The Young and the Restless Spoilers: New Adam Newman Actor Replacing Michael Muhney – Starts on Y&R in a Few Weeks

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: New Adam Newman Actor Replacing Michael Muhney - Starts on Y&R in a Few Weeks

The Young and the Restless fans have been waiting impatiently for nearly a month now to see which actor will take on the role of Adam Newman and replace fan favorite Michael Muhney. At the beginning of this year it was announced that Jill Farren Phelps and the powers that be at The Young and the Restless had fired Muhney after he allegedly groped another cast member, Hunter King, behind the scenes of the daytime soap opera.

Coincidentally the last scene that Muhney appeared in was the car accident scene that Adam Newman allegedly died. This month his wife Chelsea enlisted the help of Victor Newman because she believed that Adam hadn’t actually died in the car accident. A body was located a few towns away from Genoa City and the dental records proved that it was indeed Adam Newman and he was officially deceased. Once the investigation was closed viewers learned that Newman had faked his own death and enlisted the help of an unknown man to pay off the doctor that completed the autopsy. However, the scenes of Adam Newman that were shot didn’t show his face, so Y&R fans have no idea who is playing the part of the iconic character.

It turns out the reason the new Adam Newman’s face hadn’t been revealed is because Jill Farren Phelps hasn’t actually chosen a replacement yet. But, according to sources close to the show, the new Adam Newman may be revealed in just a couple of weeks! A source close to the soap said that, “the soap is actively searching for an actor to succeed Michael Muhney in the role, and in early April contenders will be considered.”

So Y&R fans who do you think the actor will be that replaces Michael Muhney? Earlier this year the rumor mill was trying very hard to place Trevor St. John in the role, do you think there is any truth to that? Let us know who you think should replace Michael Muhney in the comment section below. And, don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

Here are some voices sharing their opinions on the whole Michael Muhney and Adam Newman issue from Soap Opera Spy:

No one is going to able to take Michael Muhney’s place as Adam. I can’t even believe they fired him in the first place. He was the best Adam ever.

Noone will EVER be as good as MM, bring him back!!!!

Dreading his replacement. I do find MM’s silence a little weird. Maybe we will get the shock of our lives & it will be him! A girl can hope right!

Without MM Adam Newman is DEAD to me. JFP will rue the day!

Yippee,holding my breath,,,,so not….huge mistake letting him go…and Billy,just proves they are whack….

If when Adam comes back to the show, is not Michael Muhney, I’m done watching Y&R .

No one should play Adam except MM, who was fired for allegations with no proof. May not watch when he’s replaced. Many of us are still outraged at this Miss JFP! You are the one who should be replaced.

I agree with what you just said. It is unthinkable what has happened to this show though. They have successfully made a mockery of it.

What an outstanding show of support for Michael and what a resounding BOO for Jill Farren Phelps! Time will tell but from what we here it’s not going to be too much time before we see the new Adam Newman!

Fans of Y&R have more to say on the matter of Adam’s return and Michael Muhney’s replacement:

I hope they do a better job of re-casting Adam than they did with Billy

No one will every be able to replace Mike muhuney

No other actor can take that mans place – from what we know he’s going to general hospital and that’s where I’m going good bye y&r

OK, I loved the actor MM as much as anyone but if he did act inappropriately toward Summer, shouldn’t he have been fired? If he was innocent, wouldn’t he have sued for wrongful termination? I don’t want to believe he did anything but only he and Hunter King know the truth.

Is it a rumor, but I heard it was a male model from the Price is Right? ?

I suggest they check the Dankies Award Winner…

The new Billy is not a great actor and I can barely stand watching. It will be hard to accept a new Adam but lets face it they are going to do it. it is just a matter of time :(

One thing I can tell you for certain – the new Adam Newman is going to face an enormous uphill battle winning over fans. Perhaps the show is better not bringing him back and leaving him in the shadows?

And this very astute comment sort of sums up the general mood of fans:

How have people responded thus far to David Tom replacing Billy Miller? Not too well. As far as Michael Muhney is concerned, nobody will ever come close to playing the role like he did. He is an exceptional, unique talent which is obvious and was an issue for a group of actors currently on the show that can’t act. It’s a disgrace what has happened to this show. Until I hear that Michael Muhney has returned to the role of Adam Newman, I will remain a former viewer of this show who faithfully watched for over thirty years. They could bring in Trevor St John, Vin Diesel, the president, Mickey Mouse, etc, and it won’t matter. Nobody comes close to Michael Muhney’s stage presence.

Bring back Michael Muhney – listen up Y&R PTB – you’d be lucky to have him!

