The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Paul Williams’ Death Nears as Dylan Helpless to Save Father!

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Paul Williams' Death Nears as Dylan Helpless to Save Father!

The Young and the Restless’ predictable writers had a “shocking” reveal planned for this week on the CBS daytime drama, however Y&R fans figured out months ago that Dylan was actually Paul Williams’ son and not Ian Ward’s, so it’s really not that “shocking.” According to our exclusive CDL The Young and the Restless spoilers source, Ian Ward’s wife will pay Victor Newman a visit on Tuesday June 17th and reveal that Ian Ward is not physically able to have children and there is no possible way that he fathered Nikki’s son Dylan.

So, the news that Ian Ward is sterile, combined with the fact that Nikki just happened to remember she had sex with Paul around the time Dylan was conceived, and the fact that Dylan just learned he and Paul have the same blood-type makes it pretty obvious where this storyline is going.

However, according to Y&R spoilers there is one interesting twist that we didn’t see coming. We all thought that Dylan would miraculously learn he is a match to save Paul’s life and be his donor, and reveal that he is his long lost son. Then, they would all live happily ever after. However, our exclusive spoiler source reports that on the June 17th episode Dylan will learn that he is indeed a match, however due to his injuries when he was in the army, he is unable to be a donor. The surgery could have some serious ramifications, it will save Paul’s life, but it will cost Dylan his.

We all assumed that Paul will be saved, and hadn’t considered the fact that he truly might die. If Dylan can’t be a donor and Father Todd isn’t a match either, then Paul’s fate is looking pretty bleak. Generally if a major character like Paul Williams is set to be killed off, we hear rumblings about it in advance. Could it be possible that Jill Farren Phelps is striking again and killing off another major character? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more The Young and the Restless spoilers.

29 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Paul Williams’ Death Nears as Dylan Helpless to Save Father!”

  1. dodie says:

    Hope that Paul makes it. Did Sharon have twins ?

    • Rewrite says:

      They need to proceed with this story line. But not allow.Sharon to get away with the DNA test for Summer.

  2. Wildwestwishes says:

    They better not kill Paul off…. They should be giving him more script… If that means more Cricket please she needs a refresher with some acting lessons … Please get rid of the new old billy Yuck!!!!!

    • C says:

      This current billy is leaving to go to general hospital…

    • Rewrite says:

      Cricket/Christine is boring. They should not.kill Paul. What is the deal with this writer. Is the answer to kill everyone off Y&R? You really need to start listening to the fans. Before we stop watching. Now as for original Billy again…what the hell? He need to go. Bring back other Billy
      Originally Billy looks like Victoria’s little brother or son. I can not take this actor seriously in this role. He does not have the charm And looks of the last Billy. Who brought the character t life.

      • Lisa says:

        He has to much of a baby face innocent look…. I liked the other bad boy billy (he was hot!)

    • Lisa says:

      I so agree! This billy SUCKS!!! I miss the other billy! :-(

  3. minette says:

    Please don’t take Paul off; it will be the last straw!!!

    • cma says:

      I have watched the show since it started. Kay passing in real life was a blow to the show. Billy Miller leaving. Michael Muhney (Adam). Chavez and Lauren’s stalker can’t remember his name. Chloe just left. I can’t stand Stitch he is not good looking. Sorry story line with Kelly Andrews. Jenna is a sorry character wanting anotherr family hurt like hers. That is not realistic. Michelle Staffford went to General Hospital I think you will lose alot of your audience if you kill Paul. PAUL NEEDS TI STAY. All you have is Victor, Nikkei Nick , Sharon PAUL Lauren, Michael to keeo interest. I do like Hillary ! Leslie marrying snother man us crazSharon can’t get away with lie on Simmering Jack’s daughter. I think I could write story better than writer now. I hear killer Jill (writer) is huge fan of Dylan but kick Canes dad off instead of PAUL!

  4. Ellie1123 says:

    This writer is out of control, does she call this good writing? She is taking this show into the ground, get rid of her before it happens. You want to get rid of somebody get rid of one who has no storyline and just keeps showing up with nothing to do like Gloria. Another storyline let ”Princess Lilly” go down for the count and Hiliary be the one to save her life. Let Lily’s life be in Hiliary’s hands would love to see her squirm and beg her after the way she hates her and puts her down.

    • Rewrite says:

      Omg I was thinking the same thing. How she is suddenly best friends with someone who cheated With A married man and is now Dating his brother? What The hell? Yet Hillary although she really hurt this family is shined! Lilly need to stop acting as if she is perfect. Her story line is getting old.

  5. Dianne says:

    Could it be that somehow Ian Ward will end up being a match for Paul and saving him?

  6. barb says:

    I have been watching this show since day 1..if you kill off Paul, i’ll go over to General Hospital. what is it with these writers????
    and I agree on Christine, I’ve never seen an actress who can’t actually cry.

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  8. Y&RAddict47 says:

    Uh, yes Paul & Nikki were teenagers(1978ish) when Dillon was born. They were very involved before Nikki met Victor. And what’s “ICKY” about teenager having sex & getting pregnant??? Irresponsible and foolish, yes, but it’s been happening for years & years.

  9. Silvina Sabatini says:

    I bet you Austin saves Paul

  10. SMH says:

    Learn how to spell ebonics.

  11. Rewrite says:

    I don’t know what Jill Farren Phelps is thinking when she signed on to Y&R. But the fans are amazing they are 3 rd generation watchers.
    So she really need to get the writing together. It’s enough we lost some of our other beloved soaps don’t let the ship go down.
    Some of the story lines are great. Others are being dragged out to its last drop. Character’s are being killed off and some just need to really be laid to rest. So what will happen next? Will the fans stick around? Your guess is as good as mine!

  12. Geraldine Taylor says:

    I hope Paul lives. He has just now got an interesting story line. Gonna b upset if they kill him off.

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  14. Micaylah says:

    Apparently Phyllis is on GH now. The stories that she just wanted to retire for a while were obviously not true. I don’t watch Y&R everyday now. Couldn’t be bothered. Phelps has pretty much ruined it for me.

  15. Micaylah says:

    Ian is sterile

  16. Bev Carr says:

    They better not kill off Paul, he’s been on this show for a very long time and he’s a good guy! So Jill Farren Phelps, figure a way for him to recover and get rid of the sicko Ian Ward.

  17. marie verdi says:

    I agree please..please..get rid of the new writer..she is bringing down an American dynasty.

    So sad it’s breaking my heart…..been watching this
    Show forever!!!

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  19. hottie.brat says:

    Jill Farren Phelps why dont you get rid of one that boring as hell like cain,,,lily…devon …lesley and hilarie .and also summer ….why not get rid of them and left rest alone …..

  20. hottie.brat says:

    Jill Farren Phelps also if you going to kill people off kill ian off