The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney’s Character Adam Newman Returns Alive – Will Billy and Victoria Divorce?

The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney's Character Adam Newman Returns Alive - Will Billy and Victoria Divorce?

The Young and the Restless fans are still talking about the shocking twist last week on the CBS soap opera. After being presumed dead in a car accident, it turns out Adam Newman is very much alive, but he has gone to great lengths to make sure the residents of Genoa City think he is dead, including his own family. There still is no news yet on who will be replacing previously fired actor Michael Muhney and playing the role of Adam Newman, as of right now Adam’s face still hasn’t been revealed in the brief scenes that he has appeared in since Muhney was let go.

According to The Young and the Restless spoilers, this week April 7th-11th may be the week that Victoria and Billy finally decide whether or not they will officially end their marriage. Billy is less than thrilled with the news that Victoria slept with Stitch, but he slept with Kelly, so whether they choose to reconcile or finally call it quits is anyone’s guess. My own feeling is that divorce is a likely option for the following reason: poor David Tom continues to get slammed by fan who preferred Billy Miller in the role of Billy Abbott. So it makes sense for Jill Farren Phelps, the ultimate soap storyline manipulator, to ease David out of the picture by having Billy and Victoria split, right?

The Young and The Restless Spoilers: Michael Muhney's Character Adam Newman Returns Alive - Will Billy and Victoria Divorce?

Billy and Victoria’s relationship may be at the end of its rope, but Nick and Sharon fans will be happy to hear that this week they share some tender moments and become closer than they were. With Sharon still suffering from memory loss after her electroshock treatment, it is only a matter of time before she slips up and reveals some of the secrets she has been keeping from Nick, and their newly reconciled relationship could take a turn for the worse.

Next week on The Young and the Restless the residents of Genoa City will spend the majority of the week planning for Chelsea’s big fashion show. Chloe will (again), and lash out and attack her former partner Chelsea for moving forward with her designs without including her. The highly anticipated fashion show will draw several attendees, including a crossover of some cast members from CBS’s other daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful.

Let us know what you think of next week’s episodes of The Young and the Restless in the comment section below. Are you secretly hoping that Victoria and Billy will move on from each other so that we can all move on from this storyline? And which actor do you think Jill Farren Phelps has cast as Adam Newman? Facts are that anyone other than Michael Muhney or maybe Brad Pitt (joking!) is likely to be greeted with scorn and even hate. This comment below from Soap Opera Spy expresses a common point of view on Adam being alive and MM being replaced:

May stop watching, not interested in a replacement for Adam. Too bad for the actors on this soap. They should have just left Adam dead. Instead the whole show is in at risk.

And more comments follow:

It’s truly unbelievable what has become of this iconic show. TPTB and a group of actors currently employed by this show, have egos bigger than the universe. It’s really a shame but they have nobody to blame but themselves for long time viewers being so upset.

Thats okay MM is going to move on to bigger and better things and ALL of his TRUE fans are going with him!! Y&R sucks anyways and has for a long time!!

I want Adam back in the mix and I hope they take their time to get a really great recast, but I really miss seeing MM on screen and I think it is going to be almost impossible for to replace him. He brought so much to the screen. Since he and BM left there is there is just this gaping hole. At least for me. I am not whining, I know they are gone and life goes on..blah..blah..blah. I really do wish the new actor who takes over the role well. Because it is going to be tough stepping into those shoes. Just look at all the flack poor DT is getting.

Is it feasible to replace a fan favorite fired under ugly and suspicious circumstances? Would it have been better to leave Adam dead? Well it’s too late now – Adam is alive! The burning question for me is WHO will replace Michael Muhney. We are doing our best to learn the answer to that question and will let you know within minutes when we find out. Don’t forget to check CDL later today and tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers. We care about soaps!

  • Laurie

    Michael muhney that’s all!

  • DonnaM

    With MM gone, I can count on the fingers of one hand the characters I care about on Y&R anymore. How Peter Bergman does it is a miracle. I even missed Neil, the show was so bad today. I predict Steve Burton will ask to be released so that he can return to GH. He is just so bland here

  • bitsy

    Don’t like David Thom in role of Billy. Please write him out. Also the girl playing Kelly I think is creepy. Hard to watch her. I fast fwd. Any scene with her in it. I really miss Phyllis on show. Not the same without her. Tired of Sharon and Nick.ugh. tiring watching them together. Please let the secret out ‘re: Sharon fighting with Phyllis.

    • Cynthia Ann Matta

      I want Sharon & NICK together when the secret comes out i want them to blame it on Sharons illness let Nick remarry Sharon they have been together since teenagers :)

    • Cynthia Ann Matta

      I do agree about Kelly I can’t stand to see her .Need to REPLACE KELLY with someone else I fast forward when she is on. M.MUHNEY needs to RETURN as ADAM NEWMAN !!!!!!

  • Billy

    They’ll never be able to replace Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. He defined the character. Bring him back or let the character go.

  • Nana

    A must: Bring back Michael Muhney as Adam! He was the JR of The Young & The Restless….hated yet loved.