46 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: New Adam Newman Actor Replacing Michael Muhney – Starts on Y&R in a Few Weeks”

  1. Racquel Garnette says:

    Who should play Adam Newman someone who is 6’0 with brown short hair and blue eyes and who knows how to act very good. Michael Muhney played the best Adam Newman on the show but if the writers can’t find an older guy to play Adam Newman then just write the character out. If Jill Farren Phelps didn’t had to fire Michael Muhney for some scandal then he would of still play Adam Newman on the show. The show is boring without him and the storylines are so weak. This show needs stronger storylines over the next few weeks. The Dylan father thingy and Summer paterity results needs to wrap up very soon. Make Dylan know who is his real father is. Get rid of Ian Ward, Colin and David Tom. Those three needs to go very badly. David Tom needs to go by next month or by June. His acting is very bad. This Abby needs to be recasted. I would love to see a younger version as Abby Newman. This Abby looks way too older for her age. This Abby looks like she is 25 years old. Any young blonde girl can play Abby Newman. Sharon needs to tell others about the test results when she gets better. Nick needs to find himself a new woman. Nicholas can be upset of what Victor has done to his family. Victor can continue of finding out what Sharon secret is. These writers doesn’t care for the characters on the show. They care about is drama after next. Lesile was being so cruel to Neil and use him in the relationship was very bad.

  2. Maddie says:

    New Billy has to go, Victoria & Stitch are LAME, Mariah is BEYOND stupid, ENOUGH w/Phyllis in limbo, Michael & Lauren are boring, Leslie married to some unknown guy PATHETIC, just STOP, STOP, STOP with Sharon & Nick. So sick of them.

    • Kiara says:

      I Agree with you 100%….it is just sooo boring. I PVR and fast forward most of the show…Please bring back old Billy & Adam…

    • Pat says:

      I love that so many of you feel the same as I regarding Y&R. I have been a fan for over 20 years and now that my favorite actors are gone I barely watch. I agree that there can never be a replacement for Adam or Phyllis these two actors are phenomenal to watch and I so badly want Phyllis to come slap Sharon in her face because she soooo deserves it. And the old-new Billy, I am not a FAN.

    • rose ridke says:

      I agree! !!!!

  3. Darlene says:

    Geri, I too have heard about the porn; actually saw pictures of Sharon and Nick on Twitter and it didn’t leave much to the imagination. All you could see was skin and legs. Sharon had on skimpy black underwear and I couldn’t see what Nick was wearing. Nick even unhooked Sharon’s bra. This is so inappropriate for a daytime TV show where children can be around. I think last week some school systems were on Spring break. Aren’t there requirements the FCC has established for daytime shows? I will check into that.
    I have seen nothing but complaints from people still watching Y&R about how much the show has deteriorated, since January 30th. And there are few people who want to see Adam recast. They would rather see Adam remain dead. Michael Muhney is the only actor that people want to see play Adam and we know that will never happen. Michael Muhney would never return to Y&R after all of the destruction created by Sony/CBS employees, particularly Jill Farren Phelps, Angelica McDaniel, and Eric Braeden. Actions were petty, nasty, egotistical, mean spirited, spiteful and cruel. Personally, I do care about who will replace Michael Muhney.




  4. Darlene says:

    Geri, I too have heard how disgusted people are who still watch Y&R and I saw a picture of Sharon and Nick on Twitter and mostly all you could see was skin and legs. Sharon was wearing skimpy black under wear. I couldn’t tell what Nick was wearing. Nothing left to the imagination. Nick even unhooked Sharon’s bra. Highly inappropriate for a daytime TV show which children could be watching. I have a lot of respect for Sharon and hate to see her do this to keep her job. Nick has a wïfe and 4 young children and I am concerned about the effect on them. I wonder what FCC guidelines say. I will check into that.

    Personally, NO ONE should replace Michael Muhney. NO ONE!!! I’ve read many, many viewer comments and viewers want NO ONE to play Adam. Viewers want Adam to remain DEAD! Sony/CBS has created so much scandal and harm to Michael Muhney! We all know that Michael Muhney didn’t sexually harass anyone, but yet the network keeps perpetuating lies. Michael publicly stated that he didn’t want to go shirtless; he just wanted to be a professional actor (this from a December 2012 interview with soap blogger ElliEmma). Does that sound like a guy who would sexually harass someone or who would do the scene with Sharon?? NO!!!!

    • janie says:

      The bathtub scene embarrassed me and I was watching alone. I changed the channel & thought about his real wife. It crossed the line.

  5. Jan says:

    You are right about the porn! Between Sharon& Nick and Cane & Lily this is getting ridiculous. But I think she is doing it to try to attract more young viewers, you know the ones in the 18-30 bracket who advertisers seem to think are the only ones who buy anything!

  6. Mickey says:

    I truly don’t care who plays who, just hurry up with the paternity , Phyllis scandal Sharon has caused and through her in jail somewhere. Faith should be a teenager by now. The soaps are getting more ridiculous day by day !!

