Selena Gomez Instagram Implies She’s Getting Her Own New TV Show?

Selena Gomez Instagram Implies She's Getting Her Own New TV Show?

Despite everyone in the media collectively having a pity party for Selena Gomez, she seems to be picking herself up just fine. Sure, she’s dealt with a lot over the past few months – a douchebag ex-boyfriend, troubles with her health, a rumored rehab stay, issues with drinking and drugs, and arguments with her family. But Selena’s always proved herself to be resilient in the past, and sources close to her tell us that she’s going to be just fine this time around as well.

Apparently, Selena’s planning on transitioning back into acting from music, just as she stated last year before going off the bend. In fact, many sources believe that it was Selena’s planned tour at the beginning of this year that pushed her to the brink, and the stress over the tour was what initially led her to abusing drugs and drinking in the first place. Obviously, reuniting with Justin Bieber and his friends didn’t help matters, but since he’s out of her life, she has to make sure that there’s nothing else that can cause her to revert back to her old ways.

Acting is a great outlet for Selena, and always has been. Unlike music, there isn’t really much day-to-day pressure to deliver, especially compared to what she dealt with every time she was prepping for a tour. With the Wizards of Waverly Place, Selena was surrounded by close friends and family, and it was a low-pressure environment that was controlled and creatively fulfilling. And sources tell CDL exclusively that Selena wants to return to that environment, one where she thrived and worked hard without ever compromising herself, her health, or her ideals.

Plus, it’s not like Selena’s film career has been doing all that great anyway. Her most recent film, Getaway, flopped badly at the box office, and Spring Breakers wasn’t enough of a platform to provide a steady stream of roles for her in the movie industry. However, television has recently become a much more welcoming place for actresses, and it would be perfect for Selena, especially since she started out on the TV in the first place. Her agents and managers are reportedly looking at several shows for her right now, and they’re reportedly pretty optimistic that they’ll find something suited to her sensibilities. I doubt she’ll end up back on Disney or Nick, but she can easily headline a show on ABC Family or even network television without breaking a sweat, and it’ll be much easier for her to thrive in that sort of environment – especially where there’ll be people looking out for her and there’s an adhered schedule that everyone conforms to.

What do you guys think? Can you see Selena back on TV? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

Selena Gomez Instagram Implies She's Getting Her Own New TV Show?

Update: Selena Gomez posted on Instagram May 24 this adage above by The Dalai Lama and it seems to fit in with the info we’ve been hearing that Selena wants less music and back to TV!

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