The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Returns Alive – Appears on Y&R – Is It Michael Muhney or a New Actor?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Returns Alive - Appears on Y&R - Is It Michael Muhney or a New Actor?

Y&R fans have been speculating for months now whether Adam Newman is dead or alive on The Young and the Restless. In January Newman was in an explosive car crash, and his remains were never recovered. Everyone in Genoa City assumed Adam Newman was dead, but his wife Chelsea refused to accept that he was dead. She even enlisted the help of her father-in-law Victor Newman to help her get information on Adam’s car accident, and see if there is any chance that he may be alive.

Recently on The Young and the Restless Victor was able to track down an eye-witness, the homeless man revealed to Victor that he had seen Adam climb out of the car before it exploded. His clothes were on fire and he was badly burned, and according to the homeless man Adam Newman said he was “going home.” Chelsea and Victor were nearly positive that Adam may actually be alive, but on Friday April 4th, they will receive some devastating news. On an all new episode of Y&R tomorrow, Victor and Chelsea will learn that a body has been found two towns away from Genoa City in the river. After an autopsy was conducted by a medical examiner, it is announced that it is Adam’s body and he is very much dead.

While Victor and Chelsea will have to begin the grieving process all over again after getting their hopes up, The Young and the Restless fans will get a treat. Tomorrow on Y&R it will be revealed at the end of the show that Adam Newman is actually alive, and we will see him up and talking for the first time since his car accident. Adam Newman will appear in a black hoodie with his back to the camera. So fans will not know who has taken over Michael Muhney’s role yet. It turns out an unknown character has been helping Adam Newman fake his own death. In the scene with Newman he, the unknown character, informs Adam that he has “paid off the coroner,” but insists that Victor can never know that he is helping him.

Who do you think is helping Adam fake his death, and why? He and Victor always had a bumpy relationship, but doesn’t he want his wife Chelsea to know that he is not dead? Could faking his death be linked to Delia’s death or Billy Abbott trying to kill him? Since Adam Newman is up and moving around, it is only a matter of time before his face is revealed. Who do you think Jill Farren Phelps has hired to replace Michael Muhney?

And here are some remarks from fans on Soap Opera Spy:

Lord please let it be the real Adam! If not I think I am done with Y&R! After so many years they all become family to us….its unfortunate that the new person in charge of dismanteling the show ” Who Will Remain Nameless” has not got the same loyalty and aloha for the show as we do. Couldn’t she assemble all of her “old cronies” in a new soap and leave Y&R alone?

Who cares who replaced Adam. I don’t support this who thing. No MM, no Adam. You can occasionally recast someone and it works but in this case. The people in charge of Y & R continue to make bad decisions. Case in point. Steve Burton, so loved as Jason on GH just doesn’t pull it off at all on Y & R. Bad script can kill the actor. Yet GH viewers desperately want him back as Jason. I don’t know how many would care if he left Y & R

So as we see fans remain unhappy with Jill Farren Phelps and believe on Michael Muhney can play Adam properly. Well we know Adam is alive and he is back. Jill better hurry up and hire someone to play him soon – we know it won’t be Michael Muhney. Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below.

29 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Adam Newman Returns Alive – Appears on Y&R – Is It Michael Muhney or a New Actor?”

  1. Susie says:

    Michael Muhney commanded the screen when ever he was on, I thought that I don’t even need to see victor anymore and would not miss him.

    All my friends agree!!!

  2. aghazy says:

    I liked MM as Adam but he wasn’t the first. No actor who sexually harasses a young actress should be allowed to keep their job. No one who sexually harasses anyone should be allowed to keep their job. I’d care if Dylan left I like his character.

    • Billy says:

      There’s no proof that he did what TMZ said. It’s all hearsay. The guilty until proven innocent crowd on full display.

    • Kay Cee says:

      I read that Hunter Kings flirts will all of the older men on the set. She was crushing on Nick, too. I truly don’t believe Michael Muhney would do that.

  3. Map says:

    MM is irreplaceable as Adam I still have his last seens on dvr I refused to erase it. He and Billy lit up the tv screen in their final moments on Y&R

  4. Billy says:

    Phelps has ruined Y&R. It’s horrible now. Her arrogance won’t allow her to bring Muhney back, even though the fans want him to return. Fools.

  5. Susie says:

    I would love for mm to come back

  6. genoa city fan says:

    The story line that I’m sick of is Nick/Sharon. How long can they drag this paternity thing on? And electric shock therapy? Really? Who got paid to come up with that lame idea?
    As far as MM, are you people serious??? I keep reading these ridiculous comments from fans saying they won’t watch the show if MM doesn’t come back as Adam and how they hate the new “Billy”. HELLO??? They are ACTORS playing CHARACTERS. Get a grip people. I ‘ve been watching Y&R from the inception and I’m as loyal as a fan can be, but I remember that after the hour of living in “Genoa City” is up and I look over at my desk at that stack of bills, I remember that it’s time to go back to the REAL WORLD!

  7. Racquel Garnette says:

    This show is looking to survive by this summer or by in the fall. The ratings are down because of Jill Farren Phelps and her bad writing. If she wants this show to stay on then she needs to fix up the storyline of what has been broken. Making Summer have two fathers was very dumb. Summer will always be Nicholas daughter. Sharon changed the test results at the hospital so she can be a family with Nicholas was ridicioulous. Jill Farren Phelps and her writing crew have no imagination. Why don’t she fire her writers and start over that would be a great idea. The show is in a mess and some of the acting is not going great. Jill should do a background check of all the characters acting on the show. Kelly is the one run down Delia by that night. Making Adam take the blame for it is totally uncruel. If Michael Muhney as Adam Newman appears on the Y&R for a while then that is ok with me. Other actor can come afterwards. David Tom as Billy Abbott needs to go and this abby needs to be recasted.

