The Young and the Restless Spoilers June 20: Victor Spies on Ian Ward and Mariah – Dylan Learns Paul Is His Dad

The Young and the Restless Spoilers June 20: Victor Spies on Ian Ward and Mariah - Dylan Learns Paul Is His Dad

There are multiple storylines coming to a head this week on CBS’s soap opera The Young and the Restless. According to our CDL exclusive The Young and the Restless spoilers source, the Friday June 20th episode will be full of can’t miss drama. Spoilers tease that Paul William’s health will take a turn for the worse and Nikki Newman will head in to his hospital room to say her goodbyes. While speaking to an unconscious Paul, she confesses to him that Dylan McAvoy is indeed their son. Although Paul obviously doesn’t hear Nikki, Dylan is eavesdropping and overhears everything.

On the Young and the Restless this week, Dylan learned that he is indeed a positive match to be a liver donor and save Paul’s life; however, the doctor refused to do the transplant because he feared that, with Dylan’s previous injuries, it could cost him his own life. Now that Dylan knows Paul is his father, the odds of him standing by and doing nothing to save him are slim to none. Dylan will most likely find a doctor who is willing to do the surgery regardless of the possible ramifications, in a last ditch attempt to save his father’s life.

Also, according to CDL’s exclusive The Young and the Restless spoiler source, Neil’s whirlwind romance with Hilary takes a dramatic turn. Neil wants Hilary to marry him right away, as in the next day when the government buildings are open and they can get a license. Hilary agrees to the shotgun wedding, but Neil’s son Devon is not okay with it. When he learns that the love of his life will be his step-mom in less than twenty-four hours, he tracks Hilary down and professes his love to her and kisses her.

Meanwhile, at Nick’s bar, the Newman family has called the cops on Mariah, convinced that she stole Noah’s wallet. After Mariah storms out and quits her job, Abby confesses to Noah that she has his wallet and set Mariah up. Outside of the bar, Mariah runs into Ian Ward and cries to him that the Newman family won’t accept her, he gives her a pep talk and tells her to follow the plan they have and stay close to Sharon Newman. Victor Newman lurks in the shadows and overhears their conversation.

So, Y&R fans, what do you think about all of the drama unfolding on the June 20th? Do you think Victor will expose Ian and Mariah’s plan? After all his main goal is to get rid of Sharon, and that seems to be Ian’s main goal as well. Do you think that once Dylan learns Paul is his father he will go through with the transplant despite the fact that it could kill him? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments section below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of you’re the Young and the Restless spoilers.

8 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers June 20: Victor Spies on Ian Ward and Mariah – Dylan Learns Paul Is His Dad”

  1. Lynn says:

    I love it

  2. amyfoxn81 says:

    Are we killing of the cast 1 by 1 because this show is coming to an end like my beloved Guiding Light

  3. PassionQueen77 says:

    Someone can be a liver donor for Paul. Anybody on the waiting list can help him. If the writers kill off Paul then the show would suck without him. Paul has been on the show for so many years and he needs to wake up to know who is his real son. Nikki told him already but he might not be hearing of what is going on. Other actors might be next to go too. It depends on how long have the character been on the show. Victor has a life time contract so he is not going anywhere. The writers needs to find someone to be the new chief of police. Paul was good as being a private investigator that is it. When he became the chief of police his investigation wasn’t that great. Paul is a good guy and if he is gone he will be missed. Dylan wanted to learn about his father. That storyline needs to wrap up. Paul needs to wake up and get to know his son and others. Everybody wants him to fight for his life. Storylines needs to wrap up before new ones show up. Get rid of Colin, and Ian Ward. I don’t like Noah anymore he is just like his father too controlling. Nicholas is dumb to be with Sharon and hanging out with her. Nicholas needs to move on with his life and forget about Sharon. Sharon doesn’t need him. The writers likes Kelly, Sharon and Chloe. Kelly needs to go and she can’t act very good.

  4. PassionQueen77 says:

    This Abby needs to go because she doesn’t know how to be the down to earth Abby. Jill Farren Phelps doesn’t care. Jill Farren Phelps and her writer crew needs to come up with new storylines by next month or else the show would go downhill. The new Adam needs to be revealed very soon. Summer paternity results needs to come out, Dylan father thingy needs to wrap up.

  5. y&raddict says:

    I think the bombshell should be that “Mariah” is really Cassie! Her funeral was staged. ….and she was raised by another family. Given something to make her temporarily lose her memory of [Nick] and Sharon being her real family.

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