The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Recalls Accident Details – Do Bill and Brooke Marry Before His Guilt Revealed?

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Recalls Accident Details – Do Bill and Brooke Marry Before His Guilt Revealed?

The Bold and the Beautiful fans are well aware that Bill Spencer orchestrated Ridge’s dip in the Persian Gulf while they were in Abu Dhabi. Fortunately for Bill, Ridge returned to the United States with a slight case of amnesia after his fall, and he doesn’t remember the Spencer Publications logo on Justin’s jacket while he was sitting in the pilot’s seat. However, according to Bold and the Beautiful spoilers, all that is about to change as Ridge begins having flashbacks to the day he was dumped out of the helicopter.

According to the July 21st edition of Soaps in Depth, “on Friday July 11th Ridge remembers a critical detail regarding his accident in Abu Dhabi.” So, it looks like paranoid Justin had every reason to be paranoid, and the walls are quickly closing in on him and his boss Bill Spencer. How will Bill explain that it was his own employee flying the helicopter that nearly killed Ridge?

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers revealed during June that some of the cast of B&B headed to Monaco to shoot another wedding. The wedding it set to air sometime in July. Perhaps Ridge remembers Bill is responsible for nearly killing him in Abu Dhabi, so Bill rushes Brooke off to an exotic location to say their “I Do’s” before she finds out what he did and changes her mind. Then again, there is also the chance that Brooke finds out Bill nearly killed Ridge, and it somehow drives Brooke and Ridge back together and they jet off to Monaco and get married, leaving poor Katie behind.

Are you as excited as we are to see the fallout that occurs when it is revealed that Bill is responsible for Ridge’s accident and near death? Do you think Bill will get Brooke to marry him before she finds out the truth? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.


11 responses to “The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge Recalls Accident Details – Do Bill and Brooke Marry Before His Guilt Revealed?”

  1. Deedee says:

    Enuf is enuf. Not sure about u, but the Brook/Bill and Ridge/Katie matchup is just not working for me. And Katie still wearing that red ribbon on her finger is simply weird.

    • ndavlin says:

      Frankly I don’t care about any of those 4. I don’t like the new Ridge. he acts like he cant talk, just makes faces. Bill does always get away with everything without consequences. Katie just bores me to death and I definitely don’t like she and Ridge together. Its not a good thing when I enjoy Rick, Caroline, Liam, Deacon, Oliver, Aly and Wyatt.

  2. Rose says:

    You want excitement on the Bold and the Beautiful? Blow up Bills world. The writers can do it. Blow up Justin & Bill. Throw some dynamite works in there. Come on writers you can do it. Drama, thriller, action. While your at it shake Katie’s World too. Katie is replica of Bill. Katie is manipulative. Ridge, Brooke & RJ deserve some happiness on the Bold and the Beautiful. After all the Bold is about them. I think Brooke needs to have another Baby with Ridge. The writers have to put another Baby in there. Remember the story grows years from now who are the children? Brooke & Ridge need another child. Thanks

    • Delorese Davis says:

      Bill Need to get his world rocked. What is wrong with these writers sisters going with the same man. How can Brooke be in love with her sister’s husband. I really cannot watch this story anymore, I truly do not want watch that no good Bill the way he treated his wife and she has his son, Brooke will be his aunt and stepmother how crazy is that. If they want to break them up then hire another actress. Same with Ridge, Lim and Wyatt, bring another girl not have brothers fighting over one girl.

  3. Rose says:

    It is time to stop letting Bill win. Throw some action & drama into Bills World & shake up his Macho attitude. Be done with it. Time to stop Bill getting away with the evil things he does. He is not better than Quinn.

  4. Debbie Kia says:

    Brook and Bill not a good match,Katie and Ridge not a good match.Too much swapping going on.Let liam and hope get married finally.Waytt and ivy would be a good couple.Liam and wyatt have shared hope enough is enough.MOVE ON !!!!!!PLEASE.

  5. PassionQueen77 says:

    Why should Brooke have another baby with Ridge. It is too late for Brooke to have that. Most people like Brooke because she goes from guy to guy. Really don’t you think Brooke needs a break from relationships yes she does. These writers just want to rush things and put there characters in the wrong direction. When Ridge came back to Katie he seems so distant. Ridge should go home and wait when he could draw his pictures again. Ridge remembers about the accident and this doesn’t look for Bill and Justin. Ridge might go after Bill for what he did to him at Ahu Dubai. Ridge/Katie/Brooke/Bill storylines is just opposite of Taylor/Ridge/Brooke storyline in the past. Enough with the love triangle. Brooke is happy with Bill for now but wait til she learns about what happened with the helicopter. Her relationship with Bill won’t look good. This show needs new storylines and new people. Wrap up the old storylines before you start with other storylines. Rick should of been with Maya in the beginning but you writers didn’t care. You writers break up Maya and Rick. Give back the relationship they had before Caroline wreck it. Caroline should be with nobody. Caroline and Carter were just rebounds that was it.

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