Selena Gomez Hooking-Up With Niall Horan While Justin Bieber has Suprise Cameo in ‘Behaving Badly’ (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez Hooking-Up With Niall Horan While Justin Bieber has Suprise Cameo in 'Behaving Badly' (VIDEO)

Seeing Selena Gomez’s name linked to anyone in the press other than Justin Bieber is such a welcome sight, isn’t it? She attended a Katy Perry concert in London last week with One Direction’s Niall Horan and at first it seemed like it might have been a revenge move. While we know that Selena and Niall have been friends for quite awhile she seems to only step out in public with him when trying to make Biebs jealous. At least that had been the plan before. However after last week’s night out we’re hearing that things between the two really shifted.

According to sources Selena and Niall are connected at the head by text and that they are in constant contact with one another. I kind of wondered what would happen if instead of using Niall to piss Justin off Selena decided that she really did like him and well, now we may get to find out. Apparently girlfriend stopped focusing on revenge and started listening to the things that Niall was saying and she realized that she really wants to stay in touch with him for her own sake. We already know that he likes Selena because a few years back Justin lost his mind when he realized that Niall seemed to be moving in on his girl at the time.

Do you think that Selena and Niall can actually work as a couple? Is this an upgrade for her or should she look for an older guy that is preferably not a boy-bander? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Update: Check out Justin Bieber’s surprise cameo in Selena Gomez’s latest film ‘Behaving Badly.’ How sweet.

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