The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: General Hospital’s Jason Morgan Better For Steve Burton Than Dylan McAvoy Role?

The Young and the Restless Casting Spoilers: General Hospital's Jason Morgan Better For Steve Burton Than Dylan McAvoy Role?

General Hospital’s iconic character Jason Morgan has been in the news a lot recently, due to rumors that he is returning to the canvas this summer but not played by Steve Burton of course! Jason Morgan’s return is huge news in itself, but the reason the topic just won’t die down is because no one knows who is going to play the part. Surely by now TPTB at General Hospital know, but they are keeping their lips sealed and not disclosing any information.

Steve Burton played the part of Jason Morgan for nearly two decades on the popular ABC soap opera, however he retired in 2012 and claimed he wanted to spend more time with his family. However, CDL revealed soon after that he actually left to follow ex-General Hospital producer Jill Farren Phelps over to CBS to star on The Young and the Restless. Ironically, his new role on Y&R hasn’t garnered nearly half as much fame as his old role of Jason Morgan.

GH fans have made it very clear that they want Steve Burton back on the ABC soap opera when Jason Morgan returns this summer, but Steve Burton isn’t budging from Y&R. And, it may be too late for him to do so if he wanted to. Rumor has it Billy Miller has been cast as Burton’s old character Jason Morgan. Once Miller arrives in Port Charles, and nails the role, which he most likely will, the door for Steve Burton to return will be closed. Billy Miller comes with a long list of credentials and a massive fan following, once he is settled in to the role, TPTB at General Hospital are not going to consider giving the character of Jason Morgan back to Burton and sending Miller on his way.

Frankly, Steve Burton may be making one of the biggest career choices of his life by sticking at The Young and the Restless. Not only is his Y&R character Dylan McAvoy not half as popular as his GH character was, Y&R and Jill Farren Phelps are sinking quickly. The tables are turning, and soon GH could surpass The Young and the Restless as the number one daytime drama. And, Steve Burton will be stuck playing a side-line character on a mediocre soap opera.

What do you think soap opera fans? Is Steve Burton making a huge mistake letting his character Jason Morgan be recast on GH and sticking to The Young and the Restless? Share your thoughts and theories on the issue in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL daily for more news on the General Hospital casting spoilers.

  • meg


  • Barbara White

    I will accept no one as Jason except Steve Burton and if he won;t return then keep Jason frozen as a hunksicle until Steve decides to return!! i pray that Robin stays gone also

    • ????Mï? ?

      Kimberly is already filming again and the role of Jason will be recast. I don’t see SB returning to GH, he’s right where he wants to be working with his bff Jill Farren-Phelps.

    • Sacora

      I felt that Jason Morgan’s character is a challenge for other actors because we have seen Steve Burton master this role for almost 20 years. It seems like GH is taking a different turn but I have been enjoying it more lately. Maybe the new Jason will surprise us.

      • Charlene Fipps


  • PassionQueen77

    Steve Burton as Jason Morgan played well on General Hospital. Recasting Jason Morgan won’t be a great idea because some people won’t be able to act as good as Jason Morgan. Billy J Miller would play an ok person as Jason Morgan. I wish the writers the best of looking for someone to play Jason Morgan for General Hospital. General Hospital tv show is the bomb. I love the nurses ball a few months ago. It had great performances. The young and the restless is not the same anymore. The storylines have been dragging on for months. Jill’s life is in danger because of Colin. Colin needs to go. Jill should find a new place to live and give up the manison. Nicholas should give up the tact house and find a new place to live. Sharon needs a new boyfriend other then Nicholas. Nicholas is possessive and obsessed.

    • ????Mï? ?

      I’ve watched GH for decades and the ONLY time the SB has good as Jason was before the car accident that changed him. The Jason that we got after that could have been played by a mannequin, Jason Morgan had no personality whatsoever imo. Billy Miller has been rumoured to either come on as Jason Morgan or Dillon Quartermaine, I think that he would portray Dillon way better than Jason.

  • Debbie Tagoe

    I said it was a mistake the minute I found out he went to Y&R. He chose to betray his fans and look what it got him. Life’s a bitch isn’t it Steve?

  • ????Mï? ?

    Ron C recent TV Guide interview pretty much says that Patrick & Sabrina will not be getting back together. Patrick will begin a new arc with someone else and it definitely won’t be Robin either.

  • ????Mï? ?

    SB signed a new contract recently with Y & R and I highly doubt he would leave his bff Jill Farren-Phelps. After all he pretty much followed her from GH.

  • christine

    What the heck is all this negativity . These actors don’t owe the viewers any thing. They are regular people doing a job and that is all. Their family’s should not have to read all the trash talk about their love ones.

  • Janice Swartz Gibbs

    Steve chose to leave GH and is boring on Y&R so I welcome Billy Miller and I think it will work. It was hard to accept “Silas” when we were so used to John McBain but you just accept it and get passed it.

  • Sacora

    I will support Steve Burton’s decision on his career move because I am a fan; however, I stopped watching Y&R when Shemar Moore left. It became boring! I am looking forward to the recast of Jason Morgan but I hope Steve much success but hope he returns to GH in the future.

  • Charlene Fipps

    Amen n I agree!

  • Charlene Fipps

    I agree about Laura Wright!she makes a great early n I lived Tamara Braun though! I’m jus so sad that Sabrina n Patrick doesn’t get back together coz robin isn’t coming home to her little girl n husband,what’s up w that? My friend Brenda graves Jones got me started watching Y n R long years ago 1979 n I loved it but I’m faithful to GH since 1978 n “All my children” since 1975 Erica was jus a young girl!

  • Charlene Fipps


  • Kellraiser83

    No one can play Jason like Steve. Those are BIG shoes to fill. however Steve would still be on the show if ABC had he given what he wanted. All he wanted was to be able to move to Tennessee with his family and fly in when needed for his role. he also tours with Port chuck. Billy is doing a great job but he is not Steve. However for the character they have done plastic surgery so it could be hard for steve to come back now if he wanted to. but they could come up with something.