Teresa Giudice And Husband Joe Plead Guilty In Bank Fraud Case – Jail Time Ahead

Teresa Giudice And Husband Joe Plead Guilty In Bank Fraud Case - Jail Time Ahead

Have Teresa Giudice and hubby Joe Giudice managed to pull off their plea deal? According to TMZ, both of them were spotted leaving the court house after pleading guilty to bank fraud. According to the reports, Joe will definitely face some time in prison while Teresa could avoid it altogether, which we had reported earlier this week as well. Although the numbers are a little fuzzy right now, Teresa did manage to get away with the minimum sentence in this case, whether it’s probation or a 2 year prison sentence.

We had initially reported that Teresa and Joe were facing up to fifty years in jail if convicted in court, but this plea bargain has obviously helped them avoid that. Teresa reportedly plead guilty to four counts of fraud whereas Joe plead guilty to five counts. Really, getting indicted on forty one counts of fraud and only getting sentenced for a couple is a major coup for them, and will help them avoid a bigger sentence.

While Teresa and Joe will be sentenced at a later date, we already know that Joe took a bigger fall than Teresa. It’s unclear whether the plea bargain includes Joe spending three years in prison and Teresa spending two years in prison, or if Joe will spend five years in prison and Teresa will get off scot-free with probation. Either way, one or both of them will spend five years in prison total, and they’ll have to pay a massive fine. Again, considering the alternative, it’s not surprising that they’d plead guilty – especially with all the evidence pointing to their guilt. Reality stars, take not. The government is watching you.

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