The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Replacement Hired – New Adam Newman Cast – First Appearance in May?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Replacement Hired - New Adam Newman Cast - First Appearance in May?

The month of April is winding down, which means it won’t be too long before Michael Muhney’s replacement takes on the role of Adam Newman on the CBS daytime drama The Young and the Restless. The question on every Y&R fan’s mind is obviously, who will The Young and the Restless producers choose to replace Michael Muhney?

Fan favorite Muhney was fired by producer Jill Farren Phelps after he was accused of allegedly groping his co-star Hunter King in December,2013. Muhney’s character on the CBS soap Adam Newman made his last appearance on January 30th 2014, when he was thought to have died in a fiery car crash. For months the Y&R writers played a game of cat and mouse with fans, teasing whether Adam was really dead or alive.

Finally this month a scene between Adam Newman and his accomplice proved that he is still very much alive, and is currently faking his death. Ironically in the scene featuring Adam Newman, his face was never shown. It wasn’t because the Y&R producers wanted to keep their replacement a secret though, it was because they still hadn’t yet found a replacement!

According to the latest edition of CBS Soaps In Depth, all of that is about to change. The magazine stated that, “the soap is actively searching for an actor to succeed Michael Muhney in the role, and in early April contenders will be considered.” The Adam Newman storyline on The Young and the Restless is picking up pace, and the writers can only keep the character’s face hidden for so much longer before Newman begins to look like a phantom. There is a strong chance that Y&R fans will meet Michael Muhney’s replacement before the end of May.

Who do you hope to see replace Michael Muhney as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless? Or are you one of those fans who could care less who the replacement Adam Newman is because you began boycotting the soap opera months ago when Muhney was fired. Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL regularly for The Young and the Restless spoilers.

Update: Our industry sources report that a final decision about who to hire to play Adam is in the offing – and it most certainly will not be a re-hire of Michael Muhney. We expect to get the name of the actor this weekend so check back to CDL as we will be posting this breaking news as soon as we know!

We’ve reached out to our sources and expect to be updating this post by Monday morning, April  28, with the news of who will be playing Adam.

  • Erin

    I really enjoyed Muhneys portrayal but he is not coming back and maybe for a good reason. So I would love to see an ATWT or GL alum come back to daytime. A veteran that we can trust will put his own spin on Adam while remaining true to the character. Maybe Trent Dawson or Eric Sheffer Stevens although Trent looks more like Michael.

  • Rosalea Moore

    I’m not interested in Y&R if MM is not in it.

  • tina

    Just as All my children was taken off the air so should ynr too many good actors are being replaced the billy replaced sucks n does not carry the psrt n muhney is a great fsmily man kids of his own n jill u r old n need to be replaced u have bad skin n moreso it shows on camera that u looked older than katherine get some help n lose some weight

  • RedRiver38

    Y&R without Michael Muhney is dead to me. They can cancel it for all I care. Over 1.3 million viewers have walked since MM left. How’s that workin’ for you CBS?

  • Racquel Garnette

    Without Michael Muhney as Adam Newman this show is a no show. If the writers are thinking about replacing Michael Muhney as Adam Newman then find someone who is 6’0 with blue eyes and brown short hair. Sharon character is in a mess and she needs help very badly. Nicholas needs to find himself a new woman. This show needs new people and new storylines. Dylan father thingy, hit and run and summer paternity has been going on for months without the storylines being finished. Finish your storylines before you move on with someone else. Make Jack date someone new other then this Kelly. Kelly is not the right woman for Jack. As for Neil he deserve someone new who doesn’t treat him like dirt. Most of the woman Neil dated was kind in the beginning then they turned out a totally biatch at the end. David Tom needs to go his acting is very bad. Sharon needs to date someone new so she can get better. Sharon won’t get better with Nicholas. Nicholas just want to bounce from woman to woman and letting them have his kids. He is bitter and controlling old guy. Nicholas should get a new apartment. Victor told Nicholas the truth about Sharon. Victor is the only person who knows of what Sharon is up to. Victor should keep doing his thing for now. Victor can focus on his attention on Nikki and Victoria. Victor can be evil sometimes but he is good of reading people minds. I like when Victor told off Billy at his office. This Billy doesn’t know how to get angry.

