Selena Gomez So Sad! Justin Bieber Flaunts Sex With Barbara Palvin

Selena Gomez So Sad! Justin Bieber Flaunts Sex With Barbara Palvin

Selena Gomez just cannot catch a break, can she? It’s been weeks since her breakup with Justin Bieber, but as he continually flaunts his new romances, she’s not able to find a single rebound to go public with her.

Bless her, she definitely tried with Orlando Bloom, but we saw how long that lasted – approximately one night. I wouldn’t even consider that a proper hookup, but rather a sad attempt to making Justin jealous. But even despite all that, you can’t help but feel sorry for Selena. There’s no denying that Justin was a terrible boyfriend and a bad influence on her, and she’s had to cut ties with friends and family since she started dating him. However, we can only hope that she’s been able to repair those ties since her breakup, especially since it’s likely that her ego won’t be as easily repaired.

Justin’s now been linked to several supermodels, the Jenner idiots sisters, and another Instagram model. And he was spotted a couple of nights ago, flirting up a storm with Barbara Palvin, a rumored ex-girlfriend. The two certainly seemed cozy at Roberto Cavalli‘s party in Cannes on Wednesday night, and at one point, Barbara was photographed caressing Justin’s face. So yeah, the two hooked up.

And this isn’t even as bad as Justin’s other hookups/rebounds/girlfriend. He loves to flaunt the fact that he’s able to land girls twenty times hotter than him, and he uses social media to do that. He knows Selena’s probably watching, and he’s doing everything in his power to inundate her with images of him having fun in Cannes, hooking up with hot models, and basically not giving a damn about her. And there she is, uploading pictures of herself in a bikini. It’s a never-ending game of who blinks first, except it’s all played through the Internet.


    I don’t think they should try to make each other jelly. They had what they had it was nice now it’s over. They should either just stay friends and if they can’t do that ignore each other. Forget about each other, or at least try and keep this private not public because I am sick and tired of non stop ex-Jelena drama! Who agrees?

  • Vanessa L.

    I think the word “allegedly” needs to come into play here.

  • Nina Cortez

    Why does everyone blame Justin in the relationship? “There’s no denying that Justin was a terrible boyfriend and a bad influence on her, and she’s had to cut ties with friends and family since she started dating him.” Selena probably had much fault in the relationship too. Justin was a great boyfriend to her.

    • livelaughlove

      And you know he was a great boyfriend how? You were not there. You are only going by what you here.

  • David Conway

    hi im david , on here first tonight

  • Danielle

    If anything this makes it easier for Selena to get over him. I don’t think its sad for Selena, I think its sad for Justin because he thinks that sleeping with many women will help him to feel loved.

  • Ness

    A boyfriend that cheats on you is not a good boyfriend. And don’t play “but it was never proven he cheated”, uh he cheated..constantly. She finally had enough. And then they try it out again and he cheats again. By the way he is conducting himself after it all, just showed his true colors. By the way celeb laundry, it’s really bad you say she hooked up with Orlando just because they were in the same place. He actually has been dating someone for a while. I hate the lack of respect you have for his gf by just carelessly saying he hooked up with Selena. No one is trying to make anyone jealous. I think it’s smart that she’s nt rebounding but taking it slow and working on herself.

    • alienxz

      A boyfriend respects your wishes… A relationship is about trust… Selena trusted Bieber and that lame excuse for a guy took advantage of that and cheated on her. She gave him another other chance…But he did it again. This is also Selena’s fault. The moment a guy cheats on you fine… Give him another chance… But not 10 more chances. (All you bieber fans out there… I know 10 is probably an exaggeration, but still). If she hadn’t given him so many chances,She wouldn’t have been as heart broken as she is now… She would’ve gotten over it quicker. A boyfriend respects who you are, and doesn’t pressurize you. He made her try weed for God’s sake. I mean what the hell? You don’t force people into drugs. Isn’t it enough that there’s already a bunch of morons like him out there? Can you really call him a boyfriend?

    • Nina Cortez

      And you would know that Justin cheated on Selena? You don’t have any facts that he did besides made up articles.

  • kik

    Selena you should push him to marry you and then give him what he wants

  • MaryDtn9

    Media Lies * Hater BS * MONEY * SEX * Hater BS * Media Lies
    Selena and Tayor would have better success if they dated women!
    Selena will get back with Justin when he proposes! DUMBASS!
    Stop blaming Bieber, and Stop protecting Princess Selena!
    Pity Cult JB Hater’s Families! Haters families are abused more!

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  • evangeline

    That is so crazy

  • evangeline

    I agree