  7. Lisa says:

    I won’t accept Trevor St. John as the new Adam Newman. Good actor, but I just don’t see him fitting in well on this show.
    As for Michael, I miss him terribly, and if there’s no truth in what he was accused of…I hope he sues the hell out of Hunter King and CBS for this, because unless there were witness or he confessed, it’s her word against his. Regardless, I wish him all the best.

  8. Lisa says:

    I don’t know what you’ve heard, and from whom, but I still watch, and there is no porn there. The writing is terrible however, but Y&R is still the number one soap in ratings so it will be around for a long time. JFP needs to go asap though because her leadership has destroyed the structure of Y&R.

  9. Sunshine Smith says:

    The role of Adam Newman should be played by no other then Michael Muhney…his professional life should be separate from his personal life.

  10. Beth says:

    I have seen Trent Dawson as a possibility on a few sites. He kinda looks like him and he was great on ATWT. I miss my old show and would love to see him back on TV. Everyone knows it is time for the producers to revamp the show anyway–let’s bring in someone talented that will have fans come with him.

  11. Dom says:

    Jill Farren Phelps is an inept boob and should be replaced ASAP with a competent person!!

  12. Kris says:


  13. Kris says:

    Without MM, there is NO show! It’s slowly going down in flames…what is CBS thinking? Haven’t watched since 1/30/14.

  14. WIConservative says:

    R lost all the younger viewers due to JFP..CBS/SONY wake up. FIRE JFP….hire MS, BM and MM back. Get back on track before JFP trashes your Soap forever.

  15. Jean Heath says:

    I still feel as if the MMuhney scandal was a bit odd – I know at most employers if someone is accused of harassment they are on leave immediately not after you finish a story line? Still have my doubts. I also hate to be rude but I do not care for the new Billy at all, I pulled for Victoria and Billy so much – now I hope they split & he moves far far away. Didn’t like Leslie with Neal (never did). The show has some I do like – so I watch occasionally now – vs DVR and all the time but it’s really gone down. IIII

  16. michaelenegon says:

    Whoever it is will be awful…just as the Tom kid as Billy. It has to be Michael and only Michael!!!! Hunter King just wanted to make a name for herself. Well…she did…rhymes with witch!!!!!

  17. daphne miles says:


  18. Racquel Garnette says:

    Michael Muhney got fired from the young and the restless because the writers ask him to play some kind of part and he refused to do it. Michael Muhney didn’t get fired because of sexually harassing Hunter King. That was just a rumor. Michael Muhney didn’t get along with some of cast members of the show on the stage. Eric Braden says that Michael Muhney got fist fights with him on the set on the show. The writers found out that they couldn’t keep Michael Muhney on the show anymore. Michael Muhney is going to be on General Hospital very soon.. I miss him on the show every single day. Jill Farren Phelps decided to fire him on the set because of what happened.

  19. Racquel Garnette says:

    The writers can’t come up with anything because they don’t have any imagination. William J Bell created a good show and Jill Farren Phelps and her writers just wanted to ruin every character storyline. Jill Farren Phelps needs to go very badly. She can take her writers with her. The writers change every other year in the fall. I think these writers are going by this fall.

  20. Racquel Garnette says:

    Jill Farren Phelps and her writer crew needs to go very badly. The storylines are weak. Thank god i have other shows to watch sometimes. General Hospital is nice over there. The writers for General Hospital keeps the storylines interesting. Jill Farren Phelps used to be on General Hospital when she ruined every character storyline. Jill Farren Phelps is a soap killer. Whoever is going to play Adam Newman has to act very good. David Tom as this new billy needs to go. David Tom makes it worse on the show. David Tom can’t even get angry and he looks like a kid. David Tom looks like 16 years old. Michael Muhney got fired from Y & R because he got into an arguements with some of the castmates on the set. Eric Braeden as Victor Newman says that Michael Muhney got into fist fights with him on the set. Michael Muhney didn’t sexual harass Hunter King and groping her. That was just a rumor. The writers wanted Michael Muhney to play some part on the show but he refused to do it. Jill Farren Phelps decided to fire him. Michael Muhney played the best Adam on the show. Without him this show will be a no show.

    • Susan Franklin-Ferchak says:

      don’t care who takes the part. i don’t watch anymore.

      • Racquel Garnette says:

        lol i don’t blame you for not watching the show. The storylines are weak. The storylines needs to be stronger.

