The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Who Does Pregnant Victoria Newman Abbott Chooses For Baby Daddy, Stitch or Billy?

The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Who Does Pregnant Victoria Newman Abbott Chooses For Baby Daddy, Stitch or Billy?

The Young and the Restless spoilers have dealt with the ongoing issue of Victoria Newman’s pregnancy for a couple of months. Who is her baby daddy? Stitch (Ben) or Billy could certainly be the child’s father, rumors have gone both ways, and Victoria is struggling to decide which of her lovers to saddle with the role of father. News on how Victoria makes up her mind as to which man will be the father is what we all wait for. What follows is a detailed history of the character of Victoria Newman which might be news many Y&R fans.

Several actress portrayed Victoria during the years. Ashley Nicole Millan 1993-1991.  Sarah Aldrich 1997. Heather Tom 1991-2003. Amelia Heinle March 2005-present.

Victoria is the eldest child of Victor and Nikki Newman. She spent much of her early life away at boarding school in Switzerland.  She also has an older half brother Dylan MacAvoy, an younger half brother Adam Victor Newman, a brother Nicolas Newman and younger half sister Abby Newman.

Victoria witnessed her parents marry and divorce more times than she care to.  She also had to endure many step parents, including Ashley Abbott, Jack Abbott and her best friend Sabrina during the years.  She always held out hope her mother and father wound reunite.  Her wish was granted when her parents were remarried a few years ago.

After Victoria came back to Genoa City from school, she found herself working in the mailroom at her father’s company, Newman Enterprises.    While she was working there, she fell in love with Ryan McNeil.  Ryan was much older than Victoria and her father was none to happy.  Ryan and Victoria ran away and eloped.  Within a short time, Victoria found her self not up to the role of a wife.  She was too immature for Ryan especially in the bedroom.  Ryan took up an affair with Nina Webster and he and Victoria divorced.

During one of Victoria’s parents split, Nikki became involved with Cole Howard.  He was living in the tack house on the Newman ranch.  Vicki became very fond of him and the two start seeing each other and one day eloped.  Victoria felt much more in control in this marriage.  But she could not get Ryan out of her mind or heart.  She dreamed of being with him again now that she was older.  Cole drifted away and had an affair.  The two parted ways.  Soon after their divorce, Victoria found herself pregnant with Cole’s baby.  Early in her pregnancy, Vicki had a miscarriage.

After her miscarriage, Victoria and Neil Winters became a couple.  The two were even engaged for a brief time.  Victoria still had her heart set on Ryan.  Finally when her and Ryan realized they were suppose to be together and were ready to remarry, Ryan was shot and killed by his ex-wife Trisha, on their wedding day.

Victoria was extremely devastated by Ryan’s death.  Like her father, she threw herself into work at Newman Enterprises.  Surprisingly, she found a new love interest in Michael Baldwin, an attorney that worked for Victor.  While Victor and Michael plotted against Jabot, Victoria decided she did not want or agree with what her father or Michael.  She left the country and settled down in Italy.  While there, Victoria became involved with the art world.

After months of being on her own, Jack Abbott traveled to Italy to ask Victoria to be CEO of Jabot.  Of course, Victor became aware of this job offer from Jack.  He than offered her the co-CEO position at Newman Enterprises with her brother Nick.  Victoria could not resist the offer to work closely with her family and returned to Genoa City.

After moving back to GC, Victoria hired Brad Carlton at Newman Enterprises.  They were extremely attracted to each other.  Not long after, they started seeing each other.  Victoria not 100% percent sure about her feeling for Brad, wanted to take a breather.  During that time, she had a one night stand with J.T. Hellstom.  Nothing came of the fling and Victoria and Brad married.

Victor always wanted to protect his precious daughter.  He dug many skeletons in Brad’s past that came to haunt Brad and his new family. These people tried to get to the Newman’s, but Brad killed them before they could harm anyone.  Even though Victoria stood by Brad during this events, she wasn’t very happy.  She hooked up with J.T. again.

Soon after her affair started with J.T., Victoria became pregnant.  She didn’t know if  Brad or J.T. was the father of her unborn baby.  While at a Newman Enterprises project, the Clear Springs parking garage exploded and trapped a pregnant Victoria.  She was rescued, but remained in a coma.  Victoria’s life and that of her  child were in great danger.   The family was split on how to deal with the situation.  Ultimately, both made it through the horrible ordeal.  The baby was delivered and a paternity test was used to determine J.T. the father of Victoria’s baby boy Reed.

J.T. and Victoria were married shortly after her recovery.  The new family moved into a house on the Newman ranch.  Vicki’s friend Sabrina, who she met while she was in Italy, came to Genoa City to visit her friend.  During Sabrina’s visit, she was introduced to Victor.  At this time, Victor and Nikki were separated.  Her love of the arts and gentle ways made her very attractive to Victor.  The two started seeing each other and shortly after married.  Victoria was not too happy that her father married her best friend.    Victoria only reconciled with them when Sabrina was on her death bed.  Shortly after, Sabrina died and Vicki felt very guilty for abandoning her friend.

