The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Aly and Oliver Back Together – Will Trust Issues Interfere and Drive Aly Crazy Again?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Aly and Oliver Back Together - Will Trust Issues Interfere and Drive Aly Crazy Again?

With Brooke Logan and her daughter Hope’s never-ending love triangles on The Bold and the Beautiful, the other characters on the CBS soap opera seem to get put on the backburner. But, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, we will be seeing a lot more of Aly Forrester and her boyfriend Oliver on the CBS soap opera, while the rest of the Forrester Creations crew is off in Paris.

According to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, Aly Forrester has forgiven Oliver for lying to her and using her in the beginning of their relationship. And, Aly is ready to give the photographer another chance. The August 11th edition of Soap Opera Digest teases that Aly has some serious trust issues after her last ordeal with Oliver though, and there is a chance they can take a toll on their relationship. Any B&B fan will tell you that Aly Forrester is a loose cannon and borderline unstable, any tiny setback with Oliver could bring “Crazy Aly” back out.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers also tease that Oliver is upset when he is “overlooked” and not invited to Paris to work as a photographer with the rest of the Forrester Creations employees. Oliver’s reaction will be pivotal to his relationship with Aly. If he isn’t dating Aly for her money or connections with the company, then there is no reason he should even bring Paris up with Aly. But, if he pressures her to pull some strings, then that means that he really is using her and doesn’t care about her as much as he claims he does.

What do you think about Aly and Oliver getting back together? Do you think Aly has reason to be skeptical of Oliver, and he really might still be using her? Will we get to see “Crazy Aly” again? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

  • PassionQueen77

    This storyline is dumb and dumber. Oliver just confessed that he used Aly to get his job at Forrester Creations. He says he was with her because he was working at Forrester Creations that is dumb. This show needs new writers very badly. Aly should dump Oliver for good. When other people learns of what he did to her then Oliver will be history. I knew there was something up with Ricardo death. Quinn killed the old man and made those two guys sell hope the diamond necklace to Wyatt. That witch Quinn is so bad and the police should arrest her for what she did. That is fraud right there. When the others including Liam finds out of what Quinn has done with the diamond they are going to hate her guts.

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