Selena Gomez Back On Alcohol And Drugs – Relapse In London (Photo)

Selena Gomez Back On Alcohol And Drugs - Relapse In London (Photos)

It hasn’t even been a few weeks since Selena Gomez‘s stint in rehab, but it doesn’t look like she’s received any lasting lessons. She’s already back to drinking and partying like nothing’s happened, and although she’s no longer hanging out with Justin Bieber and his circle of bad decisions, she’s not exactly making smart choices for her future.

Selena posted several pictures of herself drinking alcohol with friends, clearly disregarding the whole ‘no drinking’ policy that’s imparted upon you when you leave rehab for substance abuse. As we know, Selena secretly attended rehab at the beginning of this year for her reliance on alcohol, Ambien, and weed. She reportedly left the program four weeks early, and now, her decision’s backfiring on her.

Completing the full program is necessary for successful rehabilitation, and that’s not even a guarantee. Selena didn’t even finish the program, so it’s not exactly surprising that she’s already back to drinking and partying. She has no professional obligations to meet right now, considering that she’s already cancelled her tour. She was supposedly going to spend more time with her family, but from her social media movements, it looks more like she’s partying it up with her friends.

There’s also a chance that Selena’s drinking pictures are not an indication of more serious issues. Maybe she was just having a drink or two? Considering that she attended rehab less than a month ago for alcohol issues, I’m not inclined to follow that theory. I’m guessing that she doesn’t think that her alcohol dependency is a big issue, as most teenagers are wont to believe. But soon enough, one or two drinks might not be enough for her, especially if the rumors about her going off the rails are true. Flies to London on Valentine’s Day, hooks up with Niall Horan, then out drinking with the girls – how lovely!