Victor was grief stricken after the death of his wife.  He left Genoa City.  Victoria stepped up and ran the company in her father’s absences.  When Victor returned to Newman Enterprises, Victoria stood by her father’s side and worked along side him, something her husband J.T. was not too happy about.

J.T. resented all the extra hours Victoria was putting in at the office.  The rocky marriage became unsalvageable when Victoria had an affair with Deacon Sharpe.  J.T. started divorce proceedings along with wanting full custody of their son Reed.  Family court ended up giving J.T. full custody of Reed.  Victoria was devastated, but learned to except this was in the best interest of her child.  J.T. moved to Washington D.C. with Reed and his new wife.  Victoria gets to spend time with him on occasions.

On New Year’s Eve, Victoria ran into a drunken Billy Abbott who was sitting on the side of the road.  She help him get sober.  The two found out they had a lot in common and starting seeing each other.  Billy was an Abbott which in Victor’s eyes, his daughter was involved with the enemy.  When Victoria became pregnant with Billy’s child, daddy dearest had her arrested on their wedding day.  Victoria was so upset, she had a miscarriage.

Victoria blamed her father for her losing the baby.  Her, Nick and Abby all filed a law suit against their dad.  The children won the law suit against Victor. Each one was awarded five hundred million dollars.  This win did not help Victoria when she learned she would never be able to have children again.

When Billy learned about his wife’s medical situation, he took matters into his own hands.  He bought a baby on the black market.  Baby Lucy was a blessing to Victoria.  She wondered where Lucy came from but Billy lied saying he adopted the baby.

After a few months passed, Daniel Romaletti found out that baby Lucy was actually his daughter with Daisy Carter.  He had DNA test done.  When the results were available, Victoria’s handed the baby over to Daniel.  Billy finally confessed that he bought the baby.  Billy felt guilty that he hurt his wife.  He started drinking and gambling.  He finally took off and Victoria was left with no husband or baby.

Billy finally came back to Genoa City when his daughter Delia was diagnosed with leukemia.  He was a perfect bone marrow match.  It was soon discovered, it was Victor that had Billy taken out of town.  Victoria was mad at her daddy again and resigned from Newman.

Billy and Victoria were finally married on Christmas Eve.  Shortly after, a pregnant Chelsea showed up on Billy and Victoria’s door step.  She was pregnant with Billy’s child.   Chelsea finally confessed to Victoria and Billy she was hired by Victor to break them up when Victor had Billy sent away.  After Chelsea gave birth to a baby boy, she signed her parental rights away and gave the baby to Victoria and Billy.  They named their new baby boy Johnny.

Victoria was running Newman again, after Victor once again disappeared.  When Victor returned she wanted him to promise to stop interfering in her life with Billy.  Soon after, while Victoria was in Miami she was kidnapped by one of Billy’s gambling buddies.  She was rescued, but found it very hard to keep trusting and forgiving Billy.  She eventually let him back in her life.  He promised to never lie to her again.

Even though the doctor’s told her she would never have another child, Victoria decided she wanted to try and have one with Billy.

One evening in October, everything changed for Billy and Victoria.  There life was turned up side down when Delia was killed in a hit and run car accident.  Billy totally turned away from Victoria.  He could not handle his grief.  He ended up turning to another woman, Kelly, he met at a grief counseling meeting.  Victoria found out.  It was bad enough Billy cheated on her again, but her also cut her out of his life.  It was too late and Victoria could not forgive Billy again.  She started separation proceedings.

On the evening that the separation was final, Victoria went to a bar and became drunk.  Good Samaritan, Dr. Ben Rayburn came to Victoria’s aid.  The couple left the bar together and hooked up in the back of Vicki’s car.  Either felt guilty or remorse about the fling.

Within a few weeks, Victoria discovered she was pregnant.  A miracle pregnancy since she was told she would never have any more children.  She was extremely happy of the thought of having a new baby.  But she also had no idea if Stitch or Billy was the baby’s father.

Victoria and Stitch dated and her divorce with Billy was final.  Everything looked good for Stitch and Vicki until she found out that Stitch killed his own father years ago.  She broke things off.  She is now very pregnant and almost ready to have her child.  She put off the paternity test until after the baby is born.

This is were pregnant Victoria is now. Ready to have her baby, Billy had moved on with Chelsea and Ben is in trouble with law. She feels very alone. Who is the baby daddy?? Stitch?? Billy?? Stay tuned to YR and this site for further updates and breaking news on Victoria Newman. For more The Young and the Restless spoilers come back to CDL everyday!