The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Filming ‘Correcting Christmas’ TV Movie – Not Playing Adam Newman Ever Again?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Filming 'Correcting Christmas' TV Movie - Not Playing Adam Newman Ever Again?

The Young and the Restless fans have been scouring spoilers for months in hopes that Michael Muhney might be returning to the CBS soap opera as Adam Newman. It looks like Muhney really is moving on though and is currently filming a made-for-TV movie at Remmet Studios. There is no news yet on which network the movie will be aired on when it is complete, but considering the title “Correcting Christmas,” it is safe to assume it is a holiday movie and will air sometime this winter.

According to a photo Michael Muhney posted on his Twitter account, one of his co-stars in Correcting Christmas is Days of Our Lives alum Gloria Loring. Muhney captioned the picture, “Gonna miss Gloria Loring when this TV movie wraps. She’s been a fun mother-in-law. And she gave me her Christmas CD!”

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney Not Returning As Adam Newman - Filming Made For TV Movie 'Correcting Christmas'

So, if Gloria Loring is playing Michael Muhney’s mother-in-law, then who is playing his wife? According to spoilers leaked on social media, Muhney’s love interest in Correcting Christmas is actress Kelly Overton. You most likely will recognize Overton from the soap opera All My Children or HBO’s popular drama True Blood.

According to Gloria Loring’s Twitter account, Muhney’s new movie Correcting Christmas wrapped on August 3rd. So, Y&R fans, will you be tuning in to the holiday movie when it airs on TV this winter? Do you think that it will be hard to watch Michael Muhney playing someone other than Adam Newman? Let us know what you think about his new movie in the comments below!

Kelly Overton


  • vince

    Glad to see him moving on from that train wreck called Y&R.

  • Amy

    Glad for him, for sure. But, Young and Restless Execs… CBS/SONY executives.. you have amends to make with the fans and with Mr. Muhney. Hire Michael Muhney back as Adam Newman and save this currently very lame show — the formerly great Young and Restless. You all know how to do fast, great deal and make offers that show an actor his/her worth…. so do it already! You will make a lot of fans happy and earn yourselves some good karma. You have behaved disgracefully.

  • Denise

    On to BETTER things.!!

  • SCH

    Looking Forward to Seeing Michael’s New Movie!!

  • Darlene

    Definitely will be watching Michael Muhney’s new movie “Correcting Christmas”. No doubt about it!! It will not be hard for me to watch Michael play other than Adam Newman because I’ve enjoyed watching Michael in everything I’ve seen him act in. I especially liked Michael in Veronica Mars. Michael was great in that series and I would like to see him in another regular prime time series. I’ve watched most of Michael’s movies; everything he does is engaging and superbly acted. No Y&R for Michael! It’s moving on to much better and his fans are solidly behind him.

  • annfromchicagoland

    Will follow to whatever network this shows on! Can’t wait to see Mr. Muhney in his next acting venture!!

  • Carolyn

    Love Michael Muhney! Can’t wait to see his handsome face again along with his amazing talented acting! Y&R, JPF, CBS, Sony all suck.

  • Cathy

    Woohoo! Can’t wait for this movie! I think we’ve proven that Michaels fans are extremely loyal to our man! Go Michael!

  • M.Smith

    So glad and excited to see him moving on too!! He will be an asset and excellent addition to any film or tv project…..his acting is outstanding and his star will continue to soar….I have always seen him destined for greater things then Y & R…he has the talent and the acting chops for any role that comes his way . I wish him sll the best in this new chapter of his life!!!!

  • Lori Conner

    Michael Muhney is the best…For me personally …Anything MM chooses to act in, Movie, Soap, or anything else will be wonderful..

    He is an amazing, talented, and a Class Act/Father/ Husband/Son/Brother/Man…

    We the fans have missed Michael Muhney so much, We are so excited to see him and be able to see him on our TV set again soon…

    I remember when all of this happened thinking that OH NO MM Will go onto the big screen and I won’t get to see him… But then the news came A MOVIE MADE FOR TV….AWWWW YES…Thank You MM…

    It will also be great to see Gloria Loring again …I always loved her too..

  • catslawrence

    This such good news for all of us who love Michael. He is one of the most talented actors on the planet today. Can’t wait for others to see this gorgeous guy to introduced to the rest of the world who doesn’t know of him. They will be pleasantly surprised and amazyed at this wonderful actor and be in love like the rest of us. There is more to come from him and SOON!!

  • angela

    Happy to see him on screen again.

  • mm fan

    I can’t wait to see MM on the screen again. I only pray that tptb put him back as Adam. He is a amazing actor and Y&R has suffered since he left.

  • Joyce

    If Michael has finished doing the movie it would be perfect timing
    for Y&R to make him an offer he won’t refuse. It is def time for Y&R to get him back and all of the viewers they lost with his firing. Bring back MM’s Adam Newman.

