The Young and the Restless Spoilers and Casting: Michael Muhney Successor Eludes Jill Farren Phelps – Y&R Fans Sick of Adam Newman’s Hands

The Young and the Restless Spoilers and Casting: Michael Muhney Successor Eludes Jill Farren Phelps - Y&R Fans Sick of Adam Newman’s Hands

There is some major drama going down behind the scenes of CBS’s daytime drama The Young and the Restless. Since Jill Farren Phelps has taken over the iconic soap opera there has been one casting scandal after another, starting with the firing of fan favorite Michael Muhney.

For those of you who haven’t followed the debacle closely, Michael Muhney was fired in December for allegedly groping his co-star Hunter King. Y&R fans were irate by his dismissal and are confident that the alleged harassment never took place. Coincidentally Muhney’s character Adam Newman was killed off in fiery car crash immediately following his firing. A few months ago it was revealed on Y&R that Adam Newman actually is very much alive and faked his death, however all that fans have seen is his back and his hands in scenes.

At first we all assumed that Jill Farren Phelps had already found a replacement for Michael Muhney, and was just being coy and waiting for a huge scene to reveal the new actor playing the role. Recent reports have confirmed that Phelps and TPTB at Y&R actually aren’t being coy, they still haven’t found a replacement for Muhney despite multiple interviews and casting calls.

Phelps has worked herself into a corner, and there is no doubt that the rumors are true that her job is in trouble. Fans are still outraged over Muhney’s firing, and whatever actor takes on the role will be seriously ridiculed and probably boycotted all together. No experienced or high-profile actor will touch the part of Adam Newman right now, it would be career suicide. And, JFP knows she can’t just throw a no-name or inexperienced actor into the midst because her job is on the line and Y&R fans will reject him. Ratings are already tanking, the last thing TPTB at Y&R can do is cast an actor that no one has ever heard of to play the part of the infamous Adam Newman.

How long can Jill Farren Phelps really drag out the Adam Newman’s hands scenes though? Fans are already growing bored with the storyline, and have expressed their disapproval on social media. Showing Adam Newman’s hands every week seems to be hurting the soap more than it is helping it. The best thing that Jill Farren Phelps could have done was just leave the character Adam Newman dead for a while, and let all of the drama surrounding the character die down.

What do you think Y&R fans? Are you as sick of the scenes featuring Adam Newman’s hands as we are? If Jill Farren Phelps does find a Michael Muhney replacement, who do you hope to see in the role? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL for daily The Young and the Restless spoilers.

59 responses to “The Young and the Restless Spoilers and Casting: Michael Muhney Successor Eludes Jill Farren Phelps – Y&R Fans Sick of Adam Newman’s Hands”

  1. Lynn Hurst says:

    The Y&R is dragging it’s
    Heals with all the story lines
    Fans are bored and to add to it loosing Adam, Chloe, Phyliss has not helped
    Bring back Michael to
    Play Adam and we all have our fingers crossed Phyliss will one day return :)

    • Frankie says:

      I quit watching Y&R sometime ago i’d rather knock all my teeth out one at a time with a sledge hammer than to sit through another painfully boring episode

  2. Joyce says:

    Bring back Michael Muhney. Enough already!! The Young and the Restless is so boring right now. I only watch once a week as it is just in case Michael is back. I have watched this sow since it started with the Fosters and Brooke’s. I have never seen this show in such bad shape.

  3. TT says:

    Bring back miller and muhney!

  4. MTC1054 says:

    Fire JFP, I cannot even stand seeing her name on the opening credits! Hire back Michael Muhney and Billy Miller!

  5. Mrs. B says:

    Bring back Michael Muhney.

  6. Kelli says:

    This is exactly what JFP was hired to do.
    kill the soap…shes got a few already under her belt….I will watch MM and BM in something else someday but my beloved Young & The Restless is already dead….just not in the graveyard yet

    • ndavlin says:

      You may be right. I watched my beloved Guiding Light and As the World Turns be ruined and cancelled for Julie Moron, I mean Chen’s stupid talk show. Maybe she wants another hour of talk with those insepid people. After all, her husband is the boss so she probably gets whatever she wants so we lose our programs.

      • Mary1054 says:

        I agree, I miss The Guiding Light and As the World Turns, I used to be tuned into the soaps all day! Started with Y&R – skipped B&B – cannot stand the show, then GL & ATWT. Ahhh the good old days….please bring them back. Now I started to tune into GH because of Michelle Stanford coming on board, hopefully Michael and Billy will show up!

  7. Lynne Bures says:

    I haven’t watched it in 6 months. An added hour to my day. Until the witch is gone, I will not tune in. Ahhhhh add Victor being killed off and Michael and Billy returning. THEN I’ll watch!

