General Hospital Spoilers: Does Robin Scorpio-Drake Bring Billy Miller as Jason Morgan when Kimberly McCullough Returns?

General Hospital Spoilers: Does Robin Scorpio-Drake Bring Billy Miller as Jason Morgan when Kimberly McCullough Returns?

General Hospital spoilers teased for months that Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake would be returning to Port Charles this summer, but no one from GH had confirmed nor denied the rumors, until now. Kimberly McCullough posted a photo of her script on Twitter and captioned it, “A day in the life of a soap actor. Say soap-y I dare you. #notthewholescript #onlymyscenes.

General Hospital fans worked themselves into a frenzy over Kimberly’s tweet, and GH’s Frank Valentini confirmed suspicions that she was back on the General Hospital set and shooting scenes for upcoming episodes. However, he didn’t comment on how long McCullough would be back on General Hospital, so she could just appear on a few episodes or could stick around for a few months.

McCullough’s character was ushered out of Port Charles a few months ago by Victor Cassadine and taken to a separate location to save Jason Morgan and Victor’s relatives, Helena and Stavros. It has already been confirmed that Victor Cassadine is returning to GH this summer as well, most likely with Robin. So, the obvious question on every GH fan’s mind is, “Will Robin Scorpio Drake bring Jason Morgan back to Port Charles?”

Rumors of a Jason Morgan recast have been circulating for months now; if the GH spoilers are true and Jason Morgan is returning to Port Charles, then Kimberly’s upcoming scenes would be the perfect time to reveal Jason Morgan is alive. Although nothing is concrete, rumor has it The Young and the Restless alum Billy Miller will be playing the part of Jason Morgan. TV Digest’s Michael Logan even referred to Miller joining General Hospital as a “done deal.”

So, General Hospital fans, what do you think about Kimberly McCullough returning to Port Charles as Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake? Do you think she will bring Jason Morgan along with her? And, if she does, would you like to see the iconic role played by Billy Miller? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your General Hospital spoilers.

General Hospital Spoilers: Does Robin Scorpio-Drake Bring Billy Miller as Jason Morgan when Kimberly McCullough Returns?

7 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Does Robin Scorpio-Drake Bring Billy Miller as Jason Morgan when Kimberly McCullough Returns?”

  1. Andrew Hass says:

    If Robin does return it’s probably to usher Jason back at least at the beginning.Also i read somewhere that Kimberly will be directing a movie starting in September but until then she could be on GH for a few months,

  2. mrtgirl says:

    I loved Billy Miller on Y&R, and based on recent pictures of him he certainly looks like he’s trying to take on the persona of Jason Morgan. I know he and Steve Burton became very friendly when he joined the cast of Y&R, and I’m sure if Billy is the recast having access to the originator of the role will give him an advantage over any other actor. I suppose if we’re going to be forced to accept a recast of the role of Jason then Billy is the best possible choice. IMO the only way a recast of Jason has any chance of being successful is if the actor cast has incredible chemistry with Kelly Monaco, because Steve and Kelly were magic on screen together. If Billy is the new Jason then I think his success or failure will hinge on whether he is able to connect with Kelly on the same level that Steve did, since Jason’s relationship with Sam is so pivotal to the character. While I truly believe that Jason should have stayed dead, I have to begrudgingly admit that GH has had some pretty successful recasts in the past of very beloved actors in roles that they originated for instance Tamara Braun when she replaced Sarah Brown as Carly and Jacob Young when he replaced Jonathan Jackson as Lucky Spencer. Of course in both those cases neither actor had played the role for nearly the same number of years as Steve Burton played Jason. I think it’s going to be very difficult for Jason fans or even non – Jason fans to accept another actor in the role for the simple reason that Steve played the part for more than 2 decades. I don’t envy Billy the task he’s undertaking if in fact he is the new Jason or whichever actor it is that takes on the role.

    • GH fan says:

      Billy Miller will be a good replacement for Steve Burton . He wants to remain on Y@R.

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  5. Anne Margaret Crowley McCombs says:

    Billy Miller would be a fantastic Jason. He was WONDERFUL on Y&R….no one will ever be the Billy Abbott he was. He defined the character. He would be nothing but a great addition to General Hospital. I SO HOPE HE WILL BE NEW JASON!!!!

  6. Maureen says:

    Billy Miller is a great actor! He is very good looking and has a body of muscles too! He also played a part in either “One life to live” or “All my Children” some time ago! I was a fan of both those shows! He can play a sexy bad guy and a sexy good guy! Steve Burton is a good actor too but I feel Billy is better! Time will tell when he comes to GH!