  8. cATHRYN DELGADO says:

    It was Muhney body language that mady Adam. Thet new Billy to baby face.I But it is the writing, Adami is not the one to blamed for kiss the little girl, It was all Billy fault.It was no way Adam driving a big car like that, on a road like that at night.. Would think 7,year old girl would be on his blind side. He saw the dog, And he stop, He would stop for the littly girl, That was not

    • Steve Lee says:

      The only thing that bothered me with this issue is that Adam should have turned himself in as soon as he suspected he did it. It sets a bad example for something that happens too often in this world, hit n runs where the drivers flee. Maybe you then give him a slap on the wrist and that enrages Billy and you can still have it boil to the point that it reached – you can still have Adam feeling horrible after getting off and anonymously posting online to console Billy, etc.

  9. cATHRYN DELGADO says:

    That is not hit and run.The law would be on Adam side. And the way Billy was acting, Like it was all Adam fault.And by law Belly would be charge for Adam death,Because Billy f

  10. cATHRYN DELGADO says:


  11. Racquel Garnette says:

    If this show gets cancelled by this year then it won’t be missed because of Jill and her bad writing. She likes when the couples are being together but when a couple is about to get married she likes to find a way to break up the wedding or the engagement. Why bother. The couples on the show wants to get married and here you are breaking up of what they had when they get engaged. You did with Nick and Avery and you did with Lesile and Neil. I thought Lesile and Neil was going to get married but nope something happened. Lesile is saying that she doesn’t want to get married to Neil because she thinks marriages don’t last long. She is right about that but Neil wanted to be with her. For Noah forgiving Courtney for what she did to him was very uncruel. Noah needs to date someone new. Why should Noah date another mystery girl that is dumb and dumb. Noah should date a girl who is not mystery.

  12. New Ol'Lady says:

    Great call!

  13. Dyann says:

    Stay with your own kind? Are you for real? Hey, 1960s Mississippi called–they want their white sheets, hoods, and burning crosses back. SMH.

  14. Elaine Conley says:

    At the cost of bursting the bubbles of the MM fans, of which I am one, I believe that Adam had to have plastic surgery on his face, possibly due to the car accident, and we would have seen his face if it was MM. Recovery in real life would be six months or more, but in Soap Time could be May. Now that his “body” has been found, the case will be cold. I hope the actor is as powerful as MM, he’s got big shoes to fill.

  15. AMARI says:

    Can someone please get “THAT PERSON IN CHARGE” to kill herself out of Yvette leasehold role because she has ruined Y&R.

  16. AMARI says:

    Can someone please “GET THAT PERSON” aka “JFP” to kill herself out of the leadership role. She has ruined Y&R!!!

  17. […] twist last week on the CBS soap opera. After being presumed dead in a car accident, it turns out Adam Newman is very much alive, but he has gone to great lengths to make sure the residents of Genoa City think he is dead, […]

  18. Chris Stearns says:

    who cares. its a fake show so who cares who plays the part. i couldnt stand the guy and i am glad he is gone and this better not be some sick joke on phelps part for ratings and bring mulhaney back because that will be that i watch of that show

  19. Steve Lee says:

    I loved MM but if he is gone then let the character be dead. People die in real life, not just kids. Let them die on screen too. There are plenty of other characters to explore!

  20. Steve Lee says:

    I kinda want them to move on – Im fine with Phyllis in a coma. Let her be in one for five or ten years then bring her back and have a real juicy storyline with higher stakes! Have Nick and Sharon remarry and have one last kid perhaps. Put Jack with someone else but always have him yearning for Phyllis (visiting her, looking at her photos on holidays, etc). Have Sharon become so close to everyone that when the beans are spilled it means something. This also gives Stafford lots of time off before you bring her back for awhile!

  21. Finnsmom1 says:

    Wow, real ugly ignorance in the flesh. I’m looking forward to watching your breed die off.

  22. kenie says:

    U sound ridiculous’ Thank God times have changed’ did u notice we have a black president?? LOL
    no one cares about you & your retired or retarded friends! sounds to me like you need to stop watching TV if it’s upsetting you this much! I know its impossible to find a channel to watch’ SMH
    you could spend that time shopping for a new white sheet !

  23. Jessie says:

    Lol, true. Innocent til proven guilty, lie detector test maybe??. I can’t believe he would do that but even if its true..H KING seems like a spoiled brat who shows way too much clevage consistantly on red carpets and hangs around the likes of disney pop stars apparently (selenagomez) so I can’t help but question the credibility.. All I know is perrsonally if I was violated in any way at. work I would be too uncomfortable to return on set even if tthe problem source was gone. She seems to be doing her job so was it that serious?? Sry, but I would hate a family man and great actors’ life ruined by some young flirtatous girl. Ynr is dead without michael as adam.

  24. […] it was revealed that Chelsea’s husband Adam Newman (Michael Muhney) was the hit and run driver that allegedly killed Chloe’s young daughter Delia. Chelsea and Chloe’s friendship and business partnership reached a new level of irreparablity […]

  25. Jacqui Brackett Miraglia says:

    Agree MM must come back. Only reason fan base hasn’t plummeted is that we keep holding on to hope that show will “right itself” by hiring old Adam back. Old Billy should also return, but it seems the actor voluntarily left…..

  26. aghazy says:

    And that is why we have a rape culture. The men are always innocent and the little girls are to blame. You all should be ashamed of yourselves!