  8. Adam Newman says:

    David Tom actor is fired from young and the restless and billy miller might come back and Muhney is back to play as Adam Newman!!!

    • Linda says:

      From your lips to God’s ears!

      • Onerunjunior says:

        I was finally just getting used to David Tom playing BA. We all want MM back – they must have offered him his job back by now. And by the way, fire Kelly – she’s the WORST! And before we ever saw Mariah’s face we saw a black woman with a tattoo on her wrist – then she turns out to be Cassie’s look alike. REALLY????????

    • mom chez says:

      DT/BA has been recast and is filming. BM is not coming back.

    • mom chez says:

      Where are you getting your info? New recast BA is filming. Press has not reported MM is returning.

  9. Shelley Kennedy says:

    Only want MM back!!!! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO IN ORDER TO BRING HIM BACK! Fan of Y&R for 35 years!

  10. Linda says:

    JFP and the rest of the actors on Y&R need to realize that ALL of their jobs are on the line without MM. The ratings are dropping everyday. How are sponsors going to support that? They better ALL come together and support the return of MM. Remember “alleged” charges against him. A report found him not guilty of it! Bring back MM NOW before it’s too late!

  11. JTH says:

    Bring back Michael Muhney. Get rid of Hunter King.

  12. Sweet charlotte says:

    Yep they should have just let old fine assssss Adam stay dead n done.

  13. thechopette says:

    The writer is forgetting another factor that is causing the show’s tanking ratings. TPTB let Billy Miller go. As I write this, I have just finished watching another scene where his replacement has again screwed up his facial expressions and pouted and looked just about ready to cry and have a temper tantrum. Enough Jill Farren Phelps! Bring back Billy Miller before you lose even more fans.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I agree. Michael Muhney is the one to play the role.

    But on another note – PLEASE get rid of whomever the lame “actor” that plays Billy. He is horrible and nothing in character like the Billy we all grew to love and hate. I actually have to fast forward thru my DVR when he comes on. Billy is cute, and funny, and crazy at times, and manly strong. Not this one that you have playing his role.

  15. brownbombshell says:

    Im thinking Keanu Reeves.

  16. MTC1054 says:

    Agree with you!

  17. MTC1054 says:

    The storyline STINKS! I fast forward through most of the show. Cannot stand Lily scenes….watch out Lily, JFP is making you obnoxious so people won’t care when she fires you. Devon as a playboy….sorry not believable. Happy to hear David Tom is going…simply did not fit the part. Sharon and the stupid secret…for the love of God…please end this! Oh and lets see…how predictable will this be…Stitch will swap the DNA so the baby will seem like it is his. Seen that, done that. I used to tune in daily, now I DVR it so I can fast forward through the boring stuff – which is most of the show. I can now watch it in about 5 minutes. Please bring back Billy Miller and Michael Muhney.

  18. guest says:

    I have been watching Y&R for as long as I can remember, and this is worst the story lines have ever been. Enough with showing Adam’s hand and back of head. Let’s get this story line moving again. Cane and Lilly are BORING… get rid of them. Make up your mind what you’re doing with Phyllis too. Recast her and move on. If Michelle Stafford ever wants to come back (oh please!) you can put her back in that role. Sharon not remembering her “secret” has gone on way too long. I miss “old” Billy and can’t take “new” Billy (who is really old old Billy) seriously. The even more boring story line of Jill and the mystery around the music box has been painfully slow and now we’re supposed to just accept that was a dead end because Jill stumbled upon a necklace worth a fortune hidden in the chandelier? And finally, Paul and Cricket having a baby at their age? Yuck. As a viewer I feel insulted by the storylines and writing of the people working on this soap opera. Shame on you all!

  19. Lady Tru says:


  20. ndavlin says:

    Only MM will make me happy and want to watch. JFP needs to go where Y&R can get back on top where it used to be.

  21. ndavlin says:

    No Maria Bell started the terrible storylines and JFP has continued them. Even though JFP is responsible for losing the key players, we also should not want to go back to who started the decline.

  22. Edith Lacey says:

    Young and the restless is sooooooo booooorrrrriiinngg fight now. Get a new writer soon or your ratings will continue to drop. Bring back michael and get rid of the character summer.

  23. Valarie says:

    Please, for the sake of Y&R, bring back Michael Muhney! Out of all the “Adam Newmans” he has been the best and no one will ever replace him. If there is no sort of evidence that he harassed Hunter King, why the freak would they fire him?! My mother always watched Y&R since I was young so I started watching it and fell in love with it. Now she no longer watches it because of this ridiculous recasting of people. The new Billy I cannot stand. No offense to the actor, but it is a little weird to see him with Victoria. He looks extra young and I feel like he is not acting material. Billy Miller was a perfect fit for this role and I still do not understand why he left. So again please, I am sure that if these two come back and the women playing Philis also comes back or her story line finally dies, ratings will go back up and all of us Y&R fans and viewers commenting will be happy.

