disick Face Split or Rehab: Sober-Up or Break-Up?

Kourtney Kardahsian and Scott Disick Face Split or Rehab: Sober-Up or Break-Up?

Scott Disick continues to prove that he can’t exist without 24/7 supervision, as reports reveal that he was hospitalized for alcohol poisoning last month. Kourtney Kardashian need to demand that her alcoholic baby daddy check into rehab immediately if not sooner. If Scott doesn’t listen to Kourtney then his long-suffering girlfriend must break up and split with him. Scott clearly is unable to control his drinking on his own.

According to TMZ, Scott clubbed too hard in the Hamptons last month, and he reportedly got so drunk that he believed he had been drugged by someone else. He was sent to the emergency room at the closest hospital, where the nurses on staff deemed that he had alcohol poisoning. Yeah, I think everyone – including his family – saw this coming from a while away.

His troubled relationship with his wife and family all stem from his alcohol usage, and that doesn’t seem to be getting any better lately. We’ve covered his fights with Kourtney Kardashian on the subject, and how she even kicked him out of the house after his drunken antics. But they reconciled soon after, possibly because she’s expecting another child. But clearly, that hasn’t stopped Scott from partying non-stop and guzzling down booze as though it’s water.

Sources close to Scott have said that drinking has been his method of coping with his parents’ deaths last year. Of course Scott has had over 12 years of trouble with alcohol including a an arrest and conviction for DUI in 2001, and outpatient rehab (like that works?) in 2010. Friends and family close to Scott are reportedly very worried about him and want him to attend rehab. He’s reportedly been getting getting counsel from a pastor (which is slightly odd since Scott is 100% Jewish) since the alcohol poisoning incident, but there’s only so much counseling is going to help him. If he really and truly wants to get better, his best shot is going to rehab – and staying there for a few months, at least.

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  • I agree that rehab is the best way to go. My mother is an alcoholic, and though she has had periodically been sober at some point throughout the years, I think that rehab would have helped her to give up the habit and practice better coping skills. Honestly? I’ve never been able to understand what Kourtney sees in Scott in the first place. I understand he is the father of her children, but that doesn’t mean she has to be in a relationship with him. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! And I like her personality as well. She can do much much better. Not only is he not attractive? He can be quite a jerk! Not to mention the alcoholism.. I understand not wanting to give up on someone you love while they are dealing with an addiction, I’ve been there myself. During that time, though, I learned that you can’t help somebody who doesn’t want the help, and wants to continue with their addiction. The person may APPEAR as though they are trying to get help, by going to counseling, or as Scott did, outpatient rehab, just to make their family and significant other happy and get them off their back, but if a person truly wants to get help? They will take the right steps. The first step is detoxing and getting into rehab. There they will be able to address the addiction, and what underlying issue caused the addiction. They may even need psychotropic medication. Afterwards, they should continue counseling, change their lifestyle (people, places, and things), and attend 12 step meetings. I truly wish Scott the best, but until he is ready? He’s going to keep drinking. Hopefully Kourtney really does go through with what she says, and if he doesn’t get the help he needs, as well as staying sober? She should kick him to the curb. He will then do one of two things, either continue to drink, or realize that he needs help. I hope they are able to work through things for their children’s sake!

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