  • Lynn

    Good for him! He has so much talent and I’m hoping to see him in more movies and Primetime shows. I am glad he is away from the very boring Y&R!

  • Lynne Stanton

    Just happy to see him!! Don’t care what the movie or show is as long as his fans get to see him again!!

  • Herekittiez

    Don’t assume, he hasn’t even signed a contract with Y & R yet.

  • Donika

    ‘ve watched Y&R since the late 70s and Michael Muhney’s Adam Newman has been my favorite character ever. He was a very complex character that you were able to connect with, empathize with, and also fall in love with. The only reason I “occasionally” watch the show now is to see if my wishful thinking will pay off and I will get to see Michael return as Adam Newman again. He has the ability to have viewers completely mesmerized and sucked in and make you temporarily forget your own life. THAT is what Y&R is currently lacking, viewers who are sucked in and glued to the screen. But of course, ONLY Michael Muhney can manage to do that… I will watch Michael Muhney in any performance or portrayal that he does, but I really really miss him as THE Adam Newman :(

  • Kat Brydon

    Most Definitely! Miss you Micheal!!!

  • Betty Stanley

    I am so excited about seeing Michael Muhney in this movie. I am a huge fan of his. He is so talented and gorgeous to look at. I am so happy for him. He got such a bad deal from Y&R Sony and CBS. He was the best thing they had going for them at Y&R but JFP the EP did not see it that way. I have not watched Y&R since Jan. 30th and I have no desire to watch it again. My three favorites Michelle stafford, Billy Miller and Michael Muhney have all moved on so there is no need to watch it again after over 40 years.
    I love TV Christmas movies. Seeing Michael in one this Christmas will help his fans have a better Christmas this year than we had last Christmas when he was let go from Y&R. Seeing his smiling face with Gloria Loring has made his many, many fans very happy. Kelly is a good actress also. I just want to see this movie so bad. Hope it goes to DVD so I can buy it. I just hope this movie is one of many for this talented, handsome young man with a beautiful heart and beautiful family. Your fans love you Michael. We want only what is best for you and your family.

  • Darlene

    Don’t really think so after the way he was treated. I don’t know of many who would. Sorry if I have killed your hopes. Michael is a generous and kind soul who has been through a lot and I feel he wants to move on. I 100% support him in that!

  • RedRiver38

    So great to see him on the set from his new movie. Truly happy to know that he doesn’t have to put up with those sick & twisted egomaniacs on Y&R anymore. Looking forward to seeing him in more films and TV/cable shows in the future. Congrats Michael. The fans love you.

  • WIConservative

    Haven’t watched Y&R since BM,MM, EH, and MS left. My neighbor who still watches states Y&R is boring. I asked her why do you still watch? she is hoping some if teh actors will return. *give it up girl* until they fire JFP the favorites who bring RATINGS are gone for good

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  • livewire

    Yes they do owe him and his family an apology. You don’t make allegations of that nature, as well as go full throttle to try and ruin him. What they “allege” are felonies in LA County. If there was any credibility to the allegations he would have been arrested by now, as well as the execs who knew about it. They would have been charged with accessories after the fact and complicit to knowledge of a crime. Since NO person has been arrested, NO charges filed, it is VERY clear the allegations were trumped up. The alleged victim has a long history of crying wolf, and JFP has a history of destroying well loved shows. I suggest you do your research before making asinine remarks. By the way, I am a retired police officer, so I am well aware of what JFP & others could & should be charged with. They are VERY lucky Michael is a class act and has not reined down retribution, which he is so entitled to. That is why us REAL fans are sticking behind him. Keep bailing water on a sinking ship, it is going down.

  • Sheila Lynn Parker

    I cant wait to watch that movie and it will be great to see him as a different character and i love christmas movies and i love Gloria Loring too.

  • Sherri Fulmer

    I think that whoever is doing all of the “changes” that have taken place over the last several months is trying to ruin what used to be a great show. They need to get the people back that were let go or got away before it is too late. We want our show back!

  • MayEve

    Come on Fans, Boycott CBS, Sony Productions, and Y&R, and demand that they bring MM back as Adam Newman. After all, without us fans, they could not exist.

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  • elotz

    Don’t miss Muhney a bit! Love Y&R just the way it is!

  • Marabou

    I’m no longer a Y&R fan, but I’ll reply anyway. I like him as Michael, not for being Adam. I can’t wait to see that movie and anything else he’s working on.

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  • robinj

    I am very disappointed that Michael won’t be playing Adam on Y&R. I ‘ve been watching his replacement Gabriel but its taking longer than I thought to get use to him. It is a shame for the fans and the show in general. There was a magic about Michael that just cannot be replaced. He truly portrayed the character (a villain) in a likable manner .(hard to achieve!) The show should try to hold onto the key talent, you just cannot replace people and have the same effect. We want to see our actors year after year, that is in large part makes the show memorable. Not all stars are equal. Michael you are truly irreplaceable and when I see Gabriel, I think about you and hoping against hope you will find yourself back on the show.