The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie and Ridge Prove Bill’s Guilt With Deacon’s Help – He Still Loves Brooke!

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie and Ridge Prove Bill's Guilt With Deacon's Help - He Still Loves Brooke!

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease some exciting drama for the week of July 21-25. Ridge is determined to prove that Bill Spencer was responsible for the helicopter dumping him in to the Persian Gulf in Abu Dhabi. According to B&B spoilers, Katie will join in on the crusade and use some resources at Spencer Publications to help her fiancé prove that he was wronged.

Bill knows that it is only a matter of time before Ridge and Katie find some solid proof that he orchestrated the attack on Ridge in Abu Dhabi, so during the week of July 21st he will attempt to fast-track his wedding to Brooke. He wants their marriage to be official before Brooke learns the truth and he can no longer get her down the aisle.

Meanwhile, Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Deacon gets involved in Ridge and Katie’s witch hunt, in an attempt to get close to Brooke again. Apparently, he didn’t return just to mend fences with his daughter, it looks like he wants Brooke back too! The last thing Deacon wants is Brooke and Bill to say their “I Do’s,” so it makes total sense that he wants to help prove Bill was responsible for Ridge’s accident in Abu Dhabi.

Despite that fact that Wyatt and Liam hugged it out, and Wyatt gave his word that he would stop pursuing Hope, B&B spoilers tease that he does just that during the week of July 21st. According to the weekly spoilers, Wyatt gives Hope an extravagant gift. Perhaps, the Hope Diamond he just inherited? Looks like the coming romance between Ivy Forrester and Wyatt will need to wait a bit.

So B&B fans, do you think that Katie and Ridge will be able to expose the truth about Bill before Brooke walks down the aisle? How would you feel about Brooke and Deacon hooking up again? And, what are the odds of Brooke forgiving Bill for nearly killing Ridge? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Fans at Soap Opera Spy are not all in favor of a repeat of Wyatt and Hope:

No more Wyatt going after Hope…please. So done with that. They need to get new woman on this show. So sick of Hope & Brooke is so old now, she needs men from Assisted Living. Come on, nothing sexy about Brooke anymore.

I think Brooke will be more prone to pursue Ridge again if it is proven that Bill had a part in dumping Ridge in the Persian Gulf!!….she would no way go after Deacon, even if he is Hope’s papa!! That’s my take on this!! I can see Deacon with maybe Donna!!…..wherever she is…..haven’t seen much of her lately.

Hope they nail cocky Bill!!!!

Whatever side of the Hope, Wyatt, Liam triangle you are on you can be sure that the slope is steep!

  • PassionQueen77

    That is dumb for Wyatt to win back Hope. Hope is with Liam. That should not change. Here is what i think about the back and forth it is dumb and dumber. These writers doesn’t care for any of these couples. Oliver coming back to the show was a waste of time. Who cares about what Ridge finds out about the helicopter accident. Ridge tries to act like Bill cheated on Brooke which is a lie. Quinn and Bill slept together way before he hooked up with Brooke. It doesn’t affect there relationship. Ridge is trying to be controlling and manipuative person. These writers doesn’t care what the characters do on the show. This show is all about partnership, ruining happy couples, deception and manipulations. Brooke shouldn’t be torn of choosing between Bill or Ridge. Ridge and Brooke romance was in the past. Why bring it out now. These writers can’t make up there minds of what they want. Not even one couple stayed on the show the longest except for Rick and Caroline. Caroline was a stalker who broke up Rick and Maya when they did a play together. Maya and Rick would of been together if it wasn’t for Caroline and her friend Rafael. Caroline is out of the picture for now yay. Carter is upset that Maya is spending time with Rick. That is too bad for him. I knew that Maya and Carter wasn’t going to last. Aly shouldn’t forgive Oliver of what he done because he is a user. He was only looking out for himself.

  • PassionQueen77

    For Ridge attacking Justin at the office is so ridicioulous. These writers only care about is the logan family. The logan family is on the show everyday. Why confuse the couples storylines all the time. This show has been bad since after Stephanie left. Ridge/Brooke/Bill love triangle needs to stop. I am not happy of what is going on with this show. Brooke needs a break from relationships if she and Bill is not together. Brooke and Ridge doesn’t belong together because the chemistry won’t last. Brooke and Bill deserves to get married. Ridge only cares about is himself that is it. Ridge doesn’t love Katie as what he says he does. Katie is going to be heartbroken when she finds out that Ridge has feelings for Brooke. I hate love triangles they are complicated way too much. Is this supposed to happen Brooke with Ridge, Katie with Bill maybe. The writers needs to fix up the storylines because they are weak. Bradley J Bell stop making some dumb choices for this show.

  • nan

    Round and round and round. .so over this storyline.

    • Gwen

      Well I guess it’s time 4 me 2 take a break from the show again. It’s getting stupid again. They take the same storyline & beat it 2 death. So sick of the stuff. Need new material or new writers!

  • nan

    Please. ..get off the Wyatt, Hope, Liam merrygo-round!

  • nan

    This show is going to start losing viewers, if they haven’t already.

  • Bolden Beau Nene

    Does BnB know anything other than love triangles, weddings, google maps and flashbacks? Sick to death of Hope and her weddings; who cares who she ends up with. This character needs to be written off — over exposed!

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