General Hospital Spoilers: Will Helena and Stavros Cassadine Join Jason Morgan and Return With Robin to ‘GH’

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Helena and Stavros Cassadine Join Jason Morgan and Return With Robin to 'GH'

General Hospital spoilers have teased that Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake would be returning to Port Charles this summer. But, nothing was ever certain until Kimberly McCullough tweeted a photo of a General Hospital script she was working on, and Frank Valentini confirmed her character Robin was on her way back to GH. The question is, how long will Robin Scorpio Drake be in Port Charles?

When Frank Valentini confirmed Kimberly McCullough was returning to General Hospital, he was vague about how many episodes she would appear in, and TPTB still haven’t announced her official air date. McCullough hasn’t signed any contracts with General Hospital, to our knowledge, so she most likely will pop up to tie up a few loose ends, like her marriage, and then ride off into the sunset again.

The July 21st edition of Soaps In Depth backs up our theory that Robin will just be in Port Charles for a brief visit. The magazine states, “Rumor has it this will be another short-term stint, especially since her career as a director has gone gangbusters of late.”

McCullough’s fans most likely won’t have time to be disappointed about Robin leaving town as quickly as she arrives, because rumor has it she could be bringing a whole lot of drama back home with her for fans to focus on. With Victor Cassadine returning, rumors have been running wild claiming that Helena and Stavros Cassadine and Jason Morgan (Billy Miller?) might be accompanying Victor and Robin back to Port Charles.

How long do you think Robin Scorpio Drake will be in Port Charles? Do you think she and Patrick will get a divorce while she is in town? And, how do you feel about her possibly bringing Jason, Helena, and Stavros back with her? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more General Hospital spoilers.

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  • M G

    The character of “Robin,” should be RECAST, already! Enough of Kimberly McCullough being
    a “part timer.”
    “Helena vs Obrecht” makes for good story lines!
    Let the battle begin!

    • Tomi Dee

      There is ONE Robin and that is Kimberly McCullough. Blame FV on her being part time since he could make her recurring and work with her schedule like he does for MS, FH, MB, TG and his OLTL pets. She has been available all this time and even said she would stay longer but FV Said the story was already written yet he has no problem rewriting stories for pregnancies and his Prospect Park OLTL pets and other GH Actors directing. I will take all the short visits by Robin (as long as they stop RUINIG her for their pets and Patrick) until FV and GH grow a brain and work with Kimberly like they do others or when Robin reunites with her husband and child and they ALL leave PC and go on her birthday trips.

  • Beach Dreamer

    Did you really have to pick such an unflattering picture of Kimberly to go with this? Out of the THOUSANDS of pictures out there of her you couldn’t find at least one that looks normal? RMDE

  • babs

    Stop blaming KMC for this cluster. This is on cartini. They trashed her and Robin to save their pet’s ass. They constantly use the character of Robin and then send her out of town leaving fans with a bad taste in their mouth making it soar like she is abandoning her family. It disgusts me they did this to a 30 year character. There was no reason to bring her back for that awful homecoming and send her off again but to prop Sabrina. I haven’t watched GH since.

  • Tomi Dee

    Instead of blaming Kimberly blame Frank Valentini who could have made her recurring. FYI Robin ties to an umbrella story and therefore OTHER actors have to be available like Tony Geary so her returns are delayed. TG is having surgery and other actors are not available YET! Would be nice if people got facts before making things up AND IF FV can make a deal with a Y&R Actress like Michelle Stafford then he can make a deal with Kimberly, a GH VET, who IF you read her twitter, said that GH is her home and also in PREVIOUS interviews even recently said she is willing to do both GH and directing but it is up to FV.

  • Sirfirchick

    Kimberly M is a fantastic actress and a huge part of GH history. It’s a shame the writers are so limited that they can’t write a wonderful story with Jason T and Emma to be an active and interesting family unit with a mom (KM) who is “recurring” for some legitimate reason, saving Robert, saving the world, sick, etc. There are plenty of families in this world who have a parent that is distant (war, job etc) Besides this, bringing in 50 new characters (and don’t blame summer) to the mix trying to boost ratings isn’t working. ABC needs to hire some great writers…like they have for Once Upon a Time. GH is circling the drain with Sonny sleeping with his son’s lover and on his 28th nervous breakdown. He’s another one that needs some better material…make him a mobster gone DEA with Jordan’s help…jeez man, you’ve got a great cast….Anna, Robin, Patrick, Emma, Lucy, Doc, Dante, Monica, Tracy, Luke (pt) Rick, Sonny, Michael, Kiki, Sam, Silas, Carly, (recast of Franco was ridiculous) so we will say Roger Howarth. Molly, Duke, Sean….come on…no more stragglers.

  • babs

    BTW. .. should I assume you chose the most unflattering pic you could find on purpose?

  • James Cline

    Bring Jason Morgan back as Billy Miller! I can’t wait!!!

  • Beth Newton

    Bring them all back

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