Will Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Do a Reality TV Show Produced By Kris Jenner?

Will Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Do a Reality TV Show Produced By Kris Jenner?

Every time I think that Selena Gomez has gotten a tiny bit wiser and is starting to show signs of breaking whatever that dysfunctional hold that Justin Bieber seems to have on her is, she back pedals. Just a few short weeks after supposedly cleaning up her life (by deleting Justin and both Kendall and Kylie Jenner from it) she is still circling the drain with her wanna-be-gangsta first love. Selena spent a few days in Nepal to do charity work for UNICEF and she also referred to the trip as a mental break. She wanted to step away from the American media to really take stock of her life which sounded like a great plan, right?

Unfortunately girlfriend returned seriously contemplating some of the things that had been discussed in recent weeks. During her brief friendship with the Jenner girls she was introduced to Kris Jenner who is always thinking business. There are rumors circulating that Kris had suggested that Selena and Justin do a reality show of their own to show the world just how normal a couple they can be. Of course Kris suggested that Kylie and Kendall also be included in the project because the more big young Hollywood names, the better. Justin was of course on board with the idea because it would maybe help him to stay relevant. While Biebs thinks his career is rock solid the fact remains that he is now more famous for being a screw up than he is for his music so he could use a positive boost.

As CDL reported last week sources close to Selena told us that the troubled star is considering a transition from an emphasis on music to a career in acting and especially TV. This is where Selena started and feels most at home – after all touring is very taxing with her lupus and substance abuse issues Selena would be better off with a regular TV spot.

Selena had completely backed away from the idea of a reality show a few weeks ago but she now is rethinking that position. Maybe if people saw the “real” side of her life with Justin then they would understand why she keeps going back. Even her parents have been baffled by it but Selena is thinking that maybe if they saw all of those in between moments that she and Justin share then their opinions would also change.

Of course Kris is a momager first and the only way that she will be involved or try and sell E! On the idea is if her daughters are involved. That isn’t sitting well with Selena at all. Apparently she can forgive the guy who constantly disrespects her but the girls that played her are a totally different story. Would you tune in to watch Selena and Justin on a reality show? Do you hope that it happens? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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