  24. Mary1054 says:

    Me too!

  25. soapfan says:

    Billy Miller needs to come back! No one can replace him.

  26. Dodie says:

    I have never posted nor gotten into this drama but as someone who has watched from the beginning I can honestly say the quality is not the same. There are errors constantly whether doors were open or closed, etc but my main thing I don’t understand is what is with showing a picture of a house or apartment before a scene. Why is that relevant?

    • AnneS says:

      I totally agree with you. I was wondering if they were showing the house/apartment scenes to take up time and therefore not have to pay the actors as much. Did you see the first shooting of Avery’s cooking show? She just dumped the various ingredients into the bowl without saying any of the amounts — now that must be one great recipe! I can’t begin to count how many t times I have commented lately that the acting was bad. How many days after Victoria was with Stitch did she think she was pregnant? And, with all the complications she has had before trying to get pregnant? So unbelievable!

  27. Jack's Mom says:

    The only way to save the show is to fire JFP and bring back MM and BM.

  28. Mary1054 says:

    Ha Ha…that is funny!

  29. lucy says:

    Bring back MM and BM!!???

  30. Lisa says:

    Agree. We need and miss Michael Muhney. I stopped watching when his final scene was aired. fire Jill. Storyline is dumb. Hope to see MM sometime soon, he deserves better.

  31. […] also tease that Adam Newman’s infamous hands will make another appearance during the May 30th episode, as he watches Chelsea, Billy, and his son […]

  32. I feel Adam Newman should stay dead! why does the head writer have Adam paying a maintenance man to go in his apartment & install camera with video and audio in Connor’s bedroom? we see what we think are adam’s hands and adam’s wedding ring. why have a burned up man and fake it was Adam?

  33. kim says:

    No one in this world can play the role of Adam Newman than Michael Muhney can…..Michael in Jill jack ass out

  34. Rachelle says:

    This show is going down the drain. It is almost painful to watch it anymore. The character Phyllis and Chloe are gone, Billy Miller is gone, Michael Muhney is gone, the new shots of buildings in the story line makes it seem like they do not have enough script to cover the BORING story line. Save the show, bring back Michael Muhney. I am about ready to stop watching….And Lily…. OMG as boring as it gets. Get some good writer’s on the show.

  35. Rita Gemmell says:

    Could not agree more. She has turned the strong women on the show into throw backs to the 1950s and the young ones are spoiled brats. the stories are so slow and boring I just tape it and zip through.
    And please, please either get rid of Lily or find her something at least a little interesting to do.

  36. No.Mo.B.O. says:

    Duh JFP we told ya so!! There is no Adam without Michael Muhney!!

  37. CAG says:

    Bring back Miller and Muhney……quick

  38. […] One thing is for sure and that is that the situation made us all take notice of just how vocal and loyal soap fans really are. Collectively, Muhney’s fans were glad to see him leave Y&R after realizing how he had been treated. Hunter King accused Muhney of touching her breast twice but continued to work with him for months after going to the brass. Now we hear that according to Soap Opera Digest Muhney has been spotted back at his old stomping grounds while Phelps has made it perfectly clear that Muhney’s role needs someone to bring it to life. […]

  39. Amy says:

    Quick. Quick. Hire back Michael Muhney as Adam Newman. And hire back Billy Miller. The show has gone down-the-drain. But, those two actors can restore it to glory and make the other characters (and the actors who play the characters) relevant again.

  40. pittiemom says:

    FIRE JILL!!!!!!!!!! Rehire…..Billy & Michael. The ratings will skyrocket again. FIRE all “her” people as well!!!!!

  41. pittiemom says:

    You have no proof that he did any of that.

  42. jo blow says:

    i have followed Y & R since the show started, with the Brookes and the Fosters, like joyce. this latest story line is so BORING! lily is a spoiled snotty brat and i am sick of all the dragging stories. please get the old adam back, the old billy back and lets get on with things.

  43. pittiemom says:

    Yes……its called no charges filed!! This was a “leaked” story so that fans would side with JFP. She got the biggest surprise ever with the backlash. She needs to be fired before any more seasoned, well established, well liked stars leave and she fabricates more stories!!! FIRE JFP!!!!!!

  44. pittiemom says:

    Agree!!!!!!!!!!! Well said!!!!!

  45. debcuspard says:

    She should have been gone.

  46. Caroline Langlois says:

    No one can replace Adam…. He is one of a kind and is missed terribly…