    • don

      U begin to see the direction they want to take billy darling I agree DT can not get angy it ain’t his style and even when played a teenage version of billy did not see him angy but billy in bad mood yes. Billy Miller can get billy angry and have chemestry with victor but I have to say that DT does not have any with Victor because it is not there and because of that they need to go in new direction. And finally billy and chloe finally meet since they discovered that adam supposedly hit delia.

      • Racquel Garnette

        Exactly. I am glad that you spoke up about David Tom. David Tom needs to go and someone older should play Billy Abbott. Yes finally Billy shared his scenes with Chloe. Chloe still loves Billy. Kevin made a mistake by marrying her. The writers needs to get rid of Kevin, This new billy and this Abby. This abby needs to be recasted. This show needs new writers and new producers for this show. The writers needs to finish up there storylines.

      • michaelenegon

        DT…lokks like a teenager compared to Victoria! Not workin’!!!!!

  • RedRiver38

    Is this web site now doing an hourly update on this topic? I have to laugh since it’s obviously a tactic to draw hits to your site and increase traffic. The least you should do is cut Michael Muhney in on any profits. You guys are certainly trying to capitalize on his name. It’s very transparent to see what you all are doing.

  • Darlene

    Would you stop printing the groping story. You are idiots along with SONY and CBS executives. That didn’t happen!! Nelson Branco reported that he did an investigation and MM and HHK had a verbal confrontation ONLY. NO TOUCHING!!

    • Sammie Jo

      Oh, nelson branco! Well then, that’s settled! LOL

  • sillywhispers

    I might take a look at the new guy out of curiosity, but I won’t be coming back to Y&R. I can’t work up any interest! There are too many new faces and new characters Too many familiar faces are missing or are rarely on screen. Another reason I don’t want to watch is because the storylines and actions of many of the characters have disappointed me far too often

  • Darlene

    Why would Michael Muhney jeopardize his family and his job to touch anyone, especially since she was chasing and at minimum 4 co-stsrs reported that to JFP and it was posted online. Thus is what Kill Jill Farren Phelps does…she gets rid of the good actors and brings in her own friends…FOJ.

  • Darlene

    I hope that Michael Muhney sues for millions…enough so that he doesn’t have to work again if h e doesn’t want. MM is very intelligent (he’s a Mensa) and his family us full of entrepreneurs, doctors and lawyers.

  • Scott

    I’d prefer if they kept his character gone for awhile.

  • used to love Y & R now bored

    Who thought about the storyline with Neil and Leslie? Nick and Sharon will never be a replacement for Victor and Nicky. She needs to go. Why are all the good ones being replaced? I am losing interest. Loved MM as Adam. He gave Victor a run .

  • Vicki

    No way watching Y&R if Michael Muhney does not return to play Adam Newman….NEXT!!!

  • Sue

    I agree with everyone else, don’t care who they hire, I don’t watch anymore

  • Yb

    You’re right I can’t stand the new billy. I stoped watching because of him.

  • don

    not yet. they are working on it.

  • Cameron

    I guess none of these muhney fans have been on the receiving end of sexual harrassment. IF it is true, and I am not saying that it is, he had to be fired immediately. At some point, it is not about the show and it is certainly not about the fans, it is about right and wrong. A friend of mine works on the show and she said something untoward definitely happened and the producers were left with no choice. Muhney has said that he contributed in some way to his own demise and I just don’t know why people are so quick to come to defense of a man who has admitted some wrongdoing–even if he has not admitted to the worst of the offenses that have been in the news. People aka why he. Would risk his family for some girl. Politicians and major celebrities do that everyday! This should come as a surprise to no one. I love Y&R and I will be rooting for whomever they cast because it will clearly be an uphill battle with crazed fans like all of you. Of the people listed above, I would like to see Trent Dawson cast in the part. He has such a unique style to him and an incredible range. I am not familiar with Trevor at johns work, so I can’t comment on that. Best of luck to the new Adam!