  • MJ

    Thank you! David Tom was the original Billy! It makes me laugh to hear him called the “new” Billy. That said, I preferred Billy Miller but Tom Is OK..lim find myself having to out Billy miller out of my mind and thinking back to the late 90’s with David Tom…watch old YouTube videos, he’s exactly the same. They’re not going to bring MM back, give up the fight. Sounds like he was a real prick to everyone.

    • kim

      I want to say that David Tom is fine but I have something to say about Abby and Tyler they have ZERO chemistry please do something else I liked him and Lily!!

    • meg


  • Racquel Garnette

    David Tom needs to go as Billy Abbott. For anyone who thinks he is ok to play Billy Abbott on the show doesn’t know what real acting really is. David Tom played the original Billy way back in the day when the acting was there but now the acting is not there for him anymore. Jill Farren Phelps made a bad mistake of recasting him from February up til now. This Kelly character needs to be written out because she is boring and she is useless. Pairing Kelly up with Jack is a bad idea. Jack deserves to be treated better. Lauren being pregnant come on now. I think Lauren is going though menopause. If they are looking for someone to play Adam Newman why don’t they find a taller guy to pay him. Trevor St John can’t come to show because he is busy doing other things. Jill Farren Phelps needs to fire her writers. They can’t come up with anything good. I am glad that Chelsea went ahead with the fashion designs. Chloe is mad at her about it well good for her. Chloe is a coldhearted bitch who needs to go very soon. I am glad that she is leaving the show.

    • Joyce Petrovich

      I agree. Chloe, Kelly, the new Billy need to go. Boring. Lily and Cane–getting tired of the constant sex–what’s with that. I love, love Michael Muhney as Adam. If we can’t have him back; just bring back the character of Adam and SOON. I think the show has become pretty boring without his presence. Also, Jill and Colin–get RID of the character. He is horrible. He was horrible before; still the same.

  • Sasha P

    You’re right, JFP isn’t smart enough to pull that off. I still haven’t watched the show since MM’s last air date in January.

  • Rose Blankenship

    I believe MM will come back as Adam…..I dislike the current Billy, and I really don’t watch the show too much now………..sad.

  • Older lady

    I agree no one can take the place of Michael Muhney of Adam. And Billy, really. Where is the real Billy? I am not sure who is making changes but it stinks!

  • Gone!

    Agree. I roo thirty so and I can’t believe Billy, Adam gone. Who cares about Cane and Lilly!!
    Did someone new take over decision?

  • Chadamfan

    Yep, no one can fill the shoes of Michael Muhney. JFP would be very smart if they brought back Michael Muhney and the whole thing was a publicity stunt! We MM fans would simply love that! And how the ratings would go up for this show! While they are at it they would be wise to bring back Billy Miller also. MM and Miller are the top stars on that show and they are both gone. This is why I don’t watch this show anymore!

  • Tisha

    I can’t even watch the show, its so off the mark…it’s so bad now that I don’t even miss it anymore.

  • Tisha

    Um, excuse me…but your comment is very insulting to me personally… I find it racist, and stereotypical of someone who knows nothing of the culture you bash…let me introduce myself, Leticia Barela..also known as Tisha or Letty! I’m also 5’9 with blond hair and blue eyes… not all Hispanics are dark either…. if you saw me on the street, you’d guess me as white… 100% Hispanic

  • Tisha

    That’s not a very nice comment to make regarding the Mexican community…. I think you owe an apology for that stereotypical, racist remark… let me introduce myself…my name is Leticia Barela, also known as Tisha or Letty.

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  • Kim J

    There have ben may successful actor replacements and Adam’s character may be no different. if MM wanted to keep his job, he should have kept his hands to himself and checked his ego at the door when he came to work. It’s all make believe people! give your heads a shake

  • busdriver9

    Can’t stand David Thom as Billy! Terrible actor! Miss Michael as Adam and sick of Nick and Sharon. Jill Farren Phelps needs to go!!!!!

  • Racquel Garnette

    For anyone who wants Nick and Sharon to be together is totally delusional. Sharon deserves to pair up with someone new. Jill Farren Phelps doesn’t know what she is doing. She rather ruin the characters storylines and make them play some dumb parts. Jill Farren Phelps just get rid of Mariah and David Tom as Billy Abbott. Tyler and Abby won’t get married because Jill Farren Phelps has a story up her sleeve. All she cares about is couples being together. It is unfair that Jill and Colin could get married while others can’t. This show has a lot of holes.

  • Sasha P

    What’s sick about it is I don’t think she cares at all. She probably views Y&R as getting a paycheck and using her title as some sort of validation of why she got the check. Based on her actions, she clearly doesn’t care about the integrity of the show, the respect for the actors and fans, nor doing anything to ensure the longevity of the show beyond it’s current contract. Her very actions prior to and with Y&R has been ‘I don’t give a damn.’ Which as a result, takes viewers like me, who used to watch the show since preschool with their mothers and grandmothers, to tune away and in essence, we lose a part of what has been a familial entertainment bond through the show.

  • Hopless

    I miss MM as Adam. I do not think anyone can capture the part like he did. I do not like either Kelly or the person playing Abby. I also do not care for the actor playing Summer. Summer should have reddish hair not blonde. I too like the old Billy better. I miss Mrs C. She made the show. Can u buy the episodes from the beginning? I would love to watch them again from the start. Victor & Nicki had me from the start. LOVE THEM TOGETHER