General Hospital Spoilers: Are Stavros and Helena Cassadine Alive – Does Robin Revive Them To Return?

General Hospital Spoilers: Are Stavros and Helena Cassadine Alive - Does Robin Revive Them To Return?

According to General Hospital spoilers, Kimberly McCullough is returning to the ABC soap opera as the popular character Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake during the month of August. Rumor has it McCullough will only be in Port Charles for a brief stint, and will head out once she ties up some loose ends, like her marriage.

The last time we saw Robin was on March 4th 2014; she said goodbye to her family and left town with Victor Cassadine. Victor told Robin that Jason Morgan was “on ice” with Helena and Stavros Cassadine. If Robin agreed to bring Helena and Stavros back to life, then Victor would let her bring Jason Morgan back as well.

When reps from General Hospital confirmed that McCullough’s character Robin was returning in August, the GH rumor mill went into overdrive. If Victor is letting Robin return to Port Charles, then that would mean her work was done, right? Everyone has been so focused on Robin bringing back Jason Morgan, and who will be playing the part of Morgan, that they seemed to have forgotten Helena Cassadine could be returning as well. And, hell hath no fury like Helena Cassadine.

The last time we saw Helena Cassadine was in March 2013, when she was caught up in a kidnapping scheme and tried to force Laura to shoot Ethan in exchange for Lulu. Luke Spencer turned the gun on Helena and shot her, we all thought she was dead until Victor Cassadine revealed to Robin a year later that she was “on ice.”

Helena is notorious for her scheming and murder and kidnapping plots; she devoted a large portion of her time to trying to regain control of the Cassadine empire from its rightful heir Nikolas, her own grandson. Recent revelations on General Hospital have given fans a reason to believe there is another Cassadine Prince running around Port Charles. Fans were shocked when Dr. Liesl Obrecht learned that Detective Nathan West was actually her legitimate son, and there is reason to believe that his father is Victor Cassadine. If Nathan is Victor Cassadine’s son, that will make him a rightful heir to the Cassadine Empire, and put him on Helena’s radar.

Helena went as far as kidnapping Nikolas’s son, Spencer, and hiring an imposter to pose as his dead wife to distract him. If Nathan is an heir to the Cassadine Empire and Helena Cassadine returns to Port Charles, all hell is going to break loose and the Port Charles detective could be in serious danger.

What do you think General Hospital fans? Are you excited about the idea of Helena Cassadine returning to Port Charles and stirring up drama? How do you think she will react if it is revealed Nathan West is an heir to the Cassadine Empire? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your General Hospital spoilers.


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  3. Sarasam says:

    Well now Rafe is brain dead and Alice will probably get his heart. My question is, how is Trace blackmailing Alice? What can she possibly have on her?? and for as much as Silas is grieving, Patrick did his best to save his life. He is also grieving and would never! take a life intentional, just not him. Any ideas to who put Rafe up to running Patrick’s car off the road?? The usual doesn’t make since, Fake Luke, Ava, Nina. Fake Luke didn’t know Rafe, For as bad as Ava is, I don’t think she would use a kid to do her dirty work (not trusting) and why would Nina care?? More questions. Response’s are welcomed.

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