  • Forrestine Harvey

    I think Phyllis needs to come back so the real story about Sharon can be revealed. Victor does some awful things, but he is usually right on the money. Jack needs someone, but not the woman Billy slept with.Jill hopefully will wake up after the conversation she heard. Colin will not change. Victoria does not know the real story behind the doctor. All and all, Y&R is becoming real boring. There is no excitement. Beef it up y&r. Bring MM back.

  • michaelenegon

    The ULTIMATE BEST solution is: Ship the nasty Hunter King…the alleged gropee to stay with her mother, Phyllis while her Mom is in a coma…to talk to her etc….AND JUST BRING BACK MICHAEL MUHNEY!!!!!! Then the devil will have had his due!!!!!!!

  • michaelenegon

    and she is truly just another “faceless blonde” on this show. those …all in that age group are indistinguishable from one another…summer, abby, Courtney characters…makes no difference. None can act well either.


    Michael Muhney, Michael Muhney, Michael Muhney, Michael Muhney or Michael Muhney. HE IS THE ONLY REPLACEMENT FOR HIMSELF. THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER LIKE ……. Michael Muhney !!!!!!

  • moderateray

    Amanda, “Fan favorite Muhney was fired by producer Jill Farren Phelps after he was accused of allegedly groping his co-star Hunter King in December,2013.” It’s one or the other, not both. He was either accused of groping or allegedly groped. He was not “accused of allegedly groping.”

  • Chadamfan

    The “new Adam will be pathetic – – – just like the nuBilly! No Michael no Y&R for me! They should bring back MM!

  • Bighair 34

    We want THE Adam back!!! My Fav!!!

  • Bayougal

    As much as I love Eric Braeden aka Victor Newman, I can’t watch this show without Miller or Muhney…I guess fans don’t matter.

  • lady2010

    I’ve heard name Loren Paul being thrown around as the actor who will be playing Arron Newman from a manager who has some in’s on Y&R.

  • Long time fan

    I really liked MM! It’s such a shame that Y&R has gone in a direction that makes no sense! I think that Amelia Heinle, Cynthia Watros and Cady McClain should all get and Oscar for their fabulous acting abilities as they kiss David Tom without getting sick to their stomachs! Perhaps he could be a really nice guy…he needs to be, because he’s so homely and creepy looking! ugh!

  • Scott

    Can’t stand the actor playing Tyler, he’s the worst actor on the show.

  • Neonstar2

    MM was my favorite actor on the show. The show has been so dull and boring without him. It will never be the same. They NEED to hire him back to bring Y & R back to life.

  • Eva

    I agree with u all MM should come back and Summer should go she has no purpose on the show. Then again if I was MM I won’t want to return because he shouldn’t have to walk on egg shells behind the scene.

  • Chris

    What is weird is the new billy is heather Tom’s brother which did play the part of Victoria so brother and sister would be married just kinda weird the way they cast I agree Michael was a huge part of Y&R hasn’t been the same since. It’s bad enough to have to adjust to a new Billy which would be easy if the old Adam returned but a new billy and Adam no way will work with true fans from the beginning years. Just can’t make the story work

  • Lisa

    Y&R is a joke now. Booooring!!! I quit watching in Dec. and have attempted to make it through a few different episodes… Nada. Not one thing caught my attention except how horrible it is now.
    After 29 years of watching I’ve turned to GH and am loving it!!! Who cares about Adam Neuman or Y&R? I hope Michael Muhney shows up in Port Charles!!!