  21. Mary1054 says:

    I have not watched the show since January 30th, and I have watched this show since it aired. I happened to be flicking through the channels yesterday when I saw the new Billy kissing Chelsea! I almost threw up, I was stopped in my tracks then quickly moved on. It seemed very awkward. Not sure what has been going on, but from what I have been seeing in comments, I think that this JFP is continuing to make bad decisions for this soap opera. I do miss watching this show and seeing the regular characters, Jack, Nikki, Victor, Sharon, Chelsea, Michael, Lauren, Kevin, Chloe, Dylan and Avery, Phyllis, and most of all MICHAEL MUHNEY and BILLY MILLER. Until I read somewhere that the powers to be have come to their senses and bring this show back to what it once was, I will not be back. It is a real shame what this producer or whatever she is has done to this show.

  22. grumpyhillbilly says:

    Rather amusing that they will likely cast Adam with an actor from an old soap that hasn’t been on for several years. Now how exactly will that attract younger and/or newer viewers? The actors named above didn’t exactly do it for their old shows. Oh well, haven’t watched since Dec 17. Now its just a wait and see on Phelps trashing another one, so I can do one last visit to the YR boards for a “told you so.” Petty, but they’ve brought out my claws with the MM bullcrap.

  23. Y&R FAN says:

    Leslie will be married to one of Ian’s goons. If it’s not Ian himself. She has been brainwashed and that’s apparent! How did she go from being so well put together to an idiot so quickly? Summer sucks. Stop bringing Phyllis up if you aren’t going to bring her back. Fire the new Billy. Bring back Michael and the old Billy. I too hope that Victoria and the new Billy divorce. I really wanted her to stay with the old Billy though. UGH! JFP you are by far the worse thing that has ever happened in the history of Y&R. :-)

  24. […] over to Billy and his wife Victoria to raise. Then Chelsea proceeded to begin a relationship with Adam Newman, her baby-daddy’s brother in law. After a tumultuous marriage Chelsea gave birth to Adam […]

  25. RedRiver38 says:

    They can recast the role of Adam Newman, but they’ll NEVER REPLACE Michael Muhney. Fools.

  26. Marla says:

    I’m not the only one that is having a hard time watching Billy’s replacement and now we have to endure another change with Adam!?

  27. Tikasue says:

    I wouldn’t call it porn. But I’m not thrilled about all the fantasy stuff. Or sexual misbehavior on desks. Please!!! I’ve Fast forwarded thru anything Caine and Lily. or Avery and Nick . Just Not interested . Now if it was Nick and Phyllis in the shower again or billy m. And Victoria . Even NICK. And ShAron. . Yikes!!! Show stoppers. So much chemistry. Replacing our beloved soap actors systematically so Jill can replace with jill’s favorite people brought over from dead soaps, not cool!!! What is she thinking!!! PERFECT SOAP GONE BAD.

  28. Racquel Garnette says:

    what are you talking about. I am totally lost.

  29. Anne Skuse says:

    I am Australian so we still have Michael Muhney on our screens, but as soon as he is gone, so will I after 30 loyal years of viewing… I hate that they get rid of the regulars all the time, I miss Phyllis and Daniel and Eden, she was great in it… this new producer and the writers seem like a joke…. As far as I am concerned, MM would not touch that young very plain Jane girl… if he was going to be inappropriate! wouldnt it have been with one of his beautiful co-stars?… I think he didnt play the game so she cried to the boss through jealousy :(

  30. temple says:

    I can’t stand the woman who took over The Young and The Restless. She’s ruined it for everyone. Fires all the good people that made the show a hit and is keeping or replacing with actors that just don’t make the grade. They need to get rid of her and get back to being the number one soap. I’ve watched it for almost 38 years and can’t believe what it’s turned into.

  31. Wayne says:

    If they do not bring MM back, there will be more anger and more viewers not watching the show. So if Sony/CBS is that stupid of bringing someone new to replace MM, you might as well just shut down Y&R completely.

  32. […] month of April is winding down, which means it is only a matter of days before Michael Muhney’s replacement takes on the role of Adam Newman on the CBS daytime drama The Young and the Restless. The question on every Y&R fan’s mind is […]

  33. rose ridke says:

    Miss Adam! All this other stuff is boring!

  34. Carole Young says:

    I agree!

  35. Basheerah Hakumba-Bey says:

    I say that it doesn’t seem to matter what the fans of the Y&R think and want concerning MM since we are the ones who are keeping the ratings up. I thought it was all about the fans. If it wasn’t for the fans there would be no soaps.

  36. lorna says:

    My husband and I were both watching young and restless until they took Adam and Billie off. Bring them back, we want them back. That is what the fans want, The show is going down hill, why allow the show go down the drain , send the person responsible for this mess packing. PLEASE,

  37. alice says:

    I have never fast forward my recording as much as I have for the past year. I have been watching since I was 18 yrs old I am 58 and I really don’t enjoy the show anymore.

  38. LeAnn Giefer says:

    Like the old Adam and Billy. Want Michael muhuney back.