  • irma deleon

    I think sucks that Michael muhney is nt returning. No on can replace his charisma.

  • Rochelle McDaniel


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  • Racquel Garnette

    For those who doesn’t know about Michael Muhney firing is that Michael Muhney was fired because the writers wanted to play some of kind of part but he refused. Eric Braden says that he and Michael Muhney was in fistfights on the set. Michael Muhney argued with the writers back and forth that is why the writers fire Michael Muhney. It was on the web. Michael Muhney didn’t sexually harassed Hunter King.

  • Mary in Georgia

    If its not Michael Y&R is only hurting themselves. U can only have 3 rate actors in the for front for so let ng. Sooner or later you r going ng to need a star. Y&R don’t have any star right now all the actors r 2nd & 3rd string caliber. The will only stay #1 so long without a star. They need Michael & they know it. That’s why they r dragging their feet. Don’t want to give into fans But may have no other choice. If u take Michael back we the fans won’t say I told u so. All we will say is thank-you. We won’t ask for JPF head on a silver platter we will say thank-you . we won’t complain about Dictor-Prictor anymore we will say thank-you. We will love u forever if only u bring back MM. Most of us love & miss him.

  • Mary in Georgia

    She doesn’t look happy to b there either. Summers bestie Courtney is a terrible actress also they need to start pulling a barney fifth on her & take all her bullets & leave one in her pocket. How can u not know your best is all thru school want to the police academy without even finishing his. I thought they wanted educated police officers. Not uneducated dumb blonds.

    • Racquel Garnette

      i agree with you about Courtney. Courtney was just another mystery girl just like Arianna. For the writers putting Noah and Courtney together is so dumb. Courtney should pay for what she has done to Noah, Summer and Fenmore. Fenmore doesn’t like Courtney anymore. Since Courtney was a cop she should of told Summer and Fenmore of what she was before that. Waiting for the truth about her was so dumb. The writers needs to fix up Noah storyline. Noah deserves a better girl then that. Stop giving Noah mystery girls to date. Just give Noah a normal to date. Someone who is honest and trustworthy.

    • Donna Floto-Grover

      Yeah, it’s stupid that she didn’t know her best friend was a cop.

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  • Racquel Garnette

    Whatever. Neil doesn’t leave the woman high and dry. It is the other way around. The woman leaves Neil high and dry. Look of what Drucilla did to Neil. She cheated on him and got pregnant by his brother and made Neil believe he was the father of Lily. That was bad. Drucilla was bad news to Neil. Neil wanted a honest relationship. I like that Hilary and Neil is hooking up together. Sophia treated Neil very badly. She decided to be kind to Neil then she treated him like dirt. It is funny that Neil and Hilary are dating eachother.

  • Ashley

    This show is so dead without Micheal like [expletive] bring him back !! They can’t even find someone who can play the next adam newman that’s sad ! You guys let go of an amazing actor because off some stupid chick said he touch her which I think is BS! Like I’m not even watching it anymore !!!!

  • Donna Floto-Grover

    Do you see the stupid face the new Kelley makes when she goes to kiss Jack. Peter Bergman is a really good actor because as dull as this new Kelley is he still gives off good chemistry.

  • mom chez

    The writers say that we will see new AN this month. Another bunch of lies as this month is coming to an end. There is no replacement actor for MM.

  • loretta

    I agre with you 100% get rid of hunter she is boring

  • Sher

    wrong again! – this is 2 months later and the role has NOT been recast –

  • ndavlin

    Unfortunately there are too many fans that are unhappy about MM leaving. But JFP does not care. As long as we watch/tape the show no matter how much we FF thru the majority of the show it still counts as a viewer so it doesn’t show our disdain in the storylines and the characters. We are so addicted to the show they feel they can put on bad storylines and bad acting and take off all the good characters and we will still “watch”

  • kory taylor

    Muhney is a great actor Y&R is stupid… skanks